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5 Important Tips to Improve Your Poker Skills


The only sight that will make a poker player happy is to see his stack of chips look like a series of high-rise buildings. That is if you are playing in a land-based casino.

If you are playing online, what you want to see is to a long series of numbers in your account balance. Here we will share some strategies to help you improve in poker games. For the purposes of unity, we will concentrate on Texas Hold’em Poker, in a situation where you are competing against other real players.

Deal with Your Starting Hands the Right Way

In poker games, blinds usually go up every 30 minutes. The untrained in poker will find himself in a bad situation if he does not handle his starting cards the right way, as he will lose money if he so happens to be the small or big blind.

The Big Pairs: AA, KK, QQ, JJ
Hands like these are called premium. No matter where you are seated, you have to play these cards. There are rare situations where you will have an opponent who has an AA while you have a KK. It is a mistake to fold a KK before the flop. An opponent can bluff you into believing that he has an AA. You should never fall for it.

If you have a QQ or a JJ, call the raises. Do not re-raise, as it will only prove to be a losing hand. Your professional opponents will not re-raise if they do not have a strong hand. Chances are, your opponent has either AA or KK cards.

The Middle Pairs: 10-10, 9-9, 8-8, 7-7
Sure, you can frown on these pairs, but these are not at all difficult to play. Do not play these hands as if they are premiums. If you are in the starting position, you have to raise a small amount. Your intention is to get to the flop without being mucked by others.

You have to wish that you get a set after the flop. If you don’t, you have to fold. If you were re-raised at the beginning, you have to fold. You have no chances against someone holding a premium pair.

Play with Your Marginal Hands the Right Way

Marginal hands are also called Trash Hands. It can be a pair of connecting hands like 7-8, 4-3, or totally useless hands like Q4, J3, and others.

A good technique to implement here is to make use of the check-raise in the turn. In this technique, you have to be lucky to find yourself at the turn without raising the bets during the flop. It is only best to play marginal hands if the other players have the same.

You will know if the players have marginal hands if no one is raising during the pre-flop or if the raised bets are too small to dent the player’s stacks.

A check-raise will make the pot bigger. And because you reached the turn, you have to ensure that the pot is larger than what you have invested. Use a check-raise if you are in the last position and if there are only players left. If you are not in the last position, someone is likely to re-raise your bet, and you will find yourself in a tight spot.

Fold if somebody re-raises you. You should also fold if the flop did not give you a pair.

If you are playing marginal hand before the flop, you have to do a check-call. Check at the first opportunity, and call the last raise. But do not re-raise. Calling a bet tells your opponents that you have a pair of competitive cards, without risking the possibility of another player raising.

Play with a Coin Flip the Right Way

A coin flip is a pair of hands where you have two premium cards. Examples of these are AQ and AK. The problem with this hand is that you have no pair, and it is likely that your opponents have what you need to create a pair. Worse, you may land a pair on the flop, but others may have a trio or two pairs.

Never go all-in with the coin flip. If you do, you are likely to lose. No opponent will go all-in if he does not have a premium hand. And in that case, you will surely lose.

With a coin flip, raise the bet before the flop. This technique will give your opponents the impression that you have premium hands. Do not re-raise after the flop. Even if you got another Ace during the flop, your opponent may have a low pair in his hand and got another card of the same number during the flop. You will lose. Fold a coin flip if somebody re-raises after the flop.


Texas Hold’em is an extremely exciting game, and there is no way you can master it in a short period of time. Always play for free if you can against other live players. Use this opportunity to practice and improve your strategy before playing with real cash.

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