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How to Develop Your Very Own Race-Day Bingo


Race days are always exciting. It doesn’t matter whether you’re watching from home or spectating from the stands - when that starting gun fires, we all feel the collective thrill that ripples through the crowd.

Experiencing it with friends makes the big day even better. There’s nothing more enjoyable than gathering together to witness the event; standing shoulder-to-shoulder and watching as the horses surge from the start line and charge away down the turf.

But there are ways to make it even more enjoyable. One of them is race-day bingo. If you’re wondering what that is, let us explain.

What is race-day bingo?

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Unless you’ve spent your life living under a rock, you know what bingo is, so we won’t insult your intelligence by explaining it to you. Not only is it hugely popular, but thanks to the advent of internet gaming, bingo can now be experienced in dozens of different ways.

Online bingo in UK is widely embraced, with around 3.5 million players in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales alone. For those who wish to play, there are lots of versions available, from themed titles like Deal or No Deal through to Slingo, which combines the best of slots and bingo.

But what exactly is race-day bingo? It turns on the same concept as the game that inspired it, but it’s not numbers you’re listening out for: it’s a series of phrases selected by you. These are chosen based on words you think you’re likely to hear come race day, whether these are ‘jockey’, ‘weighing room’, or ‘odds-on favourite’.

How to choose your words

The obvious next question is: ‘how do you choose what to put on your bingo square?’ This is where knowledge of the races comes in handy. However, between you and your friends, you first need to decide on some basic rules regarding the sort of words you’ll accept.

Obviously, the game is intended to be played in the spirit of fun, so you don’t need to take it too seriously. But you don’t want an instant winner either – it’s more fun if you draw it out a little. To do this, you might want to avoid one-word selections, opting instead for common race-day phrases.

Full-on sentences can make it a bit too difficult, but two- to three-word chains are a perfect middle ground. So, for example, you might include ‘pipped at the post’ or ‘by a nose’ on your sheet, but you wouldn’t accept ‘horse’, ‘race’, or ‘saddle’.

How to select a winner

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So how do you select a winner? This part is super simple: whenever you hear one of the phrases on your bingo square being spoken aloud, you get to cross it off. The first person to tick all of the boxes on their sheet is the winner and gets to be treated as such.

Part of the fun is deciding what their prize (or the losers’ punishment) will be, and it works best if it’s something worth winning. While victory in and of itself can be a heady tonic, you could make it so they don’t have to buy another drink for the rest of the day or get to claim a prize pot you’ve all contributed to. If you really want to up the ante, you might even make it that they walk away with everyone’s winnings for the day.

Why not give race-day bingo a go the next time you and your friends enjoy the action together?

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