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Nice game with a lot of goals.. 18-02, 22:37
@sirac, i am so pissed off !!!Miriuta should resign and also he should take with him ..... 18-02, 22:02
Thanks, my friend Finnish Flash!:) 18-02, 21:58
Cause he played like a turtle whole game. Dont get me wrong, i like him, his work rat..... 18-02, 21:53
@hanniball, to me you are best in Romania :)) Cheers again! 18-02, 21:50
Sirac, teixeira humiliated them so why should he retire? :)) 18-02, 21:44
Miriuta a nimerit iar schimbarile!!!:)) 18-02, 21:44
Budescu is the best in Ro atm, imo! 18-02, 21:40
Luckly they have Budescu. What a cross! 18-02, 21:34
Bunch of overrated wannabies. They make Dinamo defense look like best in the world. I..... 18-02, 21:28
Next game fcsb wins at lazio in rome :)) 18-02, 21:10
Thank you, sir! 18-02, 20:13
Young gk Vlad is back! 18-02, 20:13
Also Slovakian star NEmec upfront.. This team is really strong on paper! 18-02, 19:59
Thiem won 6:2 6:4 18-02, 19:59
Wow is that really a Gabriel Torje in Dinamo? He was like a superstar few years ago..:)) 18-02, 19:58
Enache worthless piece of shit player. :) 18-02, 19:53
hanniball -> sirac / Timisoara-Iasi
Great pick!Congrats! 18-02, 19:36
@ xpl0si0n, the admin is absolutely OK with his picks. Everyone putting enough effort..... 18-02, 19:25
Remy, just been In sauna 80+ C relaxed now.. Few beers and derby of Romania from digi..... 18-02, 19:02
Finnishflash, no.chance for.dinamo believe us. 1x is science fiction scenario. 18-02, 18:59
And the Fact with 30k supporters is like and extra attacker for them who is good In p..... 18-02, 18:56
Hi Hovi, i must admit it you have good picks but i cant understand why you searching ..... 18-02, 18:55
I smells also troubles for fcsb cause Best players missing here.. I Will go Dinamo 1..... 18-02, 18:55
Ca in bancul cu ursul, tu tii cu Dinamo, Sirac. :)) 18-02, 18:30
No Budescu. Tanase-4 clase will replace him.I smell trouble for Fcsb :D 18-02, 18:24
God damn overs. I took Ajax over 2.5, what an epic fail. 18-02, 18:18
cristiandinu -> Remy / Poli Timisoara .....
All of a sudden after winter break. Before that they didn`t impressed, they were like..... 18-02, 18:08
In Recas we trust. 18-02, 18:01
@Finnishflash well tonight there are going to be 30K Dinamo fans. FCSB does not have ..... 18-02, 17:59
All of the sudden? They got 2 clear wins already this year, clear by the manner of th..... 18-02, 17:54
Yea exatcly, I said the same thing earlier but I guess he dont have enough good knowl..... 18-02, 17:52
Well they wont cause juventus and gaz metan are 99% there. 18-02, 17:48
Im sure they Will be In cl group stage In few years and Will make you guys proud Winn..... 18-02, 17:42
Yea dare I think also that fcsb is a great team with great coach and everything.. I m..... 18-02, 17:41
cristiandinu -> Remy / Poli Timisoara .....
