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Best Lightning Roulette Strategies


Lightning Roulette was one of the top trending games in the casino world throughout last year. Its high-quality broadcast, synchronized audio, and seamless gameplay earned top reviews from everyone who played it. If you`ve decided to give it a try, you probably want to play it right.

Just to recap, one of the most unique features of lighting roulette is that you can bet singles or multi-bets. Its odds are also better than what most games can afford. Placing a line bet, for instance, has odds of 5 to 1. Placing a bet on the red or black colors has odds of 1 to 1 while adjacent column bets have odds 0.5 to 1.

You have no shortage of places to play the Lighting Roulette game once you learn how to play it well. Nearly all the top online casinos support the live dealer game. Each website has its rules but generally you are allowed to bet with wagers as small as $1. That said, here are some strategies that can guarantee you better wins on the game.

Doubling your Stakes on 1:1 Wagers

A highly rewarding strategy but a risky one nonetheless, this strategy involves doubling your bets on wagers with odds of 50/50. Let’s say you decide to bet on whether the ball lands on a black or red color. The odds of winning are 1:1. Since you can win or lose, doubling your odds as you play the game helps recoup losses and increase your wins.

If you bet $5 and lose on your first try, betting $10 on your next bet earns you $20 if you are lucky. In the process, you get back the $5 you lost on your first bet and an extra $5 as profit. On your third bet, you can wager $5 or the whole $20 you just earned.

Whatever you choose, the aim is to regain any losses you make on 50/50 bets. Besides the black/red bets, betting on numbers between 1-8 or 19-36 also have 50/50 odds of happening. You can also use the strategy on dozen/column bets. Both of these wagers have payouts of 2 is to 1, meaning you stand to win for every two bets you make.

The Paroli System

This system works best for players who hate making big risks. Instead of double your stakes when you lose, repeat the same amounts until you win. Let’s say you bet $2 and lose the first time. Wager another $2 the second time. If you win, double your wager. If you win again, increase your bet once more.

The parole system is based on the assumption that there will be periods where you get winning and losing streaks. And true, streaks happen all the time in roulette games. With lighting roulette, you also have the advantage of huge multipliers.

Each round comes with up to 5 lucky numbers. If you are lucky to hit any of the numbers, your wins are multiplied by between 50 and 500 times. The multipliers apply only to straight up bets though. The rest of the bets, including splits, black/red, and dozen bets pay normally.

La Bouchere Strategy

This strategy originated in France, the home of the roulette game. It works best for live dealer roulette games where you get virtual chips. To ensure you come out of the game with profits and losses, the strategy demands that you divide your chips in a certain way.

Pick your virtual chips and spread them out. Not every casino site has software that enables this strategy. So you must be keen to find one that does. Spread out your chips in one or two lines. Now select the first and last numbers and use them to determine your stake. Ideally, you should have a line of virtual numbers: 6, 8, 4, 2 and 2.

If the first number is 6 and the last one is 2, make a wager worth 8 chips. Next pick the next first number, which is 8. Add it to the 2 on the other side and make a bet worth 10 chips. However, don’t bet on just about any wager on lighting roulette. Go for bets with odds of 50/50.

The idea is to ensure you make an even number of bets at the end of it all. Since you’ll be wagering on 50/50 bets, there is a 50% chance you’ll get out of the game with profits. Again, you can play until you have made more than you’ve lost before exiting the game.

Betting with Bonuses

Often underestimated as a betting strategy, using bonuses as your bankroll can help boost your profits immensely. The idea is simple. Find online casinos with the lighting roulette game. But at the same time, ensure the sites offer bonuses to players.

On a good website, you should get your first bonus for simply creating an account. You get a second bonus for making a deposit and a third for your second bonus. On some casino sites, you get bonuses weekly or monthly.

With so many ways to earn bonuses, you get to play the game more times and increase your profits without using your actual money. There is one problem though. Casino sites don’t give you bonuses with no strings attached.

Each free bonus bet you get will usually have rules of how to withdraw your wins. Some require that you bet at least 35 times with your money before you can withdraw any wins. Some have worse rules. Before you join a website to take advantage of bonuses, read their bonus rules. Only use bonuses that make it easy to withdraw your wins. After all, what’s the point of wagering only to be denied your profits?

To Conclude

If you’d like to take advantage of the insanely lucrative multipliers Evolution Gaming is offering with their Lightning Roulette game, learn how to play it right. Decide on a good strategy to use. If it doesn`t work, try another one. You can also combine several strategies until you begin to make profits consistently. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy Lightning Roulette and make money off it too.

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