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How to calculate the run rate on slots


Most casinos will advertise that they payout as high as 90% on their slot machines, but players often don’t get the message in this information. For a slot machine paying out an average of 90%, the player will part with about 10 cents for every dollar that you place as a bet. This calculation means that for every win, the casino deducts ten cents on every dollar.

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How does one implement a simple strategy on slot machines?

Players are often confused about whether they should place bets on nickel, dollar, or quarter slot machines. They are torn between the maximum number of coins they put as a bet, on a standard slot machine the bet varies between one and five currencies. When you are playing on a slot machine, it is essential to understand the rules, the probability of winning, and the maximum expected payouts. In case you win, let’s say $200, you can decide to withdraw $100 and place bets using the balance. What this means is that you should learn when to quit.

Choosing the maximum coinsyou should play

One important thing to remember as a slot player is that the machines that offer higher denominations give the best payouts. When we compare nickel and quarter slots, one will notice that the quarter slots provide better payouts. You should also not give so much attention to winning that you forget to play with an amount you are comfortable losing. Players should always play on a level that makes the slot game fun for them, and one that allows them to place bets at the time limit they have set.
A slot player should always place higher bets per spin as the payout rate is much higher. Take, for example, a slot machine that gives you more than two times the payout when you place bets consisting of more than two times the number of coins. In this case, the player needs to set the maximum amount of bets because this gives you a better chance of scoring higher stakes when compared to when you place bets using a single coin.
However, if the slot machine gives you a payout amount that is equal to the number of coins you place as bets, you can choose not to use the maximum amount of coins. In this case, you can want to play using single coins until you get some profits.

How to calculate payout rates

The payout rate in slot machines is the average amount of money that slot machines will payout in its entire existence. This payout is explained as; a machine with a 98% return to player rate will pay you 98 cents for every €1 you try to place as a bet. The payout percentage is calculated for the entire period the slot machine is in existence. That means there are times when you place bets on slot machines and not win anything but recover the loss the next time you play using the same machine.

What is a paytable?

In online slots, a paytable is necessary to calculate the probability a player has of winning money. The paytable gives information on the symbol, combinations, credits, and other essential details. A player needs to learn the paytable before they start playing as this helps them learn slot strategies, especially for new players. This information is especially necessary for mobile slots that have information on bonuses, ways of winning, and multipliers.
For traditional slots, the wins are witnessed when three pieces of fruit are matched on the centre row. These days technology associated with mobile gaming a single slot game can give you several chances of winning.

How to find out the payout percentage of a slot machine

The payout percentage of a slot machine is accessed by finding out the return to player rate. The Return to Player Rate or the RTP is the amount of money that gamblers are paid back from the casino games over a period of time. In this case, a slot machine with a return to player rate of 99% will give players £99 on every £100 they spend. Thus the casino will make a profit of £1. The RTP of a slot machine tells a player the likelihood of winning when you place bets at it. A low RTP gives you a lower chance of winning in the long term. It is a hard task locating the return to the player rate at land-based casinos, but the RTP at online casinos is often published. The slot developer often decides whether the return to player rate will be published or not.

Slot calculator

Information regarding a slot calculator is accessible at online casinos at SlotsCatalogue. It is used to estimate the amount of money a player will win or lose depending on the slot machine they choose and the way they use to play the slots. To use the slots calculator, one needs to specify their play pace, bet per spin, the return to player rate percentage, and the volatility level. They should then click on the calculate button, and they will find results on the table displayed below the slot machine page. In case either of the parameter changes, players need to click on the slot’s calculator button again.

Calculating payout percentage using the number of spins

Organizations such as eCOGRA are tasked with verifying the payout percentages of slot machines by running a series of tests. They do this by spinning the reels of the slot machine several times to help them in generating the actual payout percentage of the slot game. Spinning the reels of the slot machine a couple of times will give out the payout percentage. What this means for a player is that the more spins they play with, the more relevant the payout percentage of a slot machine becomes. Playing with fewer spins makes the payout percentage irrelevant, thus spin those reels for a couple of thousand times to get the real payout percentage from a slot game.

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