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Взе да ми писва от тези глупости, ТРИ ПЪТИ вече ..... 27-07, 23:29
Ти ако си на годините на баща ми и си и още не зн..... 27-07, 23:05
Ами дай ги тези медии и линкове да ги съберем и ..... 27-07, 22:49
Ment to say Ernie- Fogna of course :)) 27-07, 22:46
Това, че съм казал 20 000 не значи че няма 10 000.Втол..... 27-07, 22:42
Следващия път, а такъв няма да има, защото в мои..... 27-07, 22:28
Мойто момче, имам собствен сайт с огромен обоб..... 27-07, 22:26
през куп за грош, 20,000 щяло да има, то въобще ням..... 27-07, 22:23
Щом ще се обиждаме, толкоз от мен. Ясно кой е ми..... 27-07, 22:21
@GoSoeda because only kids without any talent are selected to play tennis :))))))). S..... 27-07, 22:13
hmmm Ernie- Gulba let me thing for a second... Talent vs talent, headcase vs headcase..... 27-07, 22:12
@SerialTips Im pretty sure both our picks are close to be winners today, cause how th..... 27-07, 22:09
Isner was also playing college tennis in Atlanta. They like big servers there :) 27-07, 21:40
Yeah here he means business again, he had enough vacations in Umag :) What do you thi..... 27-07, 21:34
Eubanks is born in Atlanta and lives in Atlanta.He plays for Georgia University, so h..... 27-07, 21:33
mkamenarski@gmail.com ми е за скрил и пейпал, но ти си миш..... 27-07, 21:26
After more thoughts, I prefer your pick, hopefully both will be successful. 27-07, 21:05
Давай също твоите източници да стигнем до конс..... 27-07, 21:04
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzkhXMm047o Some youtube highlights from 1st round..... 27-07, 21:00
Къде съм се скрил??? Тук ако не си държа на думат..... 27-07, 20:52
Yea he plays totally different than last week, and its obv he likes these conditions ..... 27-07, 20:44
I agree with you, PFC made their recruitment like if they stay in National because th..... 27-07, 20:42
Без да искаш позна, 12 800 на терена, иначе карам к..... 27-07, 20:08
No confirmation, no bet... :( I would gladly pay or take the money just for the fun,..... 27-07, 19:04
Same 27-07, 18:32
If you have patience and wait a week a good option is Astra to qualify at odds aroun..... 27-07, 18:32
I usually stay away from games that have suspicious odds movement and usually back up..... 27-07, 18:29
FinnishFlash -> Droc / Astra (Rou) - O.....
I was about to follow you of course with dnb home or maybe gamble straight home winne..... 27-07, 18:15
totally agree 27-07, 17:00
We were writing it at the same time. Glad to see i`m not the only one thinking this way 27-07, 16:57
Thanks, also please don`t use capital letters only for the title and the pick (I edit..... 27-07, 16:44
FinnishFlash -> GoSoeda / Lopez - Hanfmann
This went just as planned :) I was 100% sure after Hanfmann won the tie-break, it was..... 27-07, 16:39
Ok. Sorry - I know for the next time. Thank you. 27-07, 15:33
Once it can be taken but please for the future restrain from such bets (team totals),..... 27-07, 15:13
Btw, i just saw that your bet is not AH for Domzale ( how i thought), but Domzale Ove..... 27-07, 15:08
I dont know, after Maribor is the best team in Slovenia ( i dont know how big is the ..... 27-07, 15:01
Hm...if the game was in september I would bet on home team...but now...Domzale is int..... 27-07, 14:55
Hm, Freiburg was my bet of the day, but all day their odd rising and from every side ..... 27-07, 14:48
@mkamenarski, ще играя за теб :), мисля да ходя на мача,..... 27-07, 14:42
Само кажи приемаш ли баса при тези условия, пос..... 27-07, 14:27
No problem (намери ме във фб, същите имена) 27-07, 14:15
No, I mean a real bet between us (да хванем бас), if there are more than 1..... 27-07, 14:04
8 from me 27-07, 13:45
OK, let`s make a bet, under / over 10,000 people. What will be stake? 27-07, 13:03
As I said Botev Plovdiv has a limited budget and for their standarts they made an inc..... 27-07, 11:21
The pick is good, but the preview looks like north-korean propaganda :)))). 27-07, 10:18
I agree with the bet itself but the preview is soooo biased and exaggerated.... What ..... 27-07, 09:47
After 5 innings at 2-0 I was like almost burning my ticket :)) 27-07, 09:40
No problem, you`re welcome 26-07, 23:49
FinnishFlash -> GoSoeda / Lopez - Hanfmann
