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De Minaur - Medvedev    (lost)

Nothing much to analyze here. De Minaur has played extraordinarily this whole tournament only dropping one set and beating players well above him in rankings. Medvedev is the lowest ranked opponent he will be facing in this tournament so far (but still 83 places above him) and arguably the easiest stylistically for him. I have watched all of their matches since the tournament started and I predict he should have no problems dealing with him. Only potential hiccups is that Alex looked tired towards the end of his match last night against Paire but this should not be a major cause for concern. 

De Minaur is playing for the title in his backyard in front of a packed arena that will all be cheering for him. His motivation is at an all time high and he will fight for every ball. 

This should be a no brainer: Alex De Minaur.
Published: 12-01-2018, 15:16 CET Pick: De Minaur
Odds: 1.66 at bet365

* Odds are correct at the time of publishing and subject of change

Category: ATP tennis
Date: 13-01-2018
Option: 1X2 / Moneyline
Stake: 10 (tipster's average: 9)

FinnishFlash 12-01-2018, 15:42
No value here for me, IMO Medvedev should be favourite. I mean Medvedev is also a very good returner and has power and strong serve for these fast courts. I see ppl here are really underrestimating Daniil like today against Fogna. Also Medvedev is stronger from "head" than mugs like Paire and Dasco, I mean look how Paire throw today the 3rd set away. AND the fact that all pressure will be on the 18 year old kid in first ATP-final as a teen, and front of home crowd no matter how phenomal he has been so far :) I concider 1.60 really low for him..
alwayswannafly 12-01-2018, 16:07
Yeah I do agree 1.60 is quite low. But I don`t know about Medvedev being better than Paire. I have watched every De Minaur game since last week (I live in AU) and he has been phenomenal. He returns balls that normally don`t come back and I think that`s what throws established players of their game and makes them collapse mentally. I do agree with you to a certain extent about pressure being heavy on him, but I believe this is where he thrives the most. Anyway we shall see tommorrow.
alwayswannafly 12-01-2018, 16:10
PS. I`m a huge fan of your hockey picks, Finnish. Been a long time follower! But I must admit that tip you left in the comments about SKA game being over last night put me in a deficit! Hehe but can`t really blame you I mean when does SKA game total under 2! Anyway good luck and looking forward for more insights from you.
FinnishFlash 12-01-2018, 16:13
Yea I agree that this kid is quit "amazing" cause there are not many who have won ATP-title at 18 years old in 2000-century and I like his game also, and what returning! But I ment that Paire is very weak player mentally and Daniil is stronger is that aspect, he can always step up and come back from break down etc with his skills, than Paire today in 3rd when he was break down and had bp`s in next game and couldnt convert thouse and than throw the match away with df in breakpoint next game.. I mean the guy is just pathetic from head to his skill level and talent cause other he could be close to top-10 if he had Nadal`s mentality :)) GL to you!
FinnishFlash 12-01-2018, 16:17
Thanks man, I took that Mertens tip from u last night cause I read also earlier that he plays so fantastic tennis at Hobart and last year winner so I thought she should be stronger than Watson :)
FinnishFlash 12-01-2018, 16:19
*she not he lol...
dare2bet 12-01-2018, 16:21
Paire would of won at least 10 grand slams if he had Nadal`s mental strenght. You cant be a grand slam winner when you make marshmellow eating contest with Wawrinka and Chardy :)))))
Experttennis 12-01-2018, 18:05
Thats a joke statement "dare2bet" , you could see today how fragile both Paire`s game is and specially his forehand wing , you cant be a great player if you only have doublehander which is quite superb but not enough.Technique is quite poor on the forehand side while Rafa was a great all around player even in the early stages although struggled to bring his game to that level on other surfaces early in his career . Dont disrespect the greats by comparing them to Paire :D
FinnishFlash 12-01-2018, 18:09
Yea @Experttennis, I have often heard that Paire`s forehand is very weak as technique-wise although Im not a expert but some guys in finnish forum who have played in high level said he could never be a top top player with that forehand.. I mean he could be lot better in ranks if he had stronger "head", but sometimes ppl are overrestimating to much his game because of his talent, and that because he has maybe the best or one of the best two-handed backhands in business :))
dare2bet 12-01-2018, 18:32
@Experttennis it was a joke, but a bad one :) . @FinnishFlash i would trust only in Niklas Salminen`s opinion :))
innn 12-01-2018, 19:37
everywhere comments on Paire`s supposed talent and his lack of "mental strength". people please watch his matches, the most recent one today against the freshman Minaur, you would see a Paire on which only the beard grew in all his tennis years, he was so weak as in physical weakness, as in being almost a junkie who comes into tourneys to have little cash again for his fix, whatever that would be. Talent? In drawing perhaps, he should pose for men`s magazines now until he still has a tiny drop of vigor in him. daemons suck the life out of his limbs perhaps each night, but they spare the beard. respect for that.
alwayswannafly 12-01-2018, 19:51
LOL that was some hardcore trashing of Paire, innn! It was like reading Shakespeare! Hahaha :)))
Eric_Bgd 12-01-2018, 20:53
1.66 on De Minaur....Bookies have gone mad
alwayswannafly 13-01-2018, 11:25
Bad luck to those who followed! Medvedev transformed into a monster starting 2nd set almost not missing at all.

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