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I just wish Paire would get kidnapped by aliens :))). 22-09, 21:04
Very very fishy 22-09, 20:57
I also bet on over 5,5...congrats 22-09, 20:40
Great fight paire! Damn this guy has it, just wish he would always fight like this li..... 22-09, 20:38
Trabzonspor got a very poor goalkeeper. Unbelievable! 22-09, 20:38
I took the over :)) 22-09, 19:33
over 154.5 is worth betting? 22-09, 18:50
Any followers this time? This was perfect match for me, hope also for u guys who foll..... 22-09, 18:28
If they wanna change something, start timing the serves and the time between serves. ..... 22-09, 17:49
Stupid magaynitogorsk :)) 22-09, 17:14
Ment of course Omark 0+2.. Anyways over 1,5 pts done and Larsen to make point with 1...... 22-09, 16:56
Omark 1+1 already and Larsen goal :)) This seems perfect so far... 22-09, 16:54
@FinnishFlash probably ungur will fix it after the rain delay :)) 22-09, 15:40
That 4q was fixed :(. Pba games are always a long shot... 22-09, 15:05
when čilić plays borg wears fila shirt, when fed plays he will have to wear nike sh..... 22-09, 14:08
after retirement, fed`s and nadal`s charity tournaments will have bigger attendance t..... 22-09, 14:05
FinnishFlash -> 1000000 / Europe - World
@dare legend Ungur brings easy cash to me.. break up in 2nd set and I took cash out. ..... 22-09, 13:52
@Remy okay you are right about that, I`m watching the game and I`m already pissed of :D 22-09, 13:39
About Meralco game, I advise you not to watch live. In philipine there is a lot of fi..... 22-09, 13:25
@FinEst, there is still time for Samurai Team to fk up the game :)). Only 2-0 for Sak..... 22-09, 13:22
Magnitogorsk win :))). I am not kidding, I do believe today UFA will be blown away. 22-09, 13:21
FinnishFlash -> Remy / Nikko Ice Bucks.....
What is your pick on Magnitka- UFA? Must watch game to me :))) I have UFA X2& over 5,..... 22-09, 13:19
Thanks for this Remy, even though I already took Sakhalin yesterday, too ;) I hope Me..... 22-09, 13:18
Well, maybe because Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city, in Sakhalin island, is a russian land onl..... 22-09, 13:12
FinnishFlash -> Remy / Nikko Ice Bucks.....
Yeah... But why the hell is this russian team playing in Asian league?? At least almo..... 22-09, 13:07
Well, I don`t know. I don`t believe this grandpa can cause any trouble, at least today. 22-09, 13:02
FinnishFlash -> 1000000 / Europe - World
@dare, Ungur still playing in "high level" :)) I took him now 3.25 odds against Trav..... 22-09, 11:50
They need to make tennis attractive for americans and for asians. Americans are to la..... 22-09, 11:41
FinnishFlash -> Remy / Nikko Ice Bucks.....
Petu Nummelin is a legend :)) I mean he is a small guy, but use to be the best offens..... 22-09, 11:35
Cant stop laughing :)))) what a lame competition 22-09, 11:01
Great pick...absolute agree, Kerber is playing this tournament on high level in every..... 22-09, 09:52
Alanyaspor will have a hard time this season especially away from home where 60% of t..... 22-09, 01:44
Also h2h is 2-2 between these players, so I think Paire has shown that he has the gam..... 22-09, 00:52
cristiandinu -> dare2bet / CFR Cluj - FCSB
Hategan is blind, John Christmas lost his last neurons. Clearly PK at Benzar. 21-09, 23:03
Fairplaynaija -> hovi / Levante - Real .....
Amazing goal from Chema. Goal of the season contender definitely. 21-09, 22:47
At least Budescu Sarmaluta scored :)) 21-09, 21:26
It`s already +20 in 13th minute... Hope that they won`t performe bad, 21-09, 21:03
That 3 vs 3 OT is just crazy... I mean one nice "trick" from player and he is all by ..... 21-09, 20:15
Lunlun underestimated Cherepovets. 4:3 now, if they in OT i think Lunlun will take ca..... 21-09, 20:12
Yea man, I actually took combo from your picks Spartak ml + Lunlun X2.. Not looking t..... 21-09, 20:01
LunLun disaster today. 14 shots against Cherepovets. 3:2 now, maybe miracles do happen. 21-09, 19:56
Yep, great pick. CSKA had no chance at all. Jokerit showed the real potential, hope t..... 21-09, 19:52
This was the pick of the month even if I say so myself :) I mean Jokers giving no cha..... 21-09, 19:46
Yeah Jokers 2/2 on powerplay so far against team like CSKA.. Just amazing :)) 21-09, 17:53
Had that in mind but after watching Oradea loosing by 15 last quarter I decided not t..... 21-09, 17:28
Omul ala parca a inghitit o matura. Cand era la Rapid, urla Pancu la el, l-a si facut..... 21-09, 16:29
If you like basketball, you can bet today on CSU Sibiu win vs Pardubice. Gl with this..... 21-09, 15:54
And Deac to score a goal should be given odds 1.20. :)) 21-09, 15:48
Over 0.5 penalties should have odd 1.05. 21-09, 15:46
Man, you`re ignoring the CFR Cluj bench, they`ve got better roster overall: Ovidiu Ha..... 21-09, 15:44
cristiandinu -> dare2bet / CFR Cluj - FCSB
Lasa ca vine Remy care e stelist si el joaca FCSB -2. :)) 21-09, 15:42
cristiandinu -> dare2bet / CFR Cluj - FCSB
Now you`re just greedy. :) 21-09, 15:37
Last summer I always bet heavy on player not to score. I would go with the most stupi..... 21-09, 14:30
FinnishFlash -> Remy / Avangard Omsk -.....
