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Online Bingo – Tips and Tricks to Win Every Time


Playing online bingo is an incredible experience, especially for those who love the thrill of keeping track of their bingo cards as the numbers are called, seeing their sheets filling up with marks and anticipating that the very next number could be the one that lets them yell out, ‘Bingo!’

Winning at online bingo, though, isn’t always easy. Some people believe it’s truly all random chance, but when you’re talking about the top 5 arcade bingo games, there are some things that you can do to actually increase the chances of winning.

We’ve put together some stellar tips to get you thinking and hopefully planning more what you can or should do to increase the odds of winning and hitting it big.

Online Bingo Winning Tip 1: Play more than one card.

If you’re only playing one bingo card at a time, then you are significantly limiting the odds of winning the game. Some of your fellow competitors are running 5, 10, or even 20 cards at a time!

Of course, you want to keep things in perspective. You want to be able to play within your budget and have some fun at the same time. Before you sit down at your computer (or with your tablet) to play one of the top 5 arcade bingo games is to set a budget for that day. Set a limit on just how much you’re willing to spend to play bingo that day. Then, determine how long you’d like to play for and calculate how many cards you can play at a time to accomplish that.

The more cards you play, even with the newest bingo sites, the greater your chances will be of winning!

Online Bingo Winning Tip 2: Avoid the weekends!

The more people who are playing online bingo at the same time, the lower your chances become to win. It’s basic mathematics: with more game cards in play, the odds that someone else hits the numbers and calls bingo before you can increases.

Evenings and weekends are generally the busiest times for bingo, but when you’re playing online, that means there could be people playing from all over the world, so trying to avoid evening in your time zone could mean it’s evening somewhere else, where a lot of people are flooding in.

However, weekends are simply the worst time to play if you want to increase your chances of winning online bingo.

Online Bingo Winning Tip 3: Take advantage of bonus offers.

If you sign up for one of the newest bingo sites, for example, you’ll likely get some good bonus offers, such as free playing money, extra game cards, and more once you make your first deposit.

Take advantage of these great offers and you ultimately increase your chances of winning.

Now, when you combine these three tips together, then you’re going to discover that your odds of winning are jumping through the roof. Before long you’ll be the one calling out ‘Bingo!’ and it’ll be an incredible feeling. Winning truly is an amazing sensation, isn’t it?

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