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How to Deal With Aggressive Poker Opponents


Aggressive opponents can make your life more difficult, but there are ways to deal with them. These include understanding your opponent`s hand range and using it against them. You can also think ahead and take advantage of their post-flop stats to get the upper hand. If you know how to deal with aggressive poker opponents, you can easily win over them in the long run.

Understanding your opponent`s hand range

Understanding your opponent`s hand range is an essential part of playing poker. The range of your opponent`s hand will determine the type of play you should make. This information can be visualized using a tool like Equilab. Hand ranges are displayed in percentages, so you can use them as an indication of the odds of your opponent holding a certain hand.

Hand ranges are built from a variety of factors, including position and previous behavior. For example, aggressive players rarely hold pocket aces, and early position openers should avoid holding weak off-suite hands. The more you understand hand ranges, the more successful you will be.

Once you have an understanding of your opponent`s hand range, you can make a good decision on whether or not to make a raise or check. You can also consider your position and their hand range when betting, raising, and checking.

Using their aggression against them

Aggressive players are one of the most difficult types of opponents to beat. If you can recognize the traits of these players, you should be able to defeat them. To do so, you must under pressure and adjust your game. You must also be aware of their strengths and weaknesses and try to take advantage of them.

Aggressive players should widen their calling range. This will help them catch bluffs and weak hands. But this will require that you be ahead of your opponent`s range. Alternatively, you can use bluff catching techniques. These techniques can help you catch weak hands, and if done right, can earn you respect from your opponents.

Poker bullies often mimic mistakes made by opponents. You should not copy their moves. However, you can amplify their mistakes to help yourself win the game. When a poker bully calls, call wider and get involved in more hands. If they continue to be aggressive, back off a little and let them hang.

Thinking ahead

The key to winning poker games is to think ahead and maximize your expected value. You will have to think about pot size on later streets, value hands, bluffs, and other important factors in order to be successful. If you can`t think ahead, you will get crushed, especially at higher stakes where your opponents will be better.

Exploiting their post-flop stats

When it comes to dealing with aggressive poker opponents, the best way to stay one step ahead is to learn how to exploit their post-flop stats. You can use these stats to your advantage by recognizing when you should bet on the flop or raise on the turn. For example, if one of your opponents bets on the flop, you can take them down with a call. The same is true if your opponent checks on the turn.

Good LAGs are good at exploiting their post-flop stats, and their position is key to this. If you`re playing against a good LAG, you should know exactly what your position is and the tendencies of his or her opponents. In addition, you should consider the boards that help your range.

Be More Aggressive than Them

One of the best ways to take down an aggressive poker player is to be more aggressive than they are. This doesn`t mean that you should go all-in every hand, but you should make sure that your bet sizing is bigger than theirs. By doing this, you`ll put them in a tough spot and make it difficult for them to call or raise.

You can also use aggression to your advantage by betting when you have a strong hand. If you know that your opponent is likely to bluff, you can bet and take their chips.

The key to being successful in poker is to learn how to read your opponents and play accordingly. If you can do this, you`ll be well on your way to becoming a winning player.


Aggressive players are some of the most difficult opponents to play against. But if you can understand their hand range, use their aggression against them, and think ahead, you should be able to defeat them. With practice, you`ll be able to master these techniques and beat those aggressive players.

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