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Jackpot – history of development, types and secrets


Just admit the fact that in the start of your gambling career you thought of hitting jackpot to get incredible money and emotions. This sweet word is able to fully change our game strategy and make us feel incredible emotions. And yeah, you can do it for free with the help of free spins welcome bonuses.

What is jackpot? It is the main prize or the total amount of bets, which are at stake in a certain game. it`s curious that, the jackpot hasn’t changed a bit since gambling appeared. There are certain exceptions. Therefore, it is high time to delve into the history.

How did it all start?

It is widely accepted that first gambling games appeared in Ancient China, though there are opponents of this opinion who suppose that such games were originated in Europe. The gambling games spread worldwide from XIV to XIX century getting more and more familiar to us, gaining more modern look and shape we’re used to. There were changes is jackpot look as well so it turned into maximal prize.

There are incredible numbers of jackpots nowadays so one needs to understand it for the broadening of outlook. Where are these prizes offered? We’re talking of card games, lotteries, gaming slots and other stuff. It is worth noting that some roulette rules also suppose the opportunity to hit this prize.

We shouldn’t stop at the size of modern jackpot payouts but they are big and reach billions of dollars.

Jackpots are different to each other

Let’s start our review with bingo. Bingo first appeared in Italy when in the 16th century. It was a kind of lottery, that turned into its modern look over time. In fact, jackpot is the win in bingo when the prize pool is at stake and is formed by the bets made by players (fixed prize fund is rather rare).

Jackpot plays an important role in different lotteries some types of which formed in Ancient Egypt times. Yes, the lotteries we know today are not similar to the ones back in ancient times but almost in all cases the people who organized them offered the opportunity to win the prize of the big size after getting certain combination of numbers or symbols.

There are, amazingly, jackpots even in poker. The jackpot pool is formed here with the help of extra rake which is charged if the size of the pot exceeds certain amount. Jackpots in poker can be won in case the player with very strong hand (having at least four of a kind) lose to the player with a stronger hand.

There is no need to make any additional bets to win part of jackpot in video poker as the full amount is paid out only if the player makes max bets.

Certainly, we can’t leave slots out of this conversation as the owners of gambling facilities literally promise ‘mountains of gold to the winners. So the casino thinks of the process of development of these payouts.

Types of winnings

In most games, jackpot has to be won in some sort of additional game as the client has to risk additional money to check the fortunes. In other cases jackpot is positioned as a basic element, which defines decisions the player has to make in a certain situation. That way, the player who is familiar with the principle of jackpot payout gives the player an opportunity to have a better understanding of the game and increase his overall chances to win.

One can be sure that the most common for today are progressive jackpots, which are offered in many facilities. The key specialty is the size of progressive jackpot, which grows in the proportion of the games, which precede the winnings. By the way, today many virtual casinos work in the way common casinos do and make the system of one inside jackpot, which could be won by anyone of the visitors.

There is another kind of jackpot – with no progressive accumulating, it’s fairly simple. There is a list of set rules and combinations, which suppose paying out a certain amount for gathering certain combination. The number of round or players doesn’t impact the size of it and it is as popular as progressive jackpots, though they’re not as profitable for the players.

Basing on the all above mentioned we recommend players who switch facilities or just planning on playing the new games to pay attention to the type of jackpot it has. While you make strategy you have to consider this factor anyway. So despite the chances to win are comparably slim, you will hit the jackpot sooner or later!

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