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Improve your winnings - Top 5 sports betting strategies


Sports betting is about the odds, but there is a lot more behind the scenes. The idea in any form of betting is to increase your chances, to improve your likeliness of winning. People that manage to regularly turn a profit often use certain strategies and techniques that can give them an edge. This article goes over five betting trends that can really help to bring consistency in your profit-making endeavours.

Betting strategy #1 – Comparing odds and line shopping

This is a good place to start. Comparing odds and line shopping is very similar to comparing prices for shopping deals. It is as easy as researching what is available, and then picking the best deal. This is especially easy to do when betting online.

Line shopping can be simply done by visiting a few sports betting sites like https://www.svenska-odds.se/ and checking out their odds and lines. You can then place your wager with whichever betting site offers the best value.

Taking the safer option over getting better odds is usually a better way to improve your chances of winning, but this is very much subjective, with many people arguing that taking the higher odds offers the better overall value.

Betting strategy #2 – Reverse line movement (RLM)

Betting lines work in the following way: bookmakers offer odds on a particular sports match, hoping to attract an equal amount of money on both sides of the market. The idea behind this is for them to make a profit by applying a margin to the proposed odds.

Reverse line movement, also abbreviated to RLM is all about having your line moving in the opposite direction from the majority bets.

For example, let’s say Red Team is a favourite over Blue Team. 100 people bet $1 each on Red Team, whilst 5 people bet $1k each on Blue team. There are 100 bets on Red Team, and only 5 bets on Blue team. This leads to $100 on Red Team and 5k on Blue Team. In this example, lower betting numbers don’t always mean lower investments.

Reverse line movement is all about going for the less-popular in betting numbers / but higher in value bets, basically following the money rather than the popular vote. This often assumes that people going the opposite way of the line are professionals, due to the amount they invest.

Betting strategy #3 – Betting against the public

This method, also known as ‘fading the public’, and also referred to as the ‘contrarian method’, is where you essentially place your bets in the opposite direction the public is going for.

Unlike traditional casino betting and pure luck-based free spins, people love to humanize things and bet on their favourite players, and this is very much a psychological phenomenon which highlights our human nature. We get influenced by the media, and that same media loves to hype winning sports teams. This can lead to a lot of short-term betting, based on those short term victories.

Betting against the public is all about betting for the underdog, favouring long-term winnings and steady growth. It is basically the idea of not letting sports books exploit your human tendencies, instead going for the long-term approach.

Betting strategy #4 – Following major line moves

Whilst early line moves may show where the public money is initially going, it does not always tell the whole story. It is not until we can see where the closing odds end up that we really see the overall picture.

The idea of following line moves is to always try to get the best of the number you are looking for. This is whether you are interested in wagering on the favourite or the underdog.

If you like the numbers on a favourite against the spread, then early betting could be the smart move here. This is due to the fact that most bettors prefer favourites and most line movements go against the trend as the week goes on.

Betting strategy #5 – Understanding the importance of betting units won

In sports betting, a unit is a measurement of the size of someone’s bet. When it comes to sports betting, everyone has different sized bankrolls, so using the term “unit” is a way to show your profits or losses. In shorter terms, units are a way to keep track of profits and losses without their monetary value.

It is recommended that you bet somewhere between 1-5% of your bankroll on each wager. It is a generally accepted consensus that a unit is equal to approximately 1% of your bankroll. So for example of you have a $100 bankroll, then you should be betting $1 per unit.

Understanding betting units turns your betting into a more accurate science, where tracking your progress and success is more a matter of facts and numbers, as opposed to a less-accurate and more subjective ways to measure that success.

Understanding those techniques

Practice makes perfect, and sports betting is no exception to this rule. The best way to increase your betting success is to practice the techniques mentioned in this article, but also to read about it other techniques.

Those tips are here to make your betting more fact-based, relying less on hazard, public conception and human emotion. Instead, you can follow the money and find quantitative ways to apply your bets and to measure you success.

It is not really about luck, and the more facts you stack in your favour, the more you stand at winning. Enjoy a safer and more calculated way to place your bets!

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