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Keno Strategy on Casino 188BET for beginners


Basic strategy

If you have no experience in playing Keno and do not have the confidence to play for real money, you should try the demo versions first. This allows you to both have fun and practice your skills.

Moreover, it will also assist you in finding the right strategies to play Keno. By mastering the rules of the game, as well as playing many times to gain experience, you will certainly feel more confident when betting on Keno on 188BET link online by experts.

Targeting Jackpot Keno Strategy

The best way to increase your odds of winning while playing Keno is to aim for the jackpot. Remember, you have to get more Keno numbers, which will definitely increase your number of potential wins.

Therefore, if you choose only one number then the most you can get is 3 times your bet. If you choose 2 numbers, your chances of winning are up to 9 times your stake.

Set yourself a bet limit when playing Keno on 188BET

Setting a bet limit while playing Keno helps players manage their stakes effectively, along with the average bet limit that can be profitable for them.

Keno is a lottery game based entirely on chance so there is no way to change the odds of the game. Instead, use your stake in each betting round wisely. With betting rounds you are sure the win rate is over 80%, then place more bets. On the contrary, the betting rounds you are wondering about are either no bets, or small bets.

Number selection strategy

The most common question asked by Keno players is "What numbers should I choose to bet on?".

Unfortunately, all Keno numbers have the same probability of appearing. Many players like to choose their number Keno using the following strategies:

● Their birthday, or a friend/relative`s birthday
● Choose numbers that haven`t been played recently
● Using the "Quick select" number auto-select function
● Use their lucky number from a lucky cookie or horoscope

Have good psychological strategy

Knowing how to manage psychology is also a Keno experience that many people need to take note of. In order to improve your chances of winning, you need to keep a calm mind. This will enable you to make better decisions and not be fooled by the numbers.

To play Keno effectively you have to be observant, have concentration and take the time to learn playing strategies. You then have to apply them to an actual game of Keno to test their effectiveness.

To be able to master the game of Keno, you need to have a relaxed and excited spirit when playing. If you use the strategy and still lose, change the strategy. If you continue to lose, you should stop playing and rest, regaining your spirit to conquer the next game.

You shouldn`t stress or get frustrated trying to get your lost bet back. Doing so will only make you lose more heavily.

Summarize of Keno Strategy at 188BET Casino

In short, when playing Keno on 188BET you need to remember the following:

● Strategy does not play a role in helping you win 100%. Because Keno is a game of luck;
● Learn the rules of Keno carefully;
● Choose 188BET to play because of the high payout ratio, prestige and transparency in Keno lottery;
● Set a bet limit and never exceed it, lose or win, stop at that limit;
● Never borrow money to play Keno, but use the money you have to play psychologically to be most comfortable, helping you to make informed decisions.
● Select consecutive numbers. For example, continuously from 5 - 10, or 10 - 20. According to longtime Keno players on 188BET, this helps them win more than lose.
● Bet on no more than 6 numbers. New Keno players often make the same mistake of thinking that the more numbers they bet, the higher their chances of winning. In fact, your odds of winning decrease when you bet on too many numbers. Choose carefully, and the maximum bet on 6 numbers is reasonable.

Conclusion from Casino 188BET experts on Keno Strategy

Above are the experiences of Keno strategy compiled from experienced players on 188BET, as well as sharing from Cachchoi.net experts. So you can completely trust and apply when playing Keno.

In addition to Keno and Keno strategies, we also share a lot of useful information on how to play as well as strategies for many other games. Please register as a member and play betting with Casino 188BET.

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