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Why is FIFA Becoming a Popular eSports?


The famous football simulator has not only its own loyal audience but also a long esports history. FIFA was included in the list of disciplines that were once legendary, and later quickly fell to the bottom and disappeared in the history of World Cyber Games. However, eSport quickly managed to get back to its feet and right now it is gradually becoming one of the most popular games worldwide.

The first FIFA was released in 1993. What contributed to the growing popularity of FIFA in the eSports industry? Why is FIFA played by millions of people? In this article, we will talk about the possible reasons why FIFA is in demand, so stick with us till the end.

Football is the Most Popular Sport

No wonder football is the most popular sport in the world. There is no place where football has not reached the heights. Even Asia - the region where football is not the first choice, has a lot of tournaments and football clubs. As football is the most popular sport in the world, people like to play FIFA on consoles and computers. We cannot escape the fact that football has the largest market and generates huge revenue compared to other disciplines.

It is Perfect for Betting

As the eSports industry has gone through numerous changes in past years, it managed to establish itself in various sportsbooks. Initially it was Dota 2, League of Legends and CS: GO that were widely accepted by different bookmakers around the world, but the appearance of FIFA changed everything. Nowadays it is easy to find a website that offers eSports betting tips for FIFA for both beginners and expert players as well as a diverse bet market, where individuals can enjoy the betting experience.

What makes FIFA so attractive for betting is its nature. There are plenty of options to consider before you start betting.

A Lot of Tournaments

There are a lot of tournaments held almost every month in FIFA. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, when people were forced to remain home, FIFA did not stop and people challenged each other online. Numerous tournaments are organized, where prizes are awarded to winners. The prize is usually money. Even second and third places take some share from the winnings.

Tailored to Younger Generation

People who play video games and eSports at a professional level are most frequently the younger generation. No matter what we say about older players, it is youngsters who take part in various tournaments and are avid when it comes to gaming. Every time the information is announced about another release of a FIFA game, youngsters are thrilled, waiting for new adventures.

FIFA is a Great Game

A lot of people overcomplicate things when it comes to FIFA and we can be straightforward and say that FIFA is simply a fantastic game, with a lot of possibilities, tournaments and events, let alone the graphics and visuals. The realistic gameplay attracts a lot of players. In short, the game is exciting and fun to play - with your friends and online against other opponents.

Consoles are Dominating

In Europe and the United States, you are more likely to find an Xbox or Playstation than a powerful gaming computer. It`s all about simplicity and accessibility. The level of income in most European countries allows you not to think about this issue when buying, however, in order to assemble a gaming PC you will have to try hard, and besides, you also need peripherals for it. And many do not want to buy blindly. Therefore, the console becomes the best choice for them.

It is thanks to the simplicity of setup and the absence of the need for a long and painful choice of consoles that conquered the European and Western markets. And if you have a console and two gamepads, then it`s simply a sin not to buy a sports simulator in order to find out who is better at playing FIFA or NBA at your leisure with friends.

In addition, playing FIFA on consoles is indeed much more convenient than using a keyboard and mouse. Therefore, such widespread popularity of the game where consoles really dominate is absolutely not surprising.

Powerful advertising campaign

In the advertising of EA Games, probably, there is no equal among the gaming companies. Every year they set up hundreds of stands around the world, and for the PR campaign of the new VOLTA mode in FIFA 20 (which is, in fact, street football) they attracted many famous athletes, including cool freestylers, who have recorded multiple videos promoting FIFA.

However, not everything is smooth even here. For example, EA had a minor incident with FIFA 2021. This year, users noticed that EA Games is actively promoting tips for playing the Ultimate Team mode, where they do not hesitate to use the phrase “buy FIFA Points” (and they are bought for real money). However, as always, the company promptly apologized and quickly removed the integration data from public access.

It is such an extensive campaign with the involvement of thousands of celebrities and streamers around the world that allows FIFA to break its own records for sales of copies of the game and in-game donations year after year.

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