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Otelul - CFR Cluj    (lost)

"Match of friendship" is how this encounter is being called in Romania. And why this is caled so I'll explain to you in the following lines :

this two teams started to cooperate for the first time in the 2010/2011 championship. More precisely from the second of May 2011. What was the story back then ? Well, Otelul was fighting for the title, they were poor travellers while CFR were on the middle of the table. CFR let Otelul win that match and in the end the Moldavian side became champions for the very first and last time in their history.

One season later things have reversed. Otelul were a first top table team in that season, they finished 6th, didn't qualify for European competition. They didn't even wanted to do that. Anyway, in that season CFR won both games against Otelul : 4-0 at Galati (Adrian Porumboiu, FC Vaslui owner said with a week earlier that CFR will win that game, after the final whistle was blown at Galati he was really pissed because this fixed match was made with no curtains, it was an embaressing performance by Otelul and CFR grabbed easily all 3 points.) After that came the second match at Cluj-Napoca. 2-0 win for CFR. Match was broadcast on a television that not all Romanians have access to it to make less visible that the match was fixed. Two funny goal, one from a freekick in which an Otelul player fell from the wall, the second one scored by a huge mistake made from the Moldavian defence. 2-0, with this 6 points CFR became the Champions of Romania for the 3rd time.

The 2012-2013 started. CFR won a match at Galati, but I don't think that one was fixed. The match was early in the season so neither of the two clubs was in need of points. Things changed in the second part of the season when CFR became a middle table team and Otelul was threatened with relegation. And like a good friend, CFR let Otelul grab all 3 points at Cluj-Napoca with a 1-0 win.

Finally, it's time to talk about the present. This year, the two clubs played the most interesting fixed match of them all. CFR was doing really poor. This season they said they have title ambitions but they got it totally wrong, they bought very poor players and they just can't be more then a middle table team. So, in the first match of the season when CFR still hoped for an European spot at the final of the season really needed the 3 points. And they obtained them, but in what style...7-2 victory against Otelul at Cluj-Napoca.


Now about the match that will be played this Sunday : Otelul are once again threatened with relegation. The only problem is that the players are unhappy since they haven't been payed in the last 4 months but I expect things to get less tense in the following days. Right now, Otelul are 1 point above the relegation zone while CFR sitts comfortably at the middle of the table, no European hopes, no nothing. In this case, I expect them to help their friends once again and give them all 3 points here.

Published: 08-04-2014, 12:33 CET Pick: Otelul
Odds: 2.37 at SBOBET

Category: Romanian football
Date: 13-04-2014
Option: 1X2 / Moneyline
Stake: 10 (tipster's average: 10)

