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Myths and Facts About Video Slots


The gambling industry is huge and consists of a wide array of categories for punters to set their wagers on. From sports betting to real-life predictions to virtual games, bingo games, live-dealer casinos, table games, and video slot games. Undoubtedly, the video slots category or slots game is one of the biggest in the gambling industry as you’d find in millions of reviews churned out every day about your favorite or most-hated slots in different casinos. WeGamble is one of such trusted sites that provide reviews about casinos and the games they offer.

Video slots have been since the advent of casino houses on platforms known as slot machines. These slot machines were the rave with the popular red 7’s and gems for punters looking to make quick cash, and Its popularity over the decades has not dimmed one bit, instead, it evolves as time changes. From what were predominantly slot machines, we now have video slots ready to spin its reels on your mobile phones and desktop as long as you have an internet connection.

With this evolution, video slots are now easily accessible to everybody. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to a casino to read about or learn the machinations that go into playing video slots. Word of the mouth from peers, tabloids from the internet, and hear-says have distorted the facts about video slots and there are more myths than truths about them. Here, we would be separating the facts from the myths about video slots.

Myth: Video Slots Are Programmed

Truth: One general misconception is that video slots are programmed to have a certain period where players get to win, and periods where players get to lose. This is a huge myth as video slots have their reels randomly generated. If you experience a period where you have a streak of wins, it’s merely a short-term division from is most probable. Even when it seems like a streak is going on forever, the result will always be equal to a rough estimate of the expected payout rate.

It also borders on the ideology that slots that have not paid out over some time are due to pay soon. This is also a lie. Just as you can’t predict how long a streak will run for, you can’t also tell when a machine’s payout is due. Everything is randomly generated and holds no means of prediction.

Myth: You Can’t Improve Your Chances Of Winning

Truth: Although we’ve established a fact that reels and payouts of video slots are completely generated randomly, there are ways you can improve your chances of winning. Remember, you can’t alter the result of a video slot, only your chances of achieving the desired result, it’s all under probability and luck.

The first way you can increase your chances of winning is by bearing at the back of your mind that different slots come with different payout rates. A video slot can have a payout rate for as low as 85% and as high as 98%, which tells you that the higher the payout rate, the better your chances of winning in the long run according to Poker News. So, you can make your chances better by wisely picking what video slots to play.

Another way to have better chances at winning is by taking advantage of the casino bonuses and promotional offers available. Extra wins give you extra money to continue spinning and winning.

Myth: Autoplay Reduces Your Chances Of Winning

Truth: A common feature with online casinos nowadays is incorporating an autoplay feature with their video slots where you get to wager, press the button to how many automatic spins you want, and watch your wins reel in. A lot of people believe that this reduces your chances of winning as opposed to playing manually. This is a myth. The results you get from automatically spinning are as random as you spinning manually. It depends majorly on the Slot’s RTP for how many wins you’d get.

Myth: Progressive Jackpots Are Only For High-rollers

Truth: High-rollers are punters that stake highly on slots, and it’s a misconception that these are the people that are most eligible for jackpots in video slots. This is a huge myth. Absolutely anyone can win a jackpot and the only reason this myth ever came to life was the fact that with some online slots, your chances of winning a progressive jackpot are higher when the amount you put in per spin is higher than most.

In some other progressive jackpot slots, you’re required to play the maximum number of coins per spin before you get the chance of winning. With how it seems like you have to play high numbers or pay a maximum value, online casinos do not have control over who wins progressive jackpots.

Myth: Video Slots Only Want To Rip You Off

Truth: Whatever you’ve heard about online casinos wanting to rip you off is not true, unless the casino you’re playing with isn’t licensed by a reputable gambling commission. Casinos want to keep their customers because that is what is good for business. A casino with a reputation for scamming people will only chase people off. So, even if the payouts on a video slot are not so impressive, they will be large enough to keep you coming back and playing for a long time.

Myth: You Can Know The Odds By Counting The Symbols On Each Wheel

Truth: You can’t know the odds of a video slot by counting the numbers on the wheel for each spin. For as much as we know, there are hundreds of combinations on the wheels and you only get to see a few. You should always bear in mind that everything is randomly generated and it all boils down to luck.

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