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A Guide on Picking the Right Horse for Kentucky Derby Betting 2021


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After Authentic, the next champion is yet to be announced in the 147th running of the Kentucky Derby, which is only a few weeks away. Aside from the exciting fans, bettors are also gearing themselves up for their bets. Wagering sites are starting to get busy as the event quickly approaches.

While keeping yourself updated on the future wager pools, there are still other essential factors to look at to make your chances of winning the wager higher. These things will help you on the handicapping process of the contending horses and make opinions to finalize your pick to bet.

Here are some interesting ways that can guide you in picking the right horse to improve the chances of winning your bet.

Read, analyze, and understand the program

The daily racing program contains a lot of necessary data on the horses that can assist you in making intelligent decisions in picking a contender. It includes the past performances (PPs) of the horses. Analyzing the PPs can provide you insightful things to formulate your opinion and choose the right one to bet.

Aside from PPs, the program also comprises the outline for each contender. It will give you detailed information about each horse, such as work-out runs, jockey and other involved people, stats, the saddle towel`s color, and even the birthday. You should also know how the odds are calculated since the current contenders` odds are indicated in the program.

The novices might find the program very intimidating to look at due to its jargon in terms of language and numbers. But with proper guidance and constant practice, you`ll get used to it eventually. Reading and understanding the program will be such a piece of cake.

Each bettor has its own pace and rhythm of reading the daily race program. It will help if you try exploring yourself on those things by searching for more detailed guides on smartly reading the program. There are countless of those on the internet anyway.

Consider the experts` takes and opinions

Horse racing experts are highly experienced in this field of sports. They might not be directly part of the horses` company, but their years in watching, betting, and making connections in this industry make them acquire such knowledge. They possess a logical understanding of how the system of horse racing and its betting will take place.

If you are confused about the information you get on reading the daily race program, why not go to the experts` say? Consult their picks, predictions, and opinions on how the race will be run. Then, you may incorporate those on your available data to have a solid conclusion in choosing horses.

You may follow them on their social media accounts to keep yourself updated on their picks and predictions as the Kentucky Derby comes closer.

Take a closer look at the horses

Just like any other sports, the physique of the horses is crucial in sizing up the competition. What you see on the horses` appearance might give you beneficial and insightful information in coming up with the right pick for betting. But just a disclaimer: a good physique does not ALWAYS mean a sure win. Do not solely rely on your judgment based on the horses` appearance.

A horse’s ears are the ones you should look at. When they are pricked, which means they are large, pointed up, and its head is high and looking confident, you can conclude that the horse is attentive, conscious of its surroundings, and prepared for the race.

Hair also indicates something. While the contenders are still in the paddock, look and observe their hairs. If a horse has a fine shiny coat, it means that it is in good condition. That`s a sign that the horse is physically healthy and well.

Muscles should also be observed. A good pick horse has prominent, toned muscles around its rib cage area and chest. Defined muscle definition contributes to the horse`s balanced build that they are not overweight or having too much fat.

The presence of nerves must also be considered. Although it is natural in competition, an anxious horse is definitely not a good pick. While still in the paddock, observe its behavior and keep an eye on the sweat on its coat. If it`s sweating too much, then it already exerted too much energy even before the race will start. That`s not a good thing.

Have fun!

Betting does not always have to be intellectually challenging. In fact, there are bettors who still win in their random picks based on their mere guts and other funny judgment. As long as you can afford what you might lose, do not forget to have fun.

To Wrap It Up

Knowing the things mentioned is beneficial in your handicapping process when choosing the horse to place a bet with. Everything might be challenging at first but once learned, you might find betting such a fun thing to do in maximizing your experience in the field of horse racing on TVG Kentucky Derby. Enjoy and good luck with your pick!

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