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The Best Casino Games with Low House Edges in UK Online Casinos


The popularity of online betting in the United Kingdom is skyrocketing, and many punters are searching for ways of coming out successful all over the United Kingdom.

The advantage that the casino enjoys over the players is known as the house edge, and it can be huge sometimes. That is why we are looking at the games with the lowest house edge, and therefore are more player-friendly.

Finding the Best Online Casinos in the UK

There are many options for players that are keen on discovering the casinos with the most competitive house edges in the United Kingdom. Sites that find the most competitive and best paying casinos do exist. For instance, on Casimple players can find recommended casinos, games and generous bonuses they’ll receive when they sign-up.

The UK is one of the biggest betting hubs in the world, and players from all over the country have many great sites to play at. These sites have tables of low edges and high return to player slots. Just as we will explain further in the coming paragraphs, the major attributes of the best online casinos in the UK is not only that they have great bonuses that players can benefit from, but that they also have games with free play modes that gives players the chance to try out all their titles and pick out the ones they consider favorable. In choosing these games, some other strategies should also be used, especially when it concerns blackjack, and these can also take you closer to winnings.

We Become Perfect Through Practice

Before we take you to the games with the best house edges in the casinos, it is good to let you know what you will enjoy from the online casinos in the UK over their land based counterparts. Because there is no physical presence, it means that the doors are perpetually open. This will in turn lead to a reduced amount of overhead costs on the casinos. The ultimate benefit in all these is that even with small house edges, they can still make good profits, because they spend less to run the online business. So, players have more winning chances here.

One other great advantage is the fact that there are free game modes in online casinos. This allows the players the chance to practice and master the rudiments of the games, and also to practice and perfect their gambling skills, since we all agree that perfection comes through practice. The benefit of this lies in the fact that house edges are based on the player making the right decisions. If because the player does not have enough experience, they fail to make sound decisions, they cannot finish ahead in the casino. So, it makes a lot of sense to stick with the free practice mode until you are comfortable enough to wager your own money.

The last of these advantages that the online casinos has over their land based counterparts lies in the free spins and bonuses available online. Through these free spins and bonuses, players can win huge cash prizes with bonus money, even when they’ve not spent their own money. Though the amount you can get as a free bonus here is normally small in size, you can enjoy a lot of games with the free modes.

Slots - Right or Wrong

The UK sees a lot of online betting from people across the world. The indigenes of the United Kingdom have been involved in online casinos for a very long time. But in the recent past, it has grown exponentially, especially due to the occurring events that have made millions of people to have a lot of free time in their hands, without many other activities to keep them engaged.

In the best UK online casinos, slots are the most played games. But are there slot games with low house edges. Well, you can get such sometimes. In general, slots come with RTPs of around 95 and 96%, and this is above what you will get in many video poker and table games. The Playtech game named Ocean Princess, for instance, has an RTP of 99%. But this is very rare. Another great RTP is that which is found in Blood Suckers by NetEnt. The vampire themed game has a 98% RTP.

We can say that slots are the best games when it comes to player friendly or low house edges, but the slot games RTPs are of a very wild range, so you will get the highest and the lowest here. That is why you have to do a lot of research before you pick the one that is good for you.

Baccarat and Craps

It is surprising to note that the best value is normally offered by the older table games. But to enjoy this, you must understand the type of bets to avoid and the best way to play them in general. Sometimes, craps can be very complicated. Players may be deterred by the complex rules, and there aren’t many other bets available in craps. If you stick to the don’t come/don’t pass bets alone, then you will be having a house edge of just 1.4%, and this is to say that it is one of the casino games with the lowest house edge and the highest player friendliness.

Baccarat is the opposite of craps when it comes to complexity. It has a lot of variants out there, and they all come with lots of side bets. Here, the major bet is just about wagering on whether the banker or player hand will win. It comes with house edges of just around 1.2% to 1%. You can comfortably say that these house edges are very nice, but only for the main bets. Once you move to the side bets, the decimal point must be moved one point to the right.

Video Poker and Blackjack - The Negative Edge

There is always an edge for the house. This is because the casinos will just pack up if they fail to make profits on any game. This seems to be the truth, right?

But it may not be, because in some rare circumstances, a game may have a negative edge. This means that the player is favored by the odds, as against the house. But the options are very limited, and we are explaining the only two options below.

Video Poker is an interesting game, which is completely different from poker. One video poker game named Deuces Wild has an inbuilt advantage for players. It comes with a 100.76% RTP, and that is to say that you will finish ahead if you play well, based on the odds.

Blackjack is among the oldest casino games out there. You can easily learn it, but becoming an expert in it is hard. But you can change the odds to favor you if you take time to master it. To learn the process called card counting and betting maximum when you decide to, it will take you some weeks. It is mostly suitable for land based casinos, but you can practice the approach in live dealer casinos. Also, while you have the advantage, you have to be lucky too for you to finish ahead. It is an illegal move, but will only entail leading you away from the table in a gentle manner when you are caught.

You can actually finish ahead in casinos, but you must be focused enough never to wager what you can’t forfeit. The major reason for gambling is the entertainment and fun. So, you will still need luck to win, even when you have the edge as a player.

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