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cristiandinu -> hovi / Concordia - Vol.....
Hovi is back! :) Where you`ve been, mate? 21-04, 12:28
cristiandinu -> hovi / VIitorul - FCSB
Odds for FCSB`s win are a joke. Viitorul are not "that" weak. What`s the reason behin..... 21-04, 12:26
Let`s go Dimi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 21-04, 12:06
also I can add a match from 4th division Sogn & Fjordane for a nice combo.... Dale..... 21-04, 11:01
your bet is very good but I do not agree with about some thing here. Kiel do not pla..... 21-04, 10:40
Lol 21-04, 10:25
This will go in 3 sets IMO.Dimitrov can play with Nadal. 21-04, 07:30
I was going to take them at -1, but decided against it after seeing the head to head ..... 21-04, 03:52
I have thought about doing Cardiff a few times this season, they seem to keep winning..... 21-04, 03:45
Also Winnipeg to win was great too, 5-0 now. They are dominating. 21-04, 03:43
Nadal has been very strong for sure. I am not betting anything neither but Dimitrov c..... 21-04, 00:29
5-0 ft..2-0 ht 20-04, 21:50
This was really much More easier than I could every think, kazan no problems at all I..... 20-04, 20:59
2-0 Bergen Nord after 20 min Just an update for the people 20-04, 20:43
CSKA 0/3 pp in 1st period.. I mean its really poor, they dont shoot enough and not e..... 20-04, 19:24
Waterford are missing a lot of first team players as well. 20-04, 18:51
We will see.. But if this pick is lost i dont know anything about tennis 20-04, 17:44
LovelyJubbly -> drink / Nadal vs Dimitrov
Not so big of a value IMHO. Still good luck as I am not playing anything in this one. 20-04, 16:46
Dimitrov under 7 is solid aswell in my opinion 20-04, 16:33
Cool :)) I always waited for that special moment when a team remains only with the go..... 20-04, 16:11
Betting against"little Federer" is not profitable business. 20-04, 14:58
Finish him!! https://giphy.com/gifs/mortal-kombat-liu-kang-baraka-CatCCFZa6U8nK 20-04, 14:06
Remy bro again, there is no 5 vs 2 In hockey :)) minimum 3 players on ice.. 20-04, 13:53
It seems "my players" choke a lot:) 20-04, 13:38
Goffin choked just like in the previous game vs Bautista Agut. Only difference is Dim..... 20-04, 13:21
It seems even double break doesnt matter nowdays.. Great 20-04, 12:38
Yes Gringo, I remember how they had 100 PP vs Amur, even crazy situations like 5 vs 2..... 20-04, 12:13
Kazan is also poor in PP from what I watched they are disaster maybe stats do not say..... 20-04, 10:11
I messed up with goalscoring statistics for the Slask players, but these are indeed k..... 20-04, 09:04
Agree, good pick. On it! 20-04, 05:19
Ok I looked stats and that confirmed my saying.. CSKA`s pp this season in playoffs 12..... 20-04, 02:26
I hope so. Its working out well so far with Stanton. His BA is 1.97. He is 13-66 wi..... 19-04, 22:44
Thought i will have 4/4 today but i sucks it seems.. 19-04, 22:00
Nah.. Had to go.. Didnt watch 2nd set, i was 50:50 to go with hendi or with sets.. Ma..... 19-04, 22:00
These have no shame, 1-2 was still enough... 19-04, 21:53
Nice HT/FT :D. 19-04, 21:42
Thank you bookies for stupid odds. 19-04, 21:32
0-3 ft 19-04, 20:32
Sorry, I am stupid, it is only the 3rd Q =)). 19-04, 20:26
Shved 12 points = Khimki under 65. But did not expect this epic fail from CSKA Moscow..... 19-04, 20:23
Boston payroll 223 million, Yankees 167 million. I think NY will hit another negative..... 19-04, 20:12
1-11 shots on goal so far. WOW 19-04, 19:50
I also had Tappara in my mind, but passed it :). Preffered Vaxjo. 19-04, 19:44
FinnishFlash -> Remy / Skelleftea - Va.....
Hahaha, now even more reasons to hate this shit Tampereen Tappara.. Only nice thing i..... 19-04, 19:28
FinnishFlash -> Remy / Skelleftea - Va.....
Actually the rare times I bet ml in hockey is in playoffs, cause they play till the e..... 19-04, 19:19
Hello man. I also took Vaxjo ML @ 1.70 at local bookie with large sum of money. 19-04, 19:14
Unfortunately i was right... Good picking anyways, love ur work bud. 19-04, 19:13
FinnishFlash -> Remy / Skelleftea - Va.....
