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Gambling vs. Betting: Different or Similar?


Those people who are just starting with their betting or gambling activities still believe that betting and gambling are the same. However, it is not correct. Even though betting and gambling have many things in common, and even though it happens very often that gambling and betting services providers offer both options on the same website, these things are still different.

Gambling Results Depend on Your Luck and Skills

In an online casino, you play games. For example, if you check gclub-casino.com, you will find there a lot of games, all kinds of them. However, you will not find a single betting option in the casino. But the biggest variety of games is guaranteed.

There, you can enjoy luck-games and skill-games.

In the first case, we speak mostly about slots. They are pure luck-games. The results of each spin are random. They cannot be forecasted, influenced. The results are generated by the Random Number Generator. Hence, all you can count on is your luck and common sense.

Skill-games are normally such games as Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, their live options. To play these games, you require knowledge and understanding of game strategies. It is recommended to practice playing for free. Most casinos offer either free gambling without registration or playing in a demo-mode without depositing real money. Only after you practice and start winning in a demo mode, you can start playing for real money.

As you can see, there are not many things that depend on somebody. In the case of slots, it all depends on your luck. In the case with live baccarat, live blackjack and poker, your winning chances are much higher if you know how to play. Of course, some part of luck is needed, as well.

Hence, gambling is built on the efforts to guess the outcome. In most cases, the outcome depends on your luck only or, like in the case with skill-games, on some knowledge and a significant part of luck.

Betting Results Depend on Your Luck and Knowledge

With betting, things are different. There, your winning chances depend on your knowledge greatly. Of course, the luck-factor stays, but it is not so significant as in the case with gambling.

If you are into betting, you know how much work you have to do if you want to win. Take sports for example. Some betters follow their favorite team for years. They know what factors influence the results. They know which players perform better or worse in which conditions. They even know all about the family life of each athlete (when there are problems in the family, the athlete might be upset and perform worse).

Betters follow not only their favorite team but other teams, as well. They know the strongest and the weakest rivals.

That’s why a professional better can assess the results of each game with the highest accuracy level, to some extent, of course. That’s why there are bets not only for a game outcome in general but for a particular result of the game.

Hence, in betting, much more depends on the knowledge and the professionalism of a better. Of course, we do not exclude things when a beginner can win huge money. However, the chance to do so is minor. Only if you prepare yourself properly and update your knowledge base constantly you have much higher chances to win.

Differences in the Attitude of Society

One more huge difference between gambling and betting is in the way how these activities are perceived by society.

  • Gambling is considered as something that a normal person should not be into. Governments all around the world are trying to ban it or at least to regulate and control it. In society, the perception of gambling is rather negative. It is associated with addiction and uncontrollable expenditures.
  • The case with betting is completely different. Betting is in most cases not banned and doesn’t have such controversial attitudes like gambling. Even though betting can be addictive, as well, it is not perceived as such.

  • Some More Things to Consider

    Betting and gambling are very similar, even though they might be perceived in completely different ways. That’s why whenever you place a bet or spin the reels, do it responsibly. Do not bet or gamble on money that you cannot afford to lose. Always control yourself. Make breaks. And if you notice that you cannot stop, ask for professional help to get rid of addiction.

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