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How much can you earn with Logibet`s special betting robot, the SuperTipster?


Betting experts has tested Logibet’s most popular service, where we looked for answers to questions that subscribers often ask.

For nearly 3 years now, one of Logibet’s uniquely developed algorithms, SuperTipster, has been in brutal form. This special betting robot is designed to find the most valuable tips from the best human tipsters, offering some “best of” tips to subscribers. The betting robot is extremely effective, which is also supported by statistics, but the numbers alone are not talkative enough, user feedback on the acceptability of the tips and the results is needed.

That’s why an independent sports betting team tried to track the betting robot’s tips for three weeks without having any additional information about when the tips would arrive. The purpose of the test was to see how many tips can be placed on the recommended odds and how many breaks it is worth below. A print screen of the change in the balance is also attached in the article.

How much were the betting robot’s tips played with?

At the start of the test, they deposited $200 to Pinnacle, and $375 to Bet365, and the 10/10 bet was set at $50, meaning our bet unit was $5.

The betting robot’s results

In a test that began on 02/11/2021, SuperTipster won $620 worth of units, according to Logibet statistics, while the testers` bankrolls stood at $415 in net profit after 80 tips. More specifically, the profit was $273.27 at Pinnacle and + $141.77 at Bet365, which is 67% of the total profit seen on Logibet.

The reasons, of course, are not complicated, as the difference is given by the tips they missed and the ones where the odds changed, so they could still bet above no bet under, but with less profit. Over 3 weeks, the betting robot offered 80 tips, 71 of which were accepted above the "no bet under" odds.

The result of the 80-tip sample is therefore +83 units of profit, which corresponds to an ROI of + 17.17%.

Conclusions of using the betting robot

It should be emphasized that the 80-tip sample is not considered to be that relevant, but it can also represent the experience of subscribers quite accurately. It is important to mention that a minimum bankroll of $800-1000 is recommended for a $5 / unit bet.


During the 3-week, the team wanted to use the test to model the behavior and results of an average subscriber about the tips. The testers did not spend more time on the tips than they should have, they lived their lives as usual, but at the same time they played the tips as soon as they learned about them.

The numbers, on the other hand, speak for themselves, as even after deducting the amount of the subscription, the testers had a profit of $350, which is an excellent result in 3 weeks, and it also covers the price of the half-year PRO subscription. So they won the price of a 26-week subscription in 3 weeks and even had nearly $110 left in their pockets. Needless to say, this is a fantastic result!

How can you get the betting robot’s tips?

You can get SuperTipster tips on Logibet by purchasing the PRO pack. After subscribing, Logibet automatically subscribes to SuperTipster, so all you have to do is check out your email when a new tip arrives or set up an email for what you`re asking for.

From December 1st to 7th 2021, there is also a special Black Friday promotion on Logibet, so you can subscribe to SuperTipster for just 60% of the previous price, which means you can sign up for as little as €27 (!) / month for a special selection of tips.

Click here for a discounted subscription!

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