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Livestreaming in the Casino Industry - Where Is It Heading?


Games such as roulette have proven to be hits in live casino gaming. Source: Pixabay

The online gambling market has been on an incredible journey in recent times. Last year, research published by Global Market Insights stated that the sector was worth a massive $55 billion in 2019. It suggested that the future was bright for the industry too, with its value expected to reach $160 billion by 2026.

Many parts of the market are doing well at present. For example, sports betting remains a major draw, with fans having the chance to use tools like picks as they look to make the most of the area. Online casinos are also enjoying success and a host of factors could be driving it. For example, the space is home to a huge selection of gaming experiences, with one of the most notable types making use of video technology to great effect.

Live casino gaming has become a core part of the industry, as it has not only breathed new life into classic experiences but also created fresh ways for people to play.

The Beginning

The internet has led to many exciting innovations, but few have had the kind of impact enjoyed by streaming technology and online video. The concepts have become a key part of many people’s lives in a short space of time, as we can use them to catch up on TV shows or enjoy performances by our favourite musical artists.

The story of livestreaming is thought to begin in the early 1990s. According to Espresso Live, the first live stream is thought to have taken place in 1993, when engineers in California streamed audio and video from a performance by a band called Severe Tire Damage. In the years afterwards, both a Rolling Stones concert and a baseball game were streamed, with the latter emerging thanks to RealPlayer.

As web technology continued to evolve and sites like YouTube rose to prominence, many industries started to consider how they could make use of video services. The online casino industry has always been quick to embrace new innovations and streaming gave it the opportunity to offer players authentic casino gaming action, with dealers hosting games via a video link.

How It Works

But, while you now know the basics of the live casino gaming story, how can players access the titles and how do they work? These days, live casino options have become so key to the online experience that they tend to have their own section on leading websites. This is highlighted by 888 Casino Canada, which showcases a whole host of titles in its live casino online. The likes of blackjack and roulette are present, but the site also highlights how the live casino experience has gone on to extend beyond more traditional forms of gaming. Developers have recognised the possibilities offered by the format and created all-new experiences for players to enjoy. These may take the form of live slots or gameshow-style titles featuring presenters.

Live casino games are presented from specialist studios. Source: Pixabay

The site also explains how the games are streamed from specialist studios with experienced dealers at secure locations. But, what does a modern live casino studio look and feel like? Playtech states that its 8,500 square metre facility in Riga is the largest next-generation live casino in the world, while it also outlines some of the key features that it boasts. For example, it includes tables and gaming areas featuring a range of cameras, while it also has a 25m wide LED video wall which can be used to switch visuals for specific experiences. Playtech adds that all of the action is monitored at its Mission Control Centre, while the site also includes a dealer training campus and a research and development space.

The use of such locations perhaps means that live casino broadcasts are arguably a little different to other livestreaming experiences. For instance, while live football or music events may be broadcast from different stadia and locations, live casino games tend to have the consistency of being presented from a fixed location. In addition, you cannot generally choose who hosts and commentates on other events, but 888 Casino outlines how the available dealers are displayed in real-time. This means players have the power to choose who they go for.

Where Next?

It is fascinating to consider how live casino experiences and the infrastructure related to them have evolved in recent years. However, what could the future hold for this part of the online casino industry? Well, we have already touched upon how the format has inspired new gaming experiences and it would not be a surprise to see more innovative new titles emerge. While there will always be an appetite for the classic casino games that have endured for decades, new experiences are definitely welcome.

Could virtual reality have an impact in live casino gaming? Source: Pixabay

It will also be intriguing to see whether other technological innovations combine with live casino games to offer a fresh experience. One obvious concept which could have an impact is virtual reality, as it has been back in the spotlight in video gaming in recent times. The technology offers immersive experiences and the online casino world may be perfectly suited to that idea. Just imagine pulling on a headset and entering a virtual casino filled with countless games, dealers and other players. Once upon a time that might have sounded like science fiction, but with the developments seen in technology, it could be a very real possibility.

A related area that could also have an impact is augmented reality. Games including Pokemon Go have shown the potential of the technology and it could possibly find a place in the online casino world. For instance, wouldn’t it be interesting to see virtual playing cards land on the coffee table in front of you at home?

An Exciting Future Awaits

While all of that is pure speculation at this point, there is simply no denying that live casino games have become a core part of the online gambling world in recent years.

Streaming technology has had a major impact on how people play many different titles and it will be exciting to see how live casino experiences continue to evolve in the future.

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