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Improving your poker strategy


If you’ve been playing poker for a while chances are you’ll know the rules inside out, have played your way out of some tricky situations in the past and already have developed a few strategies of your own.

But poker’s like life – you never stop learning – so even the very best players in the world still have ways they can develop their game. So while you may still be some way off scooping the biggest prizes of all there are still some key areas of your game you can work on if you want start winning even more.

Stay in the loop

Poker’s like anything, there are trends, new developments and new strategies being devised all of the time. To really stay on top of your game it pays to keep abreast of what the experts are thinking by checking out respected online magazines. After all, there aren’t many games where the experts in the field are prepared to share their knowledge and expertise but you’ll find that many poker pros write regular columns and pieces. And if you’re sharing in their insights then that’s got to be good for your game too.

Go fishing

As your own skills develop it becomes easier and easier to spot the fish in a game – and when you do they turn into more of a cash cow for you. Some signs that thy are floundering in a game are easy to spot. For example they tend to call on almost every hand and over-betting is also typical fish behaviour. Nervous players are also talkative ones so watch out for opponents who can’t resist giving a running commentary on the action going on around them. When you have spotted a likely target and you‘ve got what you think is a winning hand don’t blow it by going in hard with a big bet. Lure them in to taking you on by placing a series of lower bets followed by the big one when you think they’re going to call.

Be unpredictable

While you’re watching your opponents to spot habits or weaknesses it’s certain that they’ll be watching you too for any patterns of behaviour they can latch onto while you’re playing. So, whatever your natural style of play, go against it from time to time by suddenly turning on the aggression or becoming much more cautious. If you can also perfect some false tells to go alongside this erratic behaviour then so much the better. Before long you’ll have them all at sea in trying to predict your hand, making it far easier to play the game that you want to play.

Keep calm

Although adrenaline can definitely sharpen performance it can also lead to rash and impetuous decisions. So always keep a level head when you’re playing and, if you find yourself getting agitated or short-tempered with other players, it’s time to walk away from the table for a while.

Follow all these and before very long you’ll find that you’re starting to win more hands than ever before as well as becoming a far better player technically. And then it could be time to really start taking on the big boys.

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