Yea I took over 22,5 here, seems good! Im pretty sure we will see a tie-break here, a..... 26-07, 23:13
final: Yankees - 1.50 & over 8.50 ;) 26-07, 22:20
What a pitty..it was close.thanks for trusting in this one 26-07, 21:44
Ah! Thanks for your time. 26-07, 19:50
Last season they played on Dinamo some games against strong teams but also used Ilie ..... 26-07, 19:49
FT 4:5 KO 26-07, 19:44
Hi mate, I see Voluntari home stadium is "Stadionul Dinamo" or not? 26-07, 19:23
Apoel are not that strong, they lost 6 important players this summer, but for sure th..... 26-07, 19:12
Over 8.5 for me 26-07, 18:50
Also worth to try a bet on Ludogorets DNB, but their is no time to write an analysis ..... 26-07, 18:27
This is a NO BET match. For me bookies have set a a trap with this huge odds on Apoe..... 26-07, 17:56
Fingers crossed with this one pal. I agree with you here, the odds are very attracti..... 26-07, 17:07
6-4 6-3 , easy money . Paire AND Roger Vasellin never lead in the match 26-07, 16:54
@ FinnishFlash. These kind of things are said because the organization in Romanian fo..... 26-07, 16:03
Good for you then. Dinos lost :)) but tomorrow they must win. Korea baseball 26-07, 15:49
I hesitated with handicap of games...Too bad. 26-07, 15:22
Viitorul didn`t impress so far this season. And owner and coach Hagi is most preoccup..... 26-07, 14:37
Man I already took earlier X2 here because what you guys were talking bout from this ..... 26-07, 14:06
Basi takes the 2nd set... 26-07, 14:05
FinnishFlash -> GoSoeda / Lopez - Hanfmann
Yea the final against Rublev was really bad, I mean fatigue showed there.. 26-07, 13:58
Haha, i was looking at it also :) Lorenzi looked a bit tired in Umag and as you said ..... 26-07, 13:54
FinnishFlash -> GoSoeda / Lopez - Hanfmann
Can you believe I took Chiudinelli +5 on clay :))) And against grinder like Lorenzi, ..... 26-07, 13:52
I wasnt in time.. Anyways which league and what sports? :))) 26-07, 13:19
The bet is APOEL Nicosia +0. Domac, please correct. Sorry. 26-07, 12:13
Boss, if you are able to read this in time, bet on Dinos at Samsung Lions. 26-07, 10:40
Left it a but late but a win is a win. Tottenham 2 vs 3 Roma FT 26-07, 09:16
Its on my profile , FaceBook name TennisMaster .Congrats on the results , straight wi..... 26-07, 04:38
Thanks mate! 25-07, 22:46
Do you have a link mate 25-07, 22:03
For instance, Houston win is like 99%, while Doosan at kt wiz tomorrow is like 80%. 25-07, 21:57
Finnish if you want MLB picks ask me. Or soth korea and japan baseball. I bet on it h..... 25-07, 21:54
Hi! Nice to see picks on basketball. 25-07, 21:36
FinnishFlash -> Sors / Kauno Zalgiris .....
Thanks! 25-07, 21:24
For tonight I think Cleveland - 1.50 is a good option, also Philadelphia - Huston ove..... 25-07, 21:18
FinnishFlash -> Sors / Kauno Zalgiris .....
Hey man, anything in MLB tonight? I would appreciate if you could maybe give me coupl..... 25-07, 20:43
Mmoh takes it in straight sets... 25-07, 20:11
Sorry, i am a bigger idiot then Lamasine. Trusting this pure garbage :(... 25-07, 18:53
For sure has better slice then Lamasine :)))) 25-07, 18:17
Well he has solid backhand and his slice is almost ATP-level, I mean not many players..... 25-07, 18:04
Kiiski is really good for an amateur 25-07, 18:02
Kiiski you scum :))) 25-07, 17:19
Maybe will be some storm and some lighting will struck Lamasine to wake him up :))))) 25-07, 16:33
It says " light rain" in Tampere maybe.. Very cloudy weather here. 25-07, 15:55
Okey it starts prob raining soon in Tampere, maybe like in half an hour.. Hope not to..... 25-07, 15:52
This morning i wanted to ask you who is Kiiski, but you had no pick posted :))))). Se..... 25-07, 15:51
So this is really a "home" tournament for him, and he knows these courts very well. A..... 25-07, 15:07
He is actually my good friend`s friend ;) My good friend is a tennis coach here in Ta..... 25-07, 15:05
especially on clay and slower surfaces 25-07, 15:02
yeah i am on kiiski too! good bet! pretty confident, ilkel is really average 25-07, 15:02
Pinnacle 5.79---> 4.23 :O People are really betting on Kiiski :))) 25-07, 14:54
Kiiski will win Ilkel today :)) He is an amateur but good enough player to beat this ..... 25-07, 14:44
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