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10 Tips to Beat the Odds at the Casino


When you head to the casino, you’re going to be looking to have a lot of fun, right? Well, how can you maximize your enjoyment? By winning. The odds are almost always (okay, let’s just say always) stacked against you the moment you step in a casino. Well, if you had a few strategies or tips in your corner that could help you boost your odds … even just a little bit … would you do it?

I thought so.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of 10 tips that can actually help you do better on your next trip to the casino. Keep in mind that some of these tips are for card games, some for roulette, and some for the slots.

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Tip #1: Your first stop should be at video poker.

You may assume that the odds are simply not in your favor, but it’s actually one a 0.46 advantage for the casinos with these games. They key is to know how to play these games. Most casinos when big because the majority of players really don’t know how to play.

Tip #2: Avoid the high flash.

Whether it’s slots or new tables, the ones that are by the biggest flashy lights and most attractive displays are usually the ones with the lowest odds for you to win. Stick with the darker side of the moon. You’ll find when you visit bestbettingsites.uk that you can avoid some of these traps because the best will focus on quality games, not slick tricks.

Tip #3: Pay for your own drinks.

When you go to an actual casino, you’ll notice a lot of times they ‘comp’ (offer free) drinks to players. If they do that, they’re betting you’re not going to do well. That might be a good signal to back up and reassess things.

Tip #4: Use your watch.

Whether it’s your phone or a watch, keep track of the time. Casinos won’t have clocks around because they want you to lose track. You’ll lose more the longer you’re there.

Tip #5: Set a benchmark or limit.

If you plan on spending two hours in the casino, limit your spending for each hour. If you set your limit at £100 per hour and lose the whole lot within 20 minutes, go grab something to eat.

Tip #6: Leave your cards at home.

Or in your car. If you’re playing online, this is tougher. The main focus here is to avoid continually tapping into your bank account or credit cards for small amounts each time.

Tip #7: Forget Keno.

The odds are so long against you winning that it’s easier to get struck by lightning 5 times in the same place.

Tip #8: With the slots, go big or go home.

When playing slots, go for the max bet. If you stick to minimum bet on the penny slots, you’re facing ever longer odds of winning.

Tip #9: Pay attention to the odds.

When you’re surrounded by a lot of glitz and glamor, it’s easy to lose sight of the odds. When the payouts are lower, it’s not worth the risk.

Tip #10: Look for the ‘newbies.’

It’s not easy to spot at first, but there are new dealers in every casino. Look for them. They may have nervous hands that can help you sneak a glance at the wrong cards.

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