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Can You Cheat in Poker?


One of the most common card games that are played all around the world is poker. There are many varieties of poker, but all of them involve betting for money. Generally, a player has to guess whether they have a higher point’s card than their opponent.

The common element in all kinds of games and especially ones that involve gambling, is cheating. Many players use controversial methods and techniques to win that are banned by the sports authorities. Similarly, cheating is not new in poker, and many players have been accused of playing poker by using unfair means.

There are many cases where professional poker players were caught cheating, like the Mike Postle cheating case in March 2019. The game was live-streamed to many people from the Stones Gambling hall in California.

He was first accused of cheating by Veronica Brill, who is a commentator and also hosts her own poker games at the Stones Gambling Hall. At first, her accusations were dismissed, but later on, an official inquiry was conducted that raised suspicions that Mike Postle was actually cheating in the game.

Different Ways to Cheat in Poker

Cheating in poker can be broadly defined as using any means or methods that give an unfair advantage to the player, and it can be done in many ways.

Some of the methods are simple and are overlooked by most authorities, but some are so ghastly that they are banned by the sports authorities, and if it is found that a player has been using those unfair means, he will be penalized.

Let us take a look at the different methods in which a person can cheat in poker:


This is the most common type of cheating in poker. It is done by the player who has folded his cards and appoints himself as the tender of the pot where he has to stack the chips, count them and give it to the winner. The player, when delivering the chips, expertly palms a chip by using odorless adhesives.

Another similar method is called ‘Ratholing’, where a player secretly removes a portion of their chips while playing the game in order to preserve the winning as an extra profit and also to avoid a major loss while playing a big bet.

False Dealing

The player does this by taking more than one card and cleverly hiding it in their hands. Later on, they switch the cards with the card in his hands at the opportune time. It is also done with the help of a partner.

The advantage of this kind of cheating is that the player can find the card he needs and hide it for future use at the right moment to win the game.


This kind of cheating is done with the help of an apprentice. The most common method of stacking is overhand stacking, where the player who is cheating shuffles the cards while keeping track of the cards he wants to stack.

After that, he puts the desired cards in the stack so that his partner will get the desired cards in the next deal.

Card Marking

The card marking means marking the cards in a specific way so that the altered cards are apparent to the player who is cheating. The player can just look at the back of the cards and know the value of that specific card. There are many ways of card marking, and the most common types are scratching the surface with a sharp object and using juice or ‘Daub.’

The juice deck has to be marked before the game begins, but ‘Daub’ is applied while the play is going on. The card deck can also be marked using fingernails, poker chips, and also by bending the edge of the cards in a way that the cheat can identify it from across the table.


This is done by two or more players who play with a secret and common strategy. There are many kinds of collusion, the most common being soft play, whipsawing, dumping, and signaling.

Softplay is a situation where a player is supposed to raise the bet but refrains from doing it so that their partner does not lose money. Whipsawing means when the partners raise and re-raise the bet among them to trap other players in between.

Dumping is when a cheater will intentionally lose to a partner, and signaling is exchanging signals between them in a specific way like arranging the chips in a specific pattern.

Bottom Dealing

This cheating method is a sleight of hand technique in which the bottom card of the deck is dealt with instead of the top card. It requires a lot of practice and can be performed only by professionals.

Multi Accounting

This form of cheating is used in online poker games. A player registers numerous accounts to his name or to his friends and family members to facilitate collusion that is previously mentioned. It is also done to enable a well-known player to play secretly. Another purpose of multi-accounting is to make it easy to dump chips to increase equity maximization in online tournaments.


Another new form of online cheating is using bots to win the match. Bots are computer programs that are programmed to play instead of the human player. The computer program can analyze the moves of their opponents and can predict the value of the cards somewhat accurately.

These are the most common methods of cheating in poker, but many complicated and complex techniques are used by professionals that often remain unobserved.

Although there are several cheating methods in poker, it is always advised to play it by following the rules so that you will not be penalized in any way. If you are caught cheating while playing, you can even be jailed while having to pay a huge fine.

If you do not know how to play poker, then there are several good websites where you can easily learn the rules of poker. It is always fun to play poker, following the rules, and winning money, so start enjoying the game and hope for the best.

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