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Is Sports Betting Safe When Done Online?


A few things can give you that thrill you find in gambling. It is as exciting as anything out there, and then some. Then there’s the fact that you can actually make money out of it, so that definitely adds a cherry on top of it all. Over the years, how we bet has significantly changed, shifting from physical casinos and dealing personally with bookies to doing it all online. After the internet came to life, it changed everything, and now most people gamble without even having to leave their homes. While that was easy for games like slots and poker, sports betting took a little longer to spread and become as popular in cyberspace. Still, it is quite popular these days, and you can always hit two birds with one stone by watching your favorite sports, and betting on them as well without ever having to deal directly with a bookie. The question most people ask, though, is how safe is it to bet online on sports?

They’ve been around for a while

It is quite normal for a person to think twice before betting online, and it is a very valid concern. But one thing you should keep in mind is the fact that most reputable casinos and bookies you’ll find in real life have an online presence, one way or another. You need to understand that with the advent of the internet, all the major casinos realized the massive window of opportunity they’ve been provided with, and they understood that they need to get in on that action. The same goes for bookies who ran multimillion-dollar businesses, and they too decided to enter the world of online gambling. So, you can rest assured that there are vendors out there who you can totally trust with your money. Are there some shady ones? Definitely. But it doesn’t make sense that you go deal with those really. No matter what sport it is you want to bet on, you can find a very reputable bookie to deal with, knowing they could never scam you out of your money and would honor their agreement and give you the full earnings, no tricks or scams included.

You can easily access license and registration documents

In the past, it was very easy for a person to get scammed by dealing with unreliable bookies. After all, how else are you going to know if these guys are credible or not before dealing with them? It just wasn’t easy to do a background check on the bookies, and you’d end up going with the flow and dealing with people whom you can’t possibly trust. But when the internet came, and bookies had to create their own websites and landing pages, most credible ones added their official licensing and documentation online for all to see. So, it’s quite simple really. Not sure if you should trust this bookie or not? Do a little digging on their website, and try to find their licensing documentation and proof of whether or not they are legal entities that are allowed to bet on sports in that particular country. If you can’t find such documentation, then you might want to think twice before betting with these guys. Naturally, some countries don’t have licenses for online bookies and casinos, but that is a whole different story and pretty much the exception. The norm is, legal bookies have proof, and you should always seek out that proof to rest assured whether or not it’s safe to gamble with these people.

The option to read reviews

Perhaps one of the most impressive options when it comes to online bookies is the fact that they most likely have a review section. It is in our basic human nature to want to ask around before buying anything, and it just feels much more relaxing to buy anything after you’ve asked a lot of people what they thought of it and whether or not it was any good. In the past, that wasn’t really an option with a real-life bookie, because they didn’t exactly hang their customer reviews around the office. So, it was basically just you asking one or two people you know who like sports betting about that bookie. With the paradigm-shifting towards online betting, most bookies and even casinos started adding in a review section to outline what their customers thought of the experience they’ve had with them. This is definitely an important section that you should really look for with any online one, and if it isn’t there, it’s best that you avoid them. Reading up reviews on the credibility of the place and how well they can be trusted will help you make a final decision, and you’ll be able to form a pretty good idea if it is safe to bet there or not.

Customer service

One more thing that could probably help you decide if it is indeed safe to bet on sports online is the customer service. It’s a safe bet that having customer care wasn’t really a thing when it came to sports betting, which has been around for literally hundreds of years. But now, since the entire thing became online, you can actually call up the call centers and customer care agents of the bookie to have any questions you need answered. The great thing is you get many options to reach out to their people, like phone numbers, emails, and even live chats. That way, you can get your questions answered as soon as possible, without having to wait for a long time.

