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The craze for football is the same all over the world. It is one of the most passionate sports that has the potential of imbibing a real kind of fervour among fans. The UK is known as the home of football, and not only because football has its origin in the country but also because even to this date, one might find it difficult to find more ardent fans in any other part of the world. These fans often place their bets on the teams to make it an even more interesting experience. It adds to the adrenaline rush while watching the sport. Every day, betting sites such as Boylesports offer and update all sorts of markets on the games. Bettors can keep an eye on live football fixtures and odds for the weekend to make an informed decision before placing wagers on the upcoming games. Football odds are not set in stone, so timing is key as they keep changing. So, one must keep a tab on them to increase his chances of winning the most profit.

The relationship between betting and football is an old one. The involvement of real money has always spiked up the excitement. Betting is also a reason why football viewership has evolved as a community activity. In this article today we shall briefly look at the history of football and how betting in this particular sport evolved. Therefore without any further delay, let us dive right into the good stuff.

A Brief History of Football

Although the most ancient form of football as a sport can be traced back to China, modern football has its roots in England. Despite the monarchs and government making efforts to condemn and ban football, it emerged to be one of the most famous sports in the country. From the 19th century onwards, football as a sport began to grow in its true sense.

In the year 1872, the FA Cup came to being. Initially, it was a `very British` sport as no other country was involved in it until the first international match between England and Scotland. The match attracted a huge number of people and the world was shocked by the kind of popularity that football garnered. Soon, in 1889, Denmark and Netherlands formed their football associations followed by several other countries like Argentina, Chile, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, and Finland.

The greatest landmark, however, has to be the establishment of FIFA (Federation International de Football Association) in Paris in the year 1904 with France, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Spain as its founding members. By the end of the Second World War, FIFA had more than 73 members.

Despite several countries embracing football, England remains the most active one. It has more than 600 football clubs and the festivities during the Premier League are enough to prove the craze.

UK and Football Betting

Before 1960, betting was illegal in the UK. However, there have always been illegal acts of gambling-related to sports, especially football - like weekly pools. But they were all on small scales and not open to everyone. With the 1960 Act, the UK government made gambling legal, betting shops opened up at every corner of the street which allowed more and more people to wager their money on the sport and not confine it to just pool betting. This, perhaps, has been the biggest stepping stone in football betting. With so many legal shops at their disposal, fans began to take interest in betting. Even the ones who were sceptical of betting earlier due to its illegal status, came forward to try it out.

However, despite being legal, betting shops did not advertise themselves in a flashy manner and kept a low profile with shady interiors and blacked-out windows. Football betting was yet to get social recognition.

In the late 1980s, when the bigger names in the sports betting industry came to dominate the UK sports betting scene, the activity slowly began to pick up some glamour and openness. Betting shops were turned hospitable and had brighter interiors making people want to come in. The market only continued to flourish throughout the remaining 20th century. Finally, with the advent of the internet and online operators, a whole new betting world opened up that was more diverse, safer, and allowed more people to participate. Online betting websites have upgraded themselves and still try to bring about the best changes fans can ask for.

Football and betting have almost always gone hand in hand. The sport itself is one of adrenaline rush and with real money betting invading the scene, it becomes all the more thrilling. Getting the right platform like Boylesports is very important if you wish to have a great time and some quick money in your account.

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