Im here man, I bet only over 4,5 here cause to me two best offensive rosters from SHL..... 19-04, 18:52
Khimki +11.5 seems like a worth taking pick, but I really doubt it Khimki can win a h..... 19-04, 18:36
Sep should take a set vs Nishi, hes like Paire, when he wants he get it from anybody. 19-04, 17:37
hi, my name is Philipp and i am CHOKER... fucking shitbag 19-04, 15:16
lol typical for kohli.. choker.. break up to break down.. and in 3rd set hes gonna die? 19-04, 14:25
I have used Marathonbet private....)) 19-04, 07:35
HJK completely dominated that game... 18-04, 22:39
1-1 ft )))) 18-04, 20:41
0-1 ft )))) 18-04, 20:40
Maybe kohli is nobody;) 18-04, 20:16
Nobody can be favorite against "little Federer". 18-04, 20:09
Jose "park the bus" Rinho is biggest dumbass coach I know who throws his players unde..... 18-04, 16:10
Yep, away team missed three pointers like crazy. From 88 to 100 it was just a bit of ..... 17-04, 23:27
Very lucky but winner is a winner. 17-04, 22:56
Unreal, they were basically shooting in 1 net, 40 total shots or so... 17-04, 21:56
it would be better with herbert today :p 17-04, 17:02
lets hope today will be 2/1 aswell :> 17-04, 16:57
Love this guy! 17-04, 16:56
gj :) 17-04, 15:38
Yes but Cork really struggled for goals after Sean Maguire left for Preston and they ..... 17-04, 10:18
Hi aron50, I understand your point. However, it is not very accurate to compare this ..... 17-04, 09:58
I know they don’t, especially if they win tonight. A win secures it mathematically,..... 17-04, 07:11
champion -> toglev / PSG - Monaco
Why not bet for the goals, over 2.5 almost a certainty. 17-04, 03:26
I missed this one, great pick and odds too & another winner. You are one of the best ..... 17-04, 03:25
I thought of doing this one too, but I chose something else instead, nice bet though...... 17-04, 03:23
Didn`t Rovers beat Cork on their last visit to Turners Cross 17-04, 03:19
They don`t need to win promotion this weekend as a matter of fact.They have huge adva..... 17-04, 02:34
“With the players that we have, we will become much better, we’ll just keep hangi..... 17-04, 02:30
Great finding Sherlock, may be because they`ve hosted the top 4 teams on table and vi..... 17-04, 01:46
Terim should, however, be careful since Buruk’s men proved they can make an upset o..... 17-04, 01:33
If you say like that then all the goals with traffic in front should be called offside. 17-04, 01:29
Sligo plays better away this season than at home.. 17-04, 01:23
It was offside, Arnautovic did stand infront of hart, so he influence his sight and p..... 16-04, 23:01
Fucking prick Oliver and his linesmans. 3 disallowed goals for West Ham, are you fuck..... 16-04, 22:58
E buna Steaua rau! 16-04, 20:54
What an great game to watch ..nice one btw mate 16-04, 20:46
damn.. 2:0 was @2.3 i went with "safer" option.. :) :( 16-04, 18:25
I have bad feeling if we go into tb:) 16-04, 17:24
Finnishflash -> drink / Herbert vs Lorenzi
Lets hope for the Best :) 16-04, 17:09
yes, although i dont prefer to bet on the winners in this kind of leagues 16-04, 14:42
Nice pick. Interesting bet here is also 1&BTTS, odds around 3.2 16-04, 12:30
7:2, quite convincing win for Lithuania. Surprised. 15-04, 20:52
4:2 Lithuania leading in the end of 2nd period, doubt this will go wrong, UK doesnt h..... 15-04, 19:42
I don`t know anything about "big brothers", Schalke have 14 wins and Dortmund 8 wins ..... 15-04, 18:43
Wow Naldo! Freekick specialist :) 15-04, 17:14
Konoplayanka! I always liked this guy and dont understand why he sits so much on bench.. 15-04, 16:41
Mate we both know who is the "big brother" here and use to win these derbys ;) althou..... 15-04, 16:28
again penalty missed :( anyway gg 15-04, 15:57
Parnasse wins by unanimous decision, very good fight hopes he make it to the UFC 14-04, 22:55
Do not worry, go bet on Fritz, he will outclass Johnson who did yesterday the game of..... 14-04, 22:53
Man it was really painful to watch this match. I`ve hardly seen Karlovic making SOOOO..... 14-04, 22:51
Definitely, Karlovic beat himself, he has more than enough chances in the second set! :/ 14-04, 22:51
Each time I thought Karlovic is over he found somehow the way to the win exactly with..... 14-04, 22:41
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