If you can take Dawes to score at Barys- Minsk its good IMO.. Also Kozun or Kontiola ..... 21-09, 14:26
In Romania there will be heavy rain and storms and whatever for all of the week. It`s..... 21-09, 14:18
FinnishFlash -> Remy / Avangard Omsk -.....
Man do u know are they gonna play today in Sibiu? I mean tennis of course :)) Waiting..... 21-09, 13:51
it is a well argumented and a good pick but i think not going to happen. There has be..... 21-09, 12:42
bettingtips365 -> /
Thanks for the info, I will keep it in mind! 21-09, 11:55
Domac -> /
Welcome on the site! Please note that both to score is not a possible option. http://..... 21-09, 10:02
Man, today`s offer in KHL seems quite poor. All games IMO are so tight, can`t decide ..... 21-09, 09:49
Also Laaksonen gave only one breakpoint to Mathieu in hole match. 21-09, 00:42
Bye bye clever boys :(( 20-09, 20:58
Remy - Ante is no longer refree, he is now second man after Ante Kulušić in refree ..... 20-09, 20:39
Also this should be low scoring affair, but there is always big BUT if Jokers pp is w..... 20-09, 20:04
Super bad pick, super bad Trabzonspor. Leading 10 points and losing like idiots, afte..... 20-09, 19:36
USA hurricane deathtoll 20. Romania morning breeze 10. Welcome to the jungle. 20-09, 19:33
Any natural disaster will turn Romania into a "war zone". In civilized countries peop..... 20-09, 19:24
LOL. Antena3 are being so hysterical about the storm over Romania. They are filming L..... 20-09, 19:15
Big storm in Timisoara (where I live) 3 days ago. 2 days I had no electricity. 20-09, 18:41
Local bookie Coolbet has Volta @3.35 20-09, 18:38
Missed the other team haha. Should be: Pohja-Tallinna JK Volta vs FC Flora U21 20-09, 18:06
Had no idea traktor cant score at home. Idiotas 20-09, 17:19
Finnisu I took over 4.5 odds 2 :)) super lost 20-09, 17:18
Called off 20-09, 17:16
How the hell Im this dumb to took Traktor 1X @1.40 to a "sure" combo... 20-09, 17:05
Yep, just watching the mexico earthquake and thinking about the same thing. 20-09, 17:02
There is no need for that. In the next 15 years there will be a big earthquake and h..... 20-09, 16:53
dare2bet -> ? / Oriolik - Hajduk
Must be fun playing football in Croatia, especialy in the lower leagues :)))), very s..... 20-09, 16:51
By the way, can you tell me something about ref Ante Vucemilovic? Does he got some fi..... 20-09, 16:41
I once saw some TV show, when they made a person run 50 meters in different circumsta..... 20-09, 16:25
From my experience, pressure on players never ends well. Torcida, Grobari, BBB, Delij..... 20-09, 16:23
Meanwhile, in Russia. Putin to his scientists: "Comradz, use meteorological uapon age..... 20-09, 15:56
Match is questionable due to weather forecast. Heavy storm expected with winds around..... 20-09, 15:45
Not important but funny fact: Oriolik captain has been suspended for 3 months because..... 20-09, 13:31
It is not about Mega. It is about whole ABA League, including Zadar, Cibona, Igokea, ..... 20-09, 11:50
And European champion Cancar is playing there :) 20-09, 11:34
@? Please don`t put Mega in the same group with Szolnoki and Karpos. Mega was 2nd in ..... 20-09, 10:55
Here in croatia it was 2.20. And then dropped to 1.50 20-09, 10:31
Yes, yesterday Kalev Kramo opened odds 2.00 at my local bookie vs Karpos Sokoli :)) 20-09, 10:27
Those Szolnoki, Karpoš, Mega, etc. are teams worth to bet against. Knowing the quali..... 20-09, 10:03
Chunichi seem right now like Oakland in MLB. They`ve got momentum, let`s see how long..... 20-09, 09:41
I m on 50-50 to take this but will skip it as Nexe show nothing so far they play poor 20-09, 00:36
Yeah I like this a lot. Cueto is not an elite pitcher this year 20-09, 00:27
Yea i agree, looks like a banker. Those comparisons made me laugh and same time click..... 19-09, 23:12
solanke needs to be born again to become a good striker 19-09, 22:39
Good call mates...1:1 at the end so also good for me :) congrats 19-09, 22:39
Yea exactly, if there is for example three good attacking players who can score, you ..... 19-09, 22:27
:))) 19-09, 22:24
It is simple. You look for the defenders weaknesses and then you look in the other te..... 19-09, 22:23
Haha how do you people know these things? :D 19-09, 21:52
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