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The Different Types of Real Money Roulette in Online Casinos


On the face of it, roulette is a simple game. You spin a wheel, drop a ball, and hope that it lands on the number and/or color that you have chosen. This accessibility has helped to make the game popular for centuries.

However, roulette is not as simple as it seems. Experienced players will tell you that there are subtle differences between American and European roulette. Beyond that, many online casinos offer their own roulette game version that add extra splashes of variety.

Before we get into the online games, let’s examine the key differences between the European and American games.

European Roulette

Roulette first gained popularity in France during the 18 th century. The basic idea came from Blaise Pascal’s Roulette Machine. While that had been an attempt to generate perpetual motion, gamblers focused on using the basic idea behind the machine for games.

European roulette features 36 numbers, which get split evenly between black and red colors. The wheel has a single 0. This lowers the house edge and makes it possible for gamblers to win more often. At the very least, it decreases the number of losses. Many prefer this form of roulette for that reason.

American Roulette

The key difference between European and America roulette is the presence of an extra 0 on the American wheel. This skews the odds a little more heavily in the favor of the house, making it harder to win. Some casinos will make up for this by offering larger prizes to winners.

Beyond that single change, the wheels are the same. Both have 36 numbers spread evenly across red and black colors. Many online casinos will offer both basic variants of European and American roulette for you to choose from.

The Online Versions

Online casinos face a lot of competition. They need to pull gamblers away from the traditional casino experience. Once that happens, they must compete with hundreds of other online casinos to keep people on their websites.

This has led to many innovations in gambling that may not have been possible without the online component. You can see this most easily with online slot machines. They often feature games within the main slot game to encourage people to bet more and offer them a variety of ways to win on the same game.

Many online casinos have applied this same concept to their versions of roulette. While almost all offer the basic American and European variations, many differ in terms of the spins they put on the game. Let’s take a look at some of the most common online roulette games.

Multi-Ball Roulette – As the name implies, this variant of the game involves using two or three balls, instead of the usual one. The gambler splits the bet depending on how many balls get used. While this increases the odds of winning, it also tends to lower returns. Traditional casinos can use this version of the game. However, many prefer to stick to single ball versions.

Mini Roulette – Some online casinos offer a lighter version of roulette that features a smaller wheel. Mini roulette wheels usually have 12 numbers, split evenly across red and black. Beyond that, the same rules apply as they do for standard roulette. However, most mini roulette games use the European style of wheel. This is likely because many gamblers would be wary of playing on a wheel that offers a one in seven chance of losing as opposed to a one in 13 chance.

No Zero Roulette – One of the big drawing cards for online casinos that offer roulette is No Zero Roulette. This version of the game eliminates 0 slots from the wheel entirely. This lowers the house edge considerably. Gamblers will still lose money when the ball drops on a number or color they haven’t bet on. Even so, their odds increase by virtue of having no empty slots on the wheel.

Bonus Roulette – Many online casinos now offer versions of roulette that offer bonuses for various achievements. These bonuses will differ depending on the casino. For example, you may receive a free spin or a monetary return for landing on black five times in a row. The presence of these bonuses encourages many to keep playing in the hope they’ll strike lucky on the back of a bonus.


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