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Pandurii - FC Botoşani    (won)

Overall, this might be really stupid pick, but arguments look pretty solid. Two hours ago, a national newspaper published a really interesting article, regarding the financial problems @ Botosani. It seems the players will be forced to travel from Botosani to Severin by TRAIN. If you don't realise why this is ridiculous, I'll explain. With the given infrastructure of Romanian railway sistem, this trip will take about 25 hours, 2 trains must be changed, and players forced to sleep like cattle in some really poor conditions. Players already complained to the press about this, and morale is really low. Owner of Botosani said there's no money for BUS trip, so the train is only option.

That being said, if this indeed happens, I see no reason what'soever for Botosani to win. 
Published: 19-04-2017, 16:25 CET Pick: 1x
Odds: 1.62 at bet365

Category: Romanian football
Date: 21-04-2017
Option: Double Chance
Stake: 10 (tipster's average: 9)

cristiandinu 20-04-2017, 11:13
14 hours. They said on tv.
FCpicks 20-04-2017, 12:40
Let`s make a trade, our railway system in exchange of your anticorruption system :)
cristiandinu 20-04-2017, 16:48
What do you mean, FCpicks ? Our anticorruption system is not much better than our railway system.
FCpicks 20-04-2017, 16:53
Still better than the Bulgarian, we never had even a single sentenced politician for 25 years although corruption is even bigger here and cases are widely known.
cristiandinu 20-04-2017, 17:36
And how come they accepted Bulgaria inside EU with all the corruption problems ? I only know Staviski (not politician) who got away after killed one person and severly injuring the other, while DUI.
FCpicks 20-04-2017, 17:56
With the so-called "safeguard clause" about corruption but it won`t be ever triggered. In fact EU needs Bulgaria and Romania for tactical reasons, access to the Black Sea, keeping Russia away etc
Remy 20-04-2017, 18:07
Yes, I was about to say the same thing. Even if Bulgaria and Romania was inhabited by orcs and dragons, we`d still be in the EU, just because they need our positioning. Just like the stupid cousin at a Christmas dinner. No one likes him, but he gets invited anyway cause he`s a relative.
gameiro 20-04-2017, 19:13
I thought Concordia will pay them a bus to put a strong fight hahahahahahahaha.Imagine that a guy ask on facebook why we dont have like in England or Spain 20 teams in the first league
cristiandinu 20-04-2017, 19:35
LOL, we used o have 54 teams in second league, now we started the season with 20 and 4 pulled off mid-season. ROFL about orcs and dragons, we have balauri and zmei. :)
Kiril 21-04-2017, 17:58
Why does the odd at Panduri going so much higher..at my local bookie its 4.50 now..
Remy 21-04-2017, 18:18
Because people are betting on Botosani :).
cristiandinu 21-04-2017, 18:31
Maybe Botosani went to Turnu Severin by byclicle. :)
Kiril 21-04-2017, 18:34
I was surprised when i saw the odd because it doesnt make any sense and after reading your analyse i definetely will single this bet...Pandurii wins...Good luck mate
Remy 21-04-2017, 18:52
Now I`m watching Concordia - Viitorul on Digisport. The commentator (or what`s the word in english) is making fun of how Botosani traveled to Severin by train. So they actually did it, no bluff.
Remy 21-04-2017, 18:53
Actually they traveled from Botosani to Bucharest by train, then by bus. Tired as shit they should be :)).
Remy 21-04-2017, 18:57
Kiril, like I said. Might be stupid pick, might be good pick. But I don`t think Botosani players will have time for football today after such a trip.
cristiandinu 21-04-2017, 20:47
Noroc cu palmuitul Golofca, a scos doua penaltiuri si un galben pentru Boto. Acum il pupa Grozavu.
FinnishFlash 21-04-2017, 21:01
God I dream Sorana Cirstea, just saw her twitter page from tennisexplorer.. So beatiful girl! Friday night Boom Boom :))
Pew 21-04-2017, 21:20
Nice one mate Nothing better then last second penalty :D
Remy 21-04-2017, 21:21
Well, Botosani struggled a bit to help them out :)).
cristiandinu 21-04-2017, 21:31
FinnishFlash, have you seen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sq7ZiHtFFuo ?
Remy 21-04-2017, 21:35
I prefer Muguruza and Petkovic :D.
FinnishFlash 21-04-2017, 21:43
I havent seen that video @cris but now I saw and that girl is even more beatiful...
FinnishFlash 21-04-2017, 21:53
Have to come to Romania one day in summer, I heard lot of beatiful girls.. Maybe to Bucharest open in tennis :D
cristiandinu 21-04-2017, 21:57
I like Sorana in the budget doubles video. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcH9L6j6YMg

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