Convenience and security

It is a given that betting online is a million times more convenient than actually going to a bookie and doing all the transactions. But with that convenience, security is actually improved. Fact is, doing things online is generally a bit risky, because hackers and cybercriminals are pretty much everywhere, and you never know when they might strike. The thing with online casinos and bookies is the fact that they can be downloaded on your smart phones. That is why the developers of 918KISS made it a point to make their games available for all operating systems due to today’s market. You can download them on your Android, iOS, or any other phone for that matter. These phone manufacturers are extremely diligent when it comes to protecting their devices against cyber crimes. So, you get devices that cannot be easily hacked or infected by viruses or malware. As a result, doing anything on those phones is extremely secure, and you can rest assured that your confidential data is well protected by those companies. The same goes for applications and websites you use on your phone, since you’re basically guaranteeing that the phone’s intricate security protocols will work to your advantage, and you won’t need to worry all the time about the bookie you’re dealing with or the sites downloading malware into your device or anything.

Top-level encryption

Mobile devices aside, those online bookies and casinos have some of the world’s top encryption systems to protect their punter’s financial and personal information –– you’re talking state-of-the-art software and technologies that are even used by banks and financial institutions. These people understand the importance of protecting their client’s information and money, and this is why they invest in getting the best and most sophisticated technologies out there to ensure that happens. That way, they guarantee that their clients would keep coming back because their money and their data are well secured. Statistically speaking, there is always a chance that your personal information in cyberspace would be at risk. Even the biggest companies in the world like Amazon and Microsoft are susceptible to having their systems hacked and losing some client information, and it has actually happened before. While the chances are minimal with these heavy hitters, it is still there. The same goes for online bookies and casinos. Yes, they use the most advanced technologies in the world to protect your money and information, but no system is infallible. You shouldn’t worry about gambling online, though, because that possibility is very minimal, perhaps so minimal that you shouldn’t even think about it. It helps if you take some extra steps to ensure the security of your data because it might actually be of use. You should always install anti-virus and anti-malware software on your phones, laptops, and any devices really, and always update them. Try to use very strong passwords that won’t be easily hacked by any hacking software, and include as many different characters as you can. Never use the same password for all your accounts, because if you do and one of them is revealed, you’re in for a lot of trouble. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t share your passwords with people, and it’s even better if you consistently change them. Last but not least, the most important thing to ensuring the security of your data is choosing a bookie you can trust, so, do take your time before settling on one to deal with.

Is my money going to be safe?

Now that you understand what happens to your personal data, and just how well it is going to be protected, you need to start understanding what exactly happens to your money when you deal with a bookie. For starters, when you want to join any sports betting website, they’ll ask you do create an account before anything. In that account, you will add in your personal details, and more importantly, deposit some money. So, what happens to the sum you deposit? It doesn’t really vanish into thin air, and it also isn’t automatically changed into cash in a bookie’s back pocket. Everything is online, in the digital space, and your money is stored in something called an e-wallet, which is also online, not an actual wallet. But where exactly is that money stored, or rather, where is the e-wallet? And can anyone just access that money of yours whenever they please? The answer is no, to that latter question, and not anybody can go near your deposit. It is rather stored in something called the deep web, and that is the part of the internet where personal and sensitive information is stored, and it’s a part that is not accessible for most people. It is basically a hidden part of the World Wide Web that is not indexed by your average search engine, which means you can’t access it as a normal person. It’s rather the place where companies store clients’ personal information, and in a bookie’s case, money as well. So, now that you understand where the money is stored when you want to bet on sports online, the question still remains, is it safe? If you do all the right things, it will be safe. It starts with choosing the right entity to deal with, a bookie that has legitimate documentation and that has been around for quite some time. After choosing the right agent, it all comes down to how cautious you are. This means creating strong passwords to your financial accounts, and not sharing those with anyone, as mentioned above. You also should never open any of those accounts tied with your money from a public computer, because you never know what might be embedded in that device, trying to steal all your data. So, it’s really up to you to ensure that your money is safe, and try to be extra cautious when it comes to your accounts and personal finances.

The question we asked at the beginning of the article was about whether or not it is safe to bet on sports online, and the answer to that question will depend on your discretion. If you do your homework and select a reliable bookie to deal with, that’s basically covering half the distance to ensuring your money is safe. It might sound easy, but you will actually have to do a lot of digging until you can find a reliable bookie with experience, the right credentials, and excellent reviews. Once that happens, it’s all on you to guarantee the safety of your money and data, so try not to take this lightly.

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