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Mathematical theories that help winning


Some are skeptical about the ability to use mathematics to increase their well-being through online gambling in UK. However, knowledge of certain mathematical sequences can be quite useful to the average player.

Probability Theory

One can agree with the opponents of mathematics in gambling about the apparent uselessness of this science in calculating the movement of a ball in Russian roulette. Why? The fact is that it is impossible to calculate the pattern of a ball falling on the cells of a certain color. Just as to determine the principle by which he falls on the position. If this is not possible, then why in any casino you can find this Russian roulette. In this case, the game brings the owners income and not small. The point is to use probability theory in a casino. The principle of the Russian roulette is based on the endless and continuous process of the distribution of numbers. For the average person, this is the most complex and incomprehensible rule. However, for mathematicians these are simple truths.
To understand the principle of the theory of probability will help the following simple example. Each of us knows that it is always Tuesday after Monday. Nobody will doubt this axiom. Now it remains to be imagined that a person is 100 percent sure that his ball will necessarily end up in the red cell number 8. With the next roll, he will be in a specific cell, which will be one of 37 possible variations. From a mathematical point, the probability of this event can be described as 1:37 or 0.0027. If a player decided to take a risk and put all thirty-seven times on the red 8, this does not mean that he will win. This is due to another feature of the law of distribution of numbers. Any accidents and events that occur should be taken into account and calculated in the case of a game of roulette or dice. Before putting money on the line, the player must think through all the variants of events and multiply them for each bet option.

Online Slots Game

If, when playing Russian roulette, the mathematician is not very suitable for winning, then it will become a real savior in the case of the gaming machine. Winning percentage in online casino is subject to a random number generator. It works in a rigorous mathematical sequence that cannot be broken or changed. This is due to the fact that the game slot is a machine created and programmed by man. It is based on the programs developed by specialists, which are made based on the laws of mathematics and programming. For a real mathematician, it is not difficult to calculate the probability of a number or symbol appearing on a drum, and also to understand the principle of operation of a single slot.
An ordinary person will not greatly delve into the essence of what is happening. It will be enough for him to comply with the rules for triggering the random number generator and obtaining a guaranteed win without cheating by the casino. To prevent this from happening, all online machines are tested and tested by international auditing companies (for example, Technical Systems Testing). The percentage of payments in a casino operating online is much higher than in real. This is due to the initially embedded in the machine performance. So for real casinos as much as they can be 87%, and online - 98%.

Calculation of possible winnings

Mathematics can be a great helper not only for calculating the mechanism of a winning game, but also for the size of a broken jackpot. To describe the gameplay use the term "expectation". In simple terms - this is the amount that a player can win or lose at a casino for a certain period of time, provided that he makes the same bet. To calculate the expectation (MO), you should use the following formula:
MO = (number of winnings received / number of bets made) * amount of winnings + (number of lost cases / number of bets made) * amount of bets made Not very clear and confusing. However, a simple example will help to understand the above calculation. The player has one dollar. He puts it, claiming that the first card from the deck will be red. If we take into account probability theory, the correct answer will be ¼ (the player will receive another dollar), and negative - ¾ (the player will lose his bet). We use the formula to determine the expectation of a win:
MO = ¼ * 1 $ + ¾ * (-1 $) = - ½ $
From the obtained calculation it is clear that during a long game the loss will be 50 cents from each dollar delivered. If it is even simpler to say, then, according to mathematics, four attempts made will bring the player one win, and three times he will lose the bet made. Of course, the avid players will not stop it, but people with a sober head will give the opportunity to evaluate the pros and cons.

Casino profits

If each player could calculate the size of the future winnings or determine the sequence of the required number falling out, then all the casinos would go bankrupt. However, they thrive and are always in profit. This feature is associated with the variance or size of risk. In mathematics, this concept describes the size of the deviation of any value from its average value. For gaming machines, this is an indicator of the degree of deviation of the results obtained from the player’s mathematical expectation. It is the variance that brings a surprise to the game. In addition, thanks to it, the principle of random wins and losses works. The variance itself is neither a positive nor a negative factor. This is a phenomenon that exists as a reality. It can not be calculated mathematically. It is profitable for the casino, as a counterbalance to the constant winnings over a long distance, and to the player, as compensation for a negative expectation mat.


You can spend a lot of calculations and calculations, but this will not increase the winnings. Huge mathematical knowledge is no guarantee that a player will hit the jackpot. It is enough to know about the theory of probability and variance and use them in practice. All calculations of these quantities have long been conducted by scientists. The player can only take advantage of the results of their work and choose the most advantageous type of game (roulette, dice, cards, machines).

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