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How to Become a Professional Bettor and Make More Money from It


Sports betting is something done by many to entertain themselves. Some would even say that wagering on sports is simply their favorite hobby. However, what many don’t really realize is that sports betting can be something that you can turn into a profession.

When taken seriously, sports betting can be a great way for you to make a living. This, however, can quickly be the opposite. This is why it’s important to take your time and really focus on your next moves if you really want to make a living out of sports wagering.

Here are some great tips that could help you become a great professional sports bettor and make more money out of sports betting.

Build your knowledge

If you only saw sports betting as a hobby, then you probably still have to learn a lot from betting itself. You need to see sports betting as a profession and to be able to be a professional, you need to learn and practice the skills it requires to be one.

You can start with researching and continuously checking helpful sites like All Star Sportsbooks to keep track of the latest betting trends online. It’s also not enough to just place your bets. You need to study the sport you’re going to wager on and know its ins and outs.

Keep yourself updated on the teams you’re thinking of wagering on. Read predictions when you need the perspective of others. Knowledge is what will really help you place better bets and understand how everything works in sports betting.

Go through self-analysis

While keeping track of your moves, bets, wins, and losses are very crucial when it comes to betting, becoming a professional regarding this is more than just tracking everything. Analysis is important. You need to be able to see trends in the results that you get.

You need to be able to pinpoint what went right and what went wrong for you to be able to better your strategies. Having analytical skills is important. You need to know where to start looking to know how you can become more successful.

Most of the time, a good place to start is by looking at the range of odds where you are most successful. You just really need to be able to determine what your specialty will be.

Control your emotions

Sometimes, when the matches become way too intense, a bettor can be very impulsive with his or her decisions. This is something that you should get over with if you want sports betting to be your own business.

Always place your bets with a clear mind and always be strategic about it. This is very important if you’re thinking of in-game betting as well. When it comes to this, time can be your enemy and that could trigger a lot of emotions. Remember to keep calm and always place logical bets.

Be smart with managing your bankroll

Sports betting is basically your business if you want to turn it into a career. Treat your betting bankroll as an investment. That’s right. You should have a separate account for betting. This will ensure that you’re in control of the bets you’re placing.

This way, you can easily track whether you’re losing too much money than you should or you’re doing good because of your earnings. Your betting account should only be for betting and you should only get your betting funds from that account. This could help ensure that you don’t get zeroed if in case you don’t become successful with this as a career.

Stay disciplined

Managing your bankroll and the bets you place will always require discipline. It’s your attitude towards your profession that will keep you focused when it comes to achieving your goal. Lack of discipline can easily lead to bigger problems when it comes to wagering on sports.

You should be able to determine whether you’re already having a gambling problem. Typically, this is the case if you’re already spending money that you don’t really have in the first place just to be able to place a bet.

There are many other signs of having a gambling problem, but the key here is to establish a process when you’re depositing money on your betting account and when you’re placing bets. For example, if you only can afford to place a deposit twice a month, then stick to it. Always make sure that you leave something in your personal bank account.

These are the important things you need to keep in mind if you’re thinking of turning sports betting into a profession. Know that there are many famous personalities out there who are successful with this. Some of them are Tony Bloom, Pete Rose, and even celebrities like 50 Cent and Ashton Kutcher.

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