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Support for Charitable Causes by Gambling Institutions


It is quite possible you think that the gambling business has nothing to do with the concept of “good,” but did you realize that gambling companies make significant contributions to charity? Yes, they do, and today, we will show you several companies that made really big donations. It only goes to show that as you play on sites like https://vulkanvegas.com/pl, part of your money goes to people who need it the most.

Lottery Charity Worldwide

Almost all legit lottery operators in the world have a philanthropy program. It seems like charity is already baked into the organization’s mission.

Here are some lottery organizations that have charity:
  • The Lottery Corporation – Australia;
  • Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office – Philippines;
  • Allwyn Entertainment National Charity – United Kingdom.

Lotteries are huge fundraisers. What lottery organizations do is set aside some money for the prize and then set another sum for charity. Some organizations, on the other hand, create a lottery group with the sole purpose of donating to charity.

What it means is that an organization can hold a lottery, pay the prize, and use the remainder of the earnings for charitable causes. This is not illegal, provided that they get a license from their respective gambling commission or board.

PokerStars Gives Back

Poker Stars is one of the biggest poker clubs in the world. They earn money by operating an online poker site, but most of the revenue of the company comes from live events and tournaments. The Poker Stars Group is so huge that it is at the center of many anti-gambling advocates.

Nevertheless, Poker Stars, as a company, believes in corporate social responsibility. The group has made sizable donations to charity groups. One particular group they supported was the One Drop Foundation. It is a group that is currently working to provide safe water to many communities around the world.

One Drop specializes in water management, treatment, and distribution. The organization aims to distribute water to impoverished areas in the world. They also want to help make changes to influence the global distribution of wealth.

Poker Stars made contributions to One Drop from their tournament earnings. In some events, Poker Stars would get a certain percentage of a player’s buy-in and then donate it to One Drop. Essentially, it is the player who donates to this charitable cause.

Poker Stars is a regular contributor and donor to charitable events. As early as 2004, it already had an involvement with a charitable cause. The company made donations to the International Federation of Red Cross at that time. Particularly, they wanted to provide relief and support to the victims of Hurricane Katrina—one that devastated so many lives.

Donations to GambleAware

Currently, Ladbrokes Coral is the leader in terms of donations. Ladbrokes is one of the biggest chance-based gaming facilities or operators in the world, and Gamble Aware is the leading recipient. In the past nine months, as of the time of this writing, Ladbrokes has donated £7 million to Gamble Aware.

It is not only Ladbrokes that donated. There are others, such as the following:
  • Bet365 - $5 million;
  • Casumo - $80 thousand;
  • Virgin Bet - almost $88 thousand.

GambleAware asked all companies that profit from gambling to make a donation. They asked that the corporations make a minimum of 0.1% of their annual gross gambling revenue.

If you do not know it yet, GambleAware is a charity research and commission. GambleAware is a multi-faceted institution that aims to provide support for gamblers. They also have a prevention and treatment program for those who are addicted to gambling. It is an organization that aims to protect people from gambling harm.

Note useful trick: now you know how to quickly check whether online casino platform is reliable or no. Trustworthy casinos always collaborate with GambleAware, so if you scroll your preferred website and see this company’s logo in the footer, you may rest assured that the platform can do you no harm. In case it is missing, you’d better look for another casino.

Other Charities

One thing that has swept the casino news recently was the $21 million donation of cordish companies and Live! Casino. This deal is about a Local Share Account (LSA) that the Cordish companies, in association with Live! Casino set up. It is the LSA that will distribute grants to communities and non-profit organizations.

Also, there is one more case worth mentioning: Merkur Casino gave $14,500 in donations to three recipients. These organizations are:
  • Action for Children;
  • Willen Hospice;
  • FareShare.

Action for Children received gifts from Merkur for more than 220 vulnerable children. Willen Hospice will enjoy a boxed meal from Merkur, and the final donation is big enough to feed 2,100 families. The 220 represents the revenue of Merkur, while the 2,100 represents Merkur’s number of employees.

The World Is Much Better Than You Used to Think!

Casino institutions are not evil as some people purport them to be. IGaming sites and poker clubs make donations to philanthropy often. Even government-run charity gambling institutions make donations. As such, you can have the confidence that the money you wager is in good hands. Win or lose; the money goes to good use.

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