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How To Choose The Best Slot Game At Any Online Casino


Choosing the best slot game at an online casino can be a challenging task. Here’s everything you need to know about the how-to.

Choosing The Best Slot Game: What To Look For & Why

Searching for the best slot game is a tall order for most inexperienced gambling enthusiasts. If you’re new to this form of digital entertainment, keep in mind that slot games represent a significant part of online casinos’ gaming collections. Slots are one of the most straightforward casino titles with minimum player input. Simultaneously, since the RNG software ensures that all spin results are random, there is no skill required to play them.

However, despite their simple mechanics, these games remain exceedingly amusing and thrilling. The never-ending spins continuously raise players’ hopes that a winning combination awaits beyond the next reel. When you add the various bonus features, free spins, and other perks, it’s hardly surprising that these games have developed a cult following. Considering everything previously mentioned, choosing the right fit for your needs among the countless available options can be tricky. Here’s how to streamline the process.

Finding The Best Slot Game: Noting The Essential Factors

The thing about slot games is that virtually anyone can learn the rules. There are no barriers to who can play and perhaps even land a life-changing sum before the session’s end. Consequently, you’ll typically see a jaw-dropping range of slot variations, themes, and titles. Each of the games has a unique story, theme, and features. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for new players to feel confused by the sheer scope of available options. Indeed, the entertainment value of slots grows the more vivid their graphics, impressive sound effects, and engaging animations. Making the correct choice requires considering the following criteria:

       ● Payout percentages & volatility
       ● Payline number
       ● Bonuses & free spins
       ● Special features
       ● Developer.

Payout Percentages & Volatility

Despite using the same mechanics and revolving around the same gameplay, each slot title is different from the next. So, when choosing the best slot game, the RTP (Return To Player) percentage should be a crucial consideration. This number represents the long-term expected payout percentages from all bets players make on a casino game. More importantly, this coefficient applies to all casino games, including roulette, blackjack, and slot variations.

Here’s a practical example. Imagine you’re playing a slot game that has a 95% theoretical RTP. The question is, how do you interpret this number? The answer is that you should expect $950 in profits from every $1,000 you’ve wagered in the game. Knowing this number is crucial when selecting the game you play. In your bankroll’s best interest, choose a game with a lower house edge (3% or 4%) instead of a higher house advantage (say, 10%).

On the other hand, another term goes hand in hand with RTP that you should understand before choosing your game. This term is volatility, although countless punters also refer to it as “variance.” Variance signifies how much and how often you can expect to win during any wagering session. Conversely, if you see that a game has high volatility, you can count on less frequent but more substantial payouts. Low volatility slots mean you’re likely to get smaller payouts but do so more frequently.

Payline Number

Different slot games include a different number of paylines, which are among the most fundamental features of online video slots. The more paylines a slot comes with, the higher the number of winning combinations are in that game. If you’re a beginner seeking advice from experienced players, you’ll likely get recommendations for slots with multiple paylines.

Therefore, finding the best slot game requires research beforehand. For example, some games feature fixed paylines that make betting on every single payline mandatory. On the other hand, some games make a selling point out of allowing players to make adjustments and choose which paylines they want to activate. In such games, each line counts as a separate bet. Therefore, if you set a coin value of $0.10 and you’ve selected a slot with 25 paylines, spinning the reels each time will cost you $2.50.

Bonuses & Free Spins

Among the most significant advantages of playing slot games online is that online casinos typically offer promotions and bonuses galore. These bonuses are available to all players. It is common practice for reputable gambling providers to give out free spins for selected video slots. These promotions allow players to generate potential profits without risking their funds. So, it’s always prudent to keep an eye out for Free Spins offers to get a hold of the best deals.

Simultaneously, new players are typically eligible for various Welcome Package offers. These bonuses usually include deposit match offers, meaning the casino will match your bonus with a certain amount. Consequently, your starting bankroll will be significantly higher than your initial deposit. However, free spins are a standard part of Welcome offers and are usually available for the best slot games.

However, note that not all slot bonuses are created equal. Choosing the best bonus deal - and by extension, the best online casino - is an art form of its own. We recommend IRL Casino as the premier online resource for all things gambling-related. You’ll find unbiased casino reviews here, the latest industry information, pro-level tips and tricks, and battle-proven winning strategies.

Special Features

When it comes to more advanced video slot games, you’ll find that numerous such titles incorporate unique features. These features serve to improve players’ sessions and make their gaming more lucrative. You can usually find the list of these features in the paytable, meaning you should always check them before wagering in slot games.

However, countless slot games feature special bonus symbols. Landing these symbols can trigger miniature in-games that differ from one game to the next. For instance, some of these games present different options to the player and require them to choose one to win additional prizes. Other games showcase a massive wheel, and spinning that wheel gives players the chance to pocket a more substantial prize.

Scatter and Wild symbols are especially sought-after special features that often make the best slot game for players. These symbols trigger numerous in-game perks like free spins, symbol substitution, etc. When looking for the best slot title you can enjoy, if possible, we recommend choosing games that include scatters and wilds over those that don’t. Good luck!

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