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How Advanced are Live Casino Games?


Up until a decade ago, it was impossible to play online casino games with friends. Times have changed - you can now play, see and talk to one another as you play blackjack, Texas Hold’em or Baccarat with friends. There are a lot more games you can play in a live setting - mainly table games.

The beauty of today’s live casino games is that they support the most advanced technology in 2021. What’s more, they are available in a growing number of countries. Below is an overview of the industry.

Support HD, 1080p and 4K Video Resolutions

Live casinos are up there with films and television in providing high-quality video resolutions. You can adjust the resolution to suit your Internet speed and level of convenience. You can choose HD videos if you want to play card games with decent quality resolutions but your WiFi connections isn’t great. Or you could select 4K for the ultimate resolutions.

Although Ultra High Definition videos provide peak resolutions, most people lack the Internet speeds and devices needed to support this resolution. As such, HD and full HD are the most common resolutions at today’s online casinos.

Luckily, 4K laptops and mobile devices are getting cheaper. On the flip side, more developers are investing in games that support this video quality. So, with time, most people will play live casino games through 4K or 8K resolutions.

Available on Hundreds of Casinos

Live casino games are now available at all popular online casinos. In fact, nearly all top-rated operators have live dealer games. And that’s because no one wants to join a site without live dealers, even people who only play blackjack and poker once in a while.

The main reason why live casinos are so prevalent is that they provide something most players thought was impossible fifteen years ago. They allow players to gamble with dealers or fellow players in real time akin to Las Vegas.

Due to that, some people think live dealers have a role in the decline of land-based casinos. People used to travel to brick and mortar casinos for their social nature - the crowds, dealers, sharks, lighting and bonuses. Now, you can get all these benefits without leaving your house.

All you need is to find live casinos, Dreamz.com for example that accept players from your country. In the UK and some US states, there’s a large number of home-based live dealers. For Canadians, the best solution is to look for an offshore casino based in Malta or the UK. Crucially, choose top-rated websites - they offer the best services.

Compatible with Mobile Devices

When live casinos launched, they were mainly available on desktop computers. If you had a smartphone, your only option was to play slots or RNG table games. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for developers to create live dealer games that could run on mobile devices.

Today, nearly all live casino games work on both iOS and android devices. And no, you don’t need to download the games to play them. These days, you can also skip native apps and play roulette or blackjack through mobile browsers.

All you need is a live casino with a mobile-friendly website. Of course, the operator needs to have the games you like to play. If you’re a poker fan, look out for Omaha, Texas Hold’em, Hi-Lo, 5-Card Draw and Horse. By comparison, a blackjack player would most likely search for classic blackjack, Spanish 21, Vegas Strip and Atlantic City Blackjack.

Still on mobile live casinos, ensure you play live casino games with a quality smartphone. Live casino games don’t demand high-end features. But it helps to have a device that can support full HD, 60fps and 3D graphics. It should also have fast Internet. Otherwise, your experience could be impacted by too much buffering.

Works on VR

Virtual Reality on casino games - this might be the most advanced feature of live casino games yet. But still, to be clear, VR live casinos aren’t as successful as most people would imagine. VR casinos promise an immersive adventure where you can play table games as though you’re in the same place as your fellow gamblers and dealers.

On the surface, VR casino games look like the future of casino gaming. So, why isn’t everyone playing these games? For starters, there are not many VR live casinos out there. Only a handful of operators support the innovation.

Secondly, it costs a lot of money to buy a computer that supports VR and the headsets required to make a VR session a reality. Another challenge is that there’s a lot of demand for these games. And as a result, casinos and developers aren’t so keen to invest in them.

Live Casino TV Shows

Not only can you play blackjack or roulette with friends, but you could also engage in contests involving tens of thousands of players. This works through TV-like tournaments with a host standing inside a studio room and the competitors participating from their home computers and mobile devices.

Poker and roulette are the most popular games for multiplayer competitions. With roulette, Lightning roulette is the ideal variant. This game uses the European format, 37 numbers plus one zero (0) pocket. However, it also features multipliers that could help you win up to 500x your bet.

Many casino games that involve tournaments don’t attract great winnings odds. But they give out the chance to win a lot of cash. They also provide a competitive environment, something gamers appreciate.

Integration with Live Streaming Network

If you don’t follow a casino streamer on Twitch, are you even a real gambler? Casino streaming is growing popular on Twitch and YouTube. And this is only possible due to the advanced nature of modern programming.

Usually, many streamers stream their live casino gaming sessions in real time. This makes it exciting for their fans, who get a chance to view how the broadcasters play. Live streamers win followers by winning often or showcasing unique betting skills. However, sometimes a large loss showed in real time can also spread quickly; earning broadcasters tens of thousands of new fans.

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