Droc 08-04-2014, 13:22
Also, I must add that even if this match wasn`t doubted to be fixed I`d still go for a home win here. That`s because the crisis at CFR continues even after the last two good results : victory at Targu-Jiu against Pandurii and draw at home against Petrolul. CFR didn`t showed much, only in the second half of the match against Petrolul because they were up by one man after Geraldo`s red card. CFR owner, Paszkany is still wanting to sell the team. or to reduce the cost of expenses. But the truth is that he wants to get out of football. And wants to get out very fast after he saw that Steaua`s owner and manager, Dinamo`s ex owner, Bistrita`s ex president, former international Gica Popescu and now Dumitru Dragomir, former president of the Romanian professional league went to jail (Dragomir will go in the next couple of days) Paszkany wants to bail out. He did a lot of things for what he could be blamed for. Also, not a lot of people know that actually Paszkany went in jail several year ago, at the beginning of the last decade and he was practically forced to invest in CFR in order to get out of jail more faster. CFR`s players are also unpaid for 4 months but if you have to make a decision which of this two is worse then I`d say with no doubt that CFR is worser then Otelul. Another thing to add is the fact that the Moldavians showed some dignity and played well at home in the last matches in front of their supporters. So I don`t see why they wouldn`t do the same in the game against CFR.
lukasmuller 09-04-2014, 09:06
Fantastic preview Droc. Now i feel comfortable to place a bet on this match. Cheers.
Bubbles 09-04-2014, 12:02
I think thi game was, and not is, a game between friends. 2 or 3 seasons they`ve helped each other but this has ended. Remember last season`s 7-2, when Otelul was 1 point above relegation and everyone was saying Otelul was going to win. And they lost 7-2. If Otelul will win, will win on the pitch without other logistics. And by looking at the game of cfr in the last two rounds, It is very hard. And I don`t really know what motivation Otelul players will have, conidering they are upaid and that Otelul will not get the license this season.
Droc 09-04-2014, 15:39
Everyone was saying Otelul was going to win the first match ? Well, to be honest I didn`t saw it that way and if you ask me if you create a friendship game then that friendship lasts for a long time, not just a couple of season. Practically they are friends with benefits only not sexualy (or who knows...) but just giving each other points. The thing with Otelul not getting the license is a cliche right now, if Otelul won`t take the license then almost all other teams shouldn`t take it and we would have a champinship with only 3 or 4 teams. Thanks Lukas.
Bubbles 12-04-2014, 10:06
Droc, after yesterday`s game between Steaua and Vaslui, I think it is very wise to bet on all relegation contenders, nevermind their opponent. Including Sageata to win at Pandurii. What a pathetic league.
Droc 12-04-2014, 12:43
Pathetic but profitable despite it has some very good drama queens. Too bad Di Caprio didn`t played yesterday in Steaua-Vaslui. He would have finally won the Oscar with that match. I don`t know if Sageata can win at Pandurii, they play really poor away from home.
cristiandinu 12-04-2014, 13:09
Don`t know if Sageata can win at Pandurii, but Viitorul for sire they will. Durii will get their points back from Steaua.
Sveggastyle 12-04-2014, 21:24
Thanks for your efforts Droc. I got spanked a bit by that retarded Steua match the other day, it smelled like a fart being released under water. I believe we score on this one, followed!
Sveggastyle 13-04-2014, 19:03
I couldn`t be more done Romanian football. Expensive lesson to say the least.
Hossack12345 13-04-2014, 19:03
Droc, keep your crappy ill informed bollocks to yourself in future about your corrupt little Eastern European shit hole league. You helped bust my 800 euro acca with this pathetic tip.
Hossack12345 13-04-2014, 19:09
One shot on target in the whole 90. Fixed pish.
Sveggastyle 13-04-2014, 19:12
I guess the follow up speculation to the initial bullshit speculation is that they fixed up the Cluj odds from pretty much even steven so all the players could receive some sort of salary.
Hossack12345 13-04-2014, 19:21
A shit tip and a shit league. The end.
lukasmuller 13-04-2014, 19:24
Hossack12345: Please take it easy. It is you`r choice if you wanna listen to him or not. Stop you`r stupid personal insults. He is a better tipster than you will ever become. And why should he keep his tips for him self? look at his profit. Because he lost one tip you start bitching ...OMFG, please f**k off.
Hossack12345 13-04-2014, 19:26
Crap tip. Fact.
Hossack12345 13-04-2014, 19:26
And he has more losers than winners?
Hossack12345 13-04-2014, 19:28
Maybe you should concentrate on improving your own stats.
lukasmuller 13-04-2014, 19:28
You`r record is awfull. And you`r tips (f.ex Braga-Porto) are crappy 2 sentence shit. He puts 10x more effort into his tips. And he is also a way better tipster. Infact about everyone on Betrush is better than you. And i don`t know if you want to get banned/hated, but you`r attitude towards others is not helping!
Hossack12345 13-04-2014, 19:30
Aye aye...change the record.
lukasmuller 13-04-2014, 19:32
"Maybe you should concentrate on improving your own stats" .........atleast my stats are way better than yours... And Droc`s is miles better....
Sveggastyle 13-04-2014, 19:38
It is absolutely crazy though, a full page of information that shouldn`t have anything to do with the game of football - and it was all wrong. Not an injury mentioned or any sort of key point to backup the bet part from the previous mentioned. I have respect for his ROI but fail to understand how. :)
Droc 13-04-2014, 19:42
Ok, I admit. I got this one wrong and I apologise. My intension wasn`t for some people lose money on this match, on the contrary. I know that there are a lot of pissed people in this moment and they have the right to be so but in the same time nobody said "put your money on this one, it`s sure". I`m no fortune teller, I`m just a regular guy. Hossack is right, this league is full of crap. I thought that Otelul wanted to save themselves from relegation but with this game they have all chances to go bankrupt. Again, I apologise for not hitting this one. I`ll do my best in the future. Rather if you will want to follow or not, it`s your choice but telling me bad words won`t get your money back or make the situation anymore better.
