DracBlau was highly valued contributor with Portuguese and Spanish picks for the 2012/2013 season at PuntersLounge, after that scoring 106% ROI (116% on Portuguese football) at the 200 picks mark in our free competition.

ROI: 115% Picks: 586 Full record


Up to joining BP for covering Belgian football Yippee spent year and a half on the main site of Betrush scoring 109% ROI on 150 picks

ROI: 111% Picks: 144 Full record


coldgold is known for his tips on various sites including the free part of Betrush where he reached 110% return for 3 years (since 2014) and 860 picks behind.

ROI: 109% Picks: 6 Full record


bfischer was a successful member of various private forums (Insiderbets, Get-bet, Worldpicks) since the spring of 2009. He joined BP in Arpil'2011 with picks on South and North American football.

ROI: 108% Picks: 1252 Full record


alexis1016 has posted picks on the main site of Betrush since 2013 and having proven as a Far East football expert, 113% ROI after 330 picks up to joining BP

ROI: 106% Picks: 139 Full record


The_Tabak started at the Betrush main site in June'2011, since then with best ROI / profit ratio - 110% return after 850 picks (up to joining BP).

ROI: 105% Picks: 195 Full record


cristiandinu has been involved in various private projects before joining BP for solely Romanian football in July'2011. His first season (2011/12) ended with a respectable ROI of 111%.

ROI: 104% Picks: 769 Full record


RedBacon joined BP after accumulating solid profit with Mexican football in February - June'2012 on, our network site in Spanish. His best plays go to BP since July'2012.

ROI: 103% Picks: 1010 Full record


mrgol is one of the most recognized tipsters on the net with thousands published picks and good scores on numerous betting sites since 2006. Covering English and Irish football at BP after building highest return (114% on 170 picks) on these two between November'2009 and March'2011 in our free competition.

ROI: 102% Picks: 1284 Full record


princep joined BP since the 2017 tennis season after scoring 111% ROI on 238 picks (odds from Pinnacle) in 2016 on our main site

ROI: 102% Picks: 83 Full record


Adan made a sensational breakthrough with the 2011 football season in Ireland posting free picks on where he scored 119% ROI on 240 bets. Blogabet link

ROI: 101% Picks: 236 Full record


Sors got on BP in 2016 after covering the full 2015 MLB season on our main site scoring 115% ROI on 155 baseball picks

ROI: 95% Picks: 149 Full record


Up to joining BP Pandemonium covered 2 full ATP seasons (2015 and 2016) on our main site scoring 116% ROI on 279 picks

ROI: 83% Picks: 48 Full record


In August - December 2016 mikewillbetit showed his high level of expertise in Portuguese football with 5/5 postive months scoring 122% ROI (87 picks) on our main site

ROI: 74% Picks: 23 Full record