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Women Are Signing Up for Mobile Betting More than Men


It may be a surprise to learn that women are actually signing up to start betting online at a quicker rate than men. Now, lots of those looking for mobile sports and mobile casino reviews are actually female.

A Growing Trend

In the US last year, more than 4.6 million women opened a sports betting app, which is a 115% increase on the previous year according to sources. Although the number of men on sports betting mobile apps still exceeds that of the number of female bettors by around 250%, the growth rate of men signing up for mobile betting apps is almost half of the female growth rate.

Back in 2019, the AGA found out that approximately 31% of all sports bettors are female - with another’s research indicating that women make up around 47% of all sports fans in total. Indeed, anyone that describes themselves as a sports fan is twice as likely to start betting on sports, which means that there is an excellent untapped market of potential women sports bettors out there. Some of the biggest sports betting companies are now seeing the rise in potential and are starting to try and become more appealing to the female market.

Changes of Legislation

Because sports betting has now been legalised in over 30 US states, which is up significantly since the overturning of PASPA in 2018, online sports betting companies are now having to change their advertising strategies to a more national viewpoint in order to expand their customer base accordingly. Reaching the female market is a huge part of this strategy. This is starting to be seen as a niche that the big players want to go after.

Women are now being considered as one of the keys to the evolution of the sports gambling industry, which has increased massively in terms of revenue in the last few years. One of the biggest changes that has affected this, especially in terms of attracting female players, is the ability to bet online on mobile apps with their tablets or smartphones.

Often, mobile apps are considered to be less intimidating to new players as you already have your phone right there with you - and you have all the answers you need with Google right by your side.

Women have never been more interested in sports than they are right now. This is obvious when you see sports on television. These women just need to be able to access advice and assistance with placing their first bets and getting started. Women are usually much safer bettors than men, spending longer at betting sites but making smaller wagers, meaning they are giving themselves more opportunities to win.

Being able to enjoy sport and sports betting could be very beneficial for the growing female audience - who can start making money from their favourite sports, teams and players.

A Potential Game Changer

The number of women in all areas of sports, casinos and gambling is growing year on year - and only those betting sites and casinos that adapt to this and start catering for it will reap the benefits.

Even over the last ten years there has been a massive shift in trajectory. More women are playing sports, more women are watching sports and with the legalisation of gambling, more women can bet on it.

Ultimately, the key to getting even more women involved in sports betting is education. Whilst young girls are watching games, they should be encouraged to get involved. Parents can talk to them, engage with them and answer questions. Girls simply need to be given as much encouragement as boys are at that age and the future could be interesting indeed. Will it ever be a 50-50 split? Who knows… but it’s getting closer every day!

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