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Introducing and Reviewing the New BK8 App


What is App BK8?

App BK8 is the application of card games, online sports betting of BK8 bookie. For those who have participated in BK8 and love games, from the interface, as well as the features on the website, they will also be completely satisfied with this BK8 App.

First, a little introduction about this Asia`s leading BK8 bookie through some familiar names such as former MU captain and the Dutch national team Robin Van Persie; John Terry (former captain of Chelsea and England national team). They are the ones who cooperate, introduce and promote BK8 online bookie.

Perhaps speaking of this, you also partly imagine the prestige in organizing games and online sports betting; because it is not easy for BK8 to invite big names in advertising and strong activities during the past many years.

To keep up with the new trend, the bookie is forced to renew itself, giving players the best possible. Because of this, the BK8 application has all the hottest games such as sports betting, slots, casino games to 3D games, shooting fish games, etc.

What is the BK8 application superior to the website version?

Maybe many of you will wonder why you should use the BK8 application, and BK8 bookie offers this application, what is better than the website version?

To answer this question, the first reason is that today`s technology allows everyone to own a smartphone or tablet. Sometimes using a laptop is a bit cumbersome and difficult to manipulate, especially when traveling by train or plane.

Because of this, to meet the needs of playing games anytime, anywhere, BK8 bookie has developed the App BK8.

Similar to the website version, this application also inherits outstanding features from this bookie, including the ability to run games at high speed, stability, no lag, no sudden game exits like many other bookies on the market.

How to download the BK8 application

• Step 1: Participants access the website of the BK8 bookie and find the section to download the BK8 application. Then choose to scan the QR code or download it to your device according to the available link.
• Step 2: After allowing the device to download the game, the system will download the application, depending on the download speed, this process may take from a few seconds to about 1 minute.
• Step 3: Install the application after downloading is complete by allowing, granting some basic permissions for the application to work.
• Step 4: Click Install or Install again to confirm the operation.
• Step 5: After the installation is complete, the player proceeds to click to open the application.

If the player does not have an account, they need to create an account, deposit money into the game wallet to be able to play the game. And if at this step, the player already has an account, just log in like on the website and then play the game.

Betting guide on App BK8

To be able to play sports betting, virtual sports betting, card games, slot games on the BK8 app, participants only need to follow these short and simple steps:

• The first step, participants need to visit the homepage of BK8 and download the game to their device. If you do not have a betting account, you must quickly create an account.
• The second step is to choose your favorite game or the game you want to experience and wait a few seconds for the game to load, the player will be taken into the game room.
• After playing, players can go to the game wallet, review transaction history, game history to check the remaining balance in their game account, or can also review the number of bonus points they have received.


With the above sharing, introduction and instructions about the BK8 app at B8k.co, hope you have known for yourself an extremely interesting and attractive online gaming application.

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