lukasmuller 13-04-2014, 19:43
I know you are both dissapointed (Sveggastyle you are the more grown up of you two, so i can communicate with you) But Droc know`s the Romanian league very well. He tried to give everyone on Betrush a great tip, but sometimes things don`t go as we expect (or hope). But in any case we shouldn`t be mad at him. At the end he did not force anybody to place money on his tip. And you`r comments are also very fine. But Hossacks comments are just disrespectful & nasty. But let`s end it here and enjoy the rest of our day.
Droc 13-04-2014, 19:47
@Sveggastyle : the information I`ve provided is true, if you check the direct encounters and if you would watch some highliths from the matches I`ve mentioned about are true. It`s almost impossible to be a coincidence those results. The only possible explanation for this match is that Otelul don`t want to save themselves from relegation.
Sveggastyle 13-04-2014, 19:50
Jupp, we are each and one responsible for or actions. I personally had a couple of bongs with this match as a banker (DNB), so it was a huge blow. Anyway, your results speaks for itself Droc. Making predictions based on fixed matches is a complicated task, you might have an insider at one club - but for a full league it must be a handful indeed. All good, next move.
Sveggastyle 13-04-2014, 19:53
Yes could have been that the Otelul players totally had it as you say. Not even a shot on goal? lol. Anyway, they could also have cashed in on it. Speculations on speculations is too much for me though. Whatever happened, it`s history and a piece of such we want to forget as soon as possible he he.
Hossack12345 13-04-2014, 20:03
Water under the bridge, I was only joking above. We`ve all had crap tips that have gone wrong, and we choose whether to follow. Droc gave his opinion, this one was called wrong, but with a league this corrupt n fixed, who can really predict what`s going to happen. The Steau match proved it`s one to simply avoid!
safebet 13-04-2014, 20:03
@Hossack12345 Vote independence slag. Fucking pussy
Hossack12345 13-04-2014, 20:06
Safebet, hmmm safe bet is that you are a cock.
safebet 13-04-2014, 20:07
I always read Droc`s tips, some of the most researched previews on this site. Much more research than `Porto have tired legs, so yeah...`
safebet 13-04-2014, 20:08
Vote independence gayboy
safebet 13-04-2014, 20:11
Two weeks ago a tip from this website let me down for nearly £15000, but I didn`t squinny to the tipster that wrote it. It`s beyond their control. Some you win, some you lose. Accept that
Sveggastyle 13-04-2014, 20:18
It was a steam off. No point in bringing your cocks out and call for the gayboy though.
safebet 13-04-2014, 20:20
`he has more losers than winners` - Look at the ROI... not the games won and lost. Do you understand betting?
safebet 13-04-2014, 20:21
No point in adding you opinion in the `cock out` then is there?
lukasmuller 13-04-2014, 20:22
Agree with Sveggastyle. Let`s end this drama here!!
safebet 13-04-2014, 20:25
My point is that there is a few tipsters on this site that have a positive RIO and whenever they lose they get shit from people that lose money on a combo because they`re greedy. The point is that you should bet with the same stakes as the tipsters give and you will end up with the same ROI. It`s not that hard
safebet 13-04-2014, 20:29
@ Lukasmullar, you can fuck off too man. I`m sick of your smug comments on here. You knowingly made mistakes with odds and then picked other tipsters up for it. You`re a hypocrite
lukasmuller 13-04-2014, 20:31
LOL! wtf....... someone must have anger issues here...
lukasmuller 13-04-2014, 20:35
what are you talking about?! are you going back to the Man U - Bayern incident? That was not a "knowingly mistake"....but i guess you`re very nice & inviting portrait you have painted of yourself noticed something else.
safebet 13-04-2014, 20:39
You accused tiptop of the same thing, then done it yourself, knowingly... LOL You`re an arse kisser
Droc 13-04-2014, 20:44
Hey, it`s no use in writing this things about each other. Everybody has the right to express their point of view, if they do it in a more civilised or not civilised way is their problem. Let`s just stop here and hope for the best in the future. I promise to get your money back next week with Viitorul-Steaua. I promise ! :)
lukasmuller 13-04-2014, 20:45
Yes, let`s stop. But one last thing. I have not accused Tiptop for taking odds which are non existent.... what a sore liar....i only asked Domac if the rules had changed since he had 4 picks on one date, and none void. So please stop you`r childish behaviour of accusing me for things that i have never done, and have a nice evening.
lukasmuller 13-04-2014, 20:46
You got a good tip on Vitorul-Steaua? Great :-D
Droc 13-04-2014, 20:48
From my point of view yes. But it`s to early to be sure of something. It all depends on the opening odds that the bookies will give at that match.
lukasmuller 13-04-2014, 20:50
Ok,i will follow :-D
safebet 13-04-2014, 20:52
I will follow too Droc X X X ;-) ps, What are you wearing?
safebet 13-04-2014, 20:53
I don`t read you tips Lukas because I can view the Russian Table instead...
lukasmuller 13-04-2014, 20:57
So be it safebet, i am not particularly interested in knowing if you follow me or not. A bit random input. But nice to see you have some sense, and follow Droc
safebet 13-04-2014, 20:59
@ lukasmullar "ok, let`s stop, but one last thing..." you`re a child. I have the right to my opinion and Droc, and I have expressed it.
lukasmuller 13-04-2014, 21:02
i did not write you were a child. For god sake stop being so dull & confrontational
LaBestia 13-04-2014, 21:03
i am already looking forward to the viitorul-steaua match and will of course follow you,Droc.
safebet 13-04-2014, 21:04
@ lukasmullar, learn were quotation marks end, spastic.
Domac 13-04-2014, 21:10
Let`s cut this crap here. Otelul are cunts, the Romanian league may be arguable, no matter what Droc is a benchmark of a tipster and anyone with a bit of common sense can`t say anything against it... Now everyone go and have a beer, next step will be disabling accounts to stop this bashing.
Sveggastyle 13-04-2014, 21:14
Beer in hand, salut!
safebet 13-04-2014, 21:20
Cheers for the beers, all hail to the ale, shout for the stout, and the wine for the ladies...

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