0-2 in the 36th minute. Bravo. Iasi is a strong contender for playoffs. I don`t know ..... 18-02, 17:37
Why don t you give us tehnical details about style of play , your picks are based on ..... 18-02, 17:37
As I also played on FCSB, I hope you are right, dare2bet, but Tanase (the young one) ..... 18-02, 17:33
This will end 4-3 for Copenhagen :)) 18-02, 16:35
Hehe, good job, congrats! Now that is a game. 18-02, 16:34
Yes Sotiriou scored 18-02, 16:33
Ok if flashscore is right I hit pretty easy 3.10 odds :) 18-02, 16:30
It is usual odds on "over" to move up fast after the start, if goals don`t start rain..... 18-02, 16:27
Ok too bad. It seems like a fixed under to me if the money is going In under In - play :/ 18-02, 16:23
I saw last game of Gladbach and they didnt impress me at all, they couldnt do a thing..... 18-02, 16:23
Please remind me next time NEVER to bet on "over" before the game, only in-play... 10..... 18-02, 16:14
@sirac i strongly believe this is the worst team that Dinamo had in their history and..... 18-02, 16:02
@Remy yes, should be free money 18-02, 15:57
Over 2.5 yellow cards Dinamo taken. Odds 1.45. 18-02, 15:57
For me Dica is better coach and more prepared then Miriuta. All four Dinamo`s defende..... 18-02, 15:55
Yea man, I took this Sotirou from FCK @3.10... If I remember correct he also shoots p..... 18-02, 15:35
Sotiriou and Santander for FCK, Onyeka, Wikheim and Duelund for FCM, looking at the s..... 18-02, 15:31
Yep he didnt impressed but wasnt poor either. He is ok i think, but compared with Dic..... 18-02, 14:59
Ok thx, I just thought if you have some team info maybe who would start in attack etc.. 18-02, 14:41
No idea, anyone can score. Neither of these depends so much on someone to deliver the..... 18-02, 14:35
The thing that worries me the most is that a quarter of Steaua`s goals (plus a lot in..... 18-02, 14:27
Sirac, you make good points, but I don`t see Miriuta as a good coach. Apart from Ceah..... 18-02, 14:24
Hi who would you pick to score here? 18-02, 14:20
Hi man, I think value is on gladbach here.. I know dortmund, they Are no good under ..... 18-02, 14:18
The actual important missing for FCK not mentioned here is Pavlovic, 2nd best scorer ..... 18-02, 12:47
My only bet for the game will be Pintilii to get yellow card, if he plays. 18-02, 12:44
It should be a open game but Viitorul scored 2 goals in 2 games and werent exactly cr..... 18-02, 11:58
Hello. I think again youre exagerating. The biggest difference in history?Dinamo was ..... 18-02, 11:51
Agree,we should see goals and the odds are very good.For a safer bet we can choose ov..... 18-02, 10:50
55-90 18-02, 08:50
Whats the hajduk fans oppinion on steliano filip? 18-02, 07:32
Ps: I expect more basketball picks. 10x 18-02, 06:57
You and Mayweather :)) 18-02, 06:56
Haha interesting. Couple things are sure: 1) I am the NHL guru for your Finish friend..... 18-02, 06:32
I`ve read some interesting stats, even americans don`t bet more than 3% on nhl, and i..... 18-02, 06:18
Too bad this games are played at night so not worth following. 18-02, 06:09
And it`s another easy winner for one more 3-0 day and another NHL sweep. The best NHL..... 18-02, 05:47
Keep up the good work Smoothie 18-02, 02:35
I know it`s hurt, but I am the best NHL guy here like it or not. Cheers to you too. I..... 18-02, 01:16
* I wouldn`t be in problem to take OVER even with Mike Smith, with With David Rittich..... 18-02, 01:13
Yeah mate you have been amazing congratz for you, +3 return In long run is good! But ..... 18-02, 01:13
Lol its so easy to deal with you. 18-02, 00:29
What recognized? I just saw your pick had almost none Real info from these goalies a..... 18-02, 00:23
Thanks, I am glad you recognized your self. 18-02, 00:19
Saros has also played this season only 15 games in NHL, and 9 games in AHL. 18-02, 00:17
Turris wont play tonight and Saros on goal has been comfirmed long ago. Saros is also..... 18-02, 00:13
It`s Under 5.5. Sorry about that. 17-02, 23:58
Great job from Barsa for another 3-0 day for me! 17-02, 23:20
I was in a hurry and on the phone.. 17-02, 21:45
Finnishflash -> drink / Malaga vs Valencia
And by the way I Writed this kinda english when I was In 4th grade 10 years old. Seri..... 17-02, 21:02
Finnishflash -> drink / Malaga vs Valencia
Sorry this pick is again too late.. I mean who can follow you when u posted 10min bef..... 17-02, 21:00
That was just unlucky:( 17-02, 18:33
Hahahah :D Thank you mate, so much and I appreciate opinion from a good tipster like ..... 17-02, 18:03
Yea mate they play good, certaintly worthy of something, Barca was crap again but if ..... 17-02, 17:52
eibar had possesion till red card :) this is few minuts after red card 50% Ball Po..... 17-02, 17:38
nice red card 17-02, 17:36
Your good mate, Im convinced :) And I like the work you do in your picks, good knowle..... 17-02, 17:27
Again they are not so bad, but if they wont score they will get it 17-02, 17:25
I have forget to write that yesterday BB lost to Hachioji 88-67 but I think this resu..... 17-02, 17:01
I agree with you, but it is nice to write that Alanyaspor in this winter transfer per..... 17-02, 16:57
After Getafe fiasco they wont be sloppy again but indeed Eibar its tough proposition ..... 17-02, 15:43
barca with strong lineup.. but i think eiber still can do something.. we will see :) 17-02, 15:23
Zuparic direct red card on the start, will be a little more harder for Rijeka to scor..... 17-02, 15:13
nice and tnx :) 17-02, 14:38
Kovyyyyy one timeeeer!! 17-02, 14:37
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