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Casino Insider Tips


Of course many of you will be regular casino goers and know most of what there is to know about the regular games you take part in, but for those of you that might be new to betting venues or might just want to learn some more about other areas of the casino that you may not use as much, here we will look through some of the best tips we have found from the people that know the best, the casino employees themselves.

Generally, casino employees are as helpful as you want them to be because they do want you to have a good time, spend big and win money so that you will tip them and continue to come back.

One nation that is thriving from their gambling industry is Finland, their gambling sector is seeing a massive boom in revenue, with the potential to make up to €10 billion. Check out caziwoo.com/fi to learn some more about their best online casinos and sportsbooks.

Never play Slots Next to the Bathroom

The slot machines within a casino will have different payout percentages, even if they’re the same game but in different locations. According to many casino employees, the machines normally situated beside the toilets will have the lowest payout percentages in a casino as they believe that people will sit down at them while they wait for friends or partners using the toilets regardless of what game it might be or how attractive the game might be. Couple this with the fact that the only chairs you will find at a casino will be at the machines and people will want to sit down while they wait for whoever is in the toilet, no matter where the chair is located.

One place to learn some great betting tips or just general chat about the gambling industry is a betting forum, so why not check this one out for some more knowhow from within the industry.

Share the Love with your Dealer

Many will believe that the dealer, who is employed by the venue and acts as the face of that casino, will want players to lose. This is not the case. Dealers will want the players at their tables to have a great time and win because many dealers will tell you that a winning player is a tipping player.

So whether the luck is going your way or not, always be kind and enjoy yourself as much as you can. The more you do this and the more your dealer will try to help you with advice where they can.

They’re there to help you so remember to tip them when you can.

Avoid Side Bets

According to the people that know, side bets are terrible odds and you should avoid them unless you weren’t planning on winning in the first place.

This was always quite a well-known fact when it came to insurance bets in blackjack, but it’s now believed that generally across all casino games that this isn’t profitable even if it might seem so.

Get Free Drinks Faster by Playing Video Casino Games

If you like to maximise your money’s worth and enjoy a free drink whilst you gamble, then you should make your way straight to the video casino games. Here, the bartenders can see how much you put in. If you put a substantial amount in and slow play whilst purposely not flagging down the bar staff, a bartender will be over to you in no time to take your order. Continue to slow play the machine until a member of staff returns with your drink, simply tip them and cash out, and then repeat this in any other bars you may visit.

If you make it seem like you’re going to be there for a while, then the staff will automatically comp this drink.

Use the Dealers Knowledge and Ask for Help

As we mentioned before, most people believe that the dealer will be there to oversee your demise, but as mentioned, this is not the case. Part of any dealer`s training is to be helpful and friendly to their players and with their knowledge, this can be a very useful weapon against a casino.

They are paid regardless of if the house wins or loses and they want to see happy players because happy players tip, so why not learn a new game or any tips from the dealer at the table, it’s part of their job.

If you are someone that prefers to bet on sports and are looking for new bookies, then head over to this sportsbook with multiple bookies as well as betting stats and tipsters.

In Conclusion,

There are many other tips and tricks out there to be learnt for even the most experienced gambler. The best way to find these things out is through casino employees. You can find these people sharing their experience and advice on numerous social media pages. Wikipedia is another useful way to learn the basics of any game, ever wondered the rules of craps? Check it out here.

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