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How New Live Betting Sites are Gaining Foothold in a Competitive Market


Sports betting is one of a few forms of gambling where you can make consistent profits. Take Billy Walters as an example. Despite growing up in a low-income family, the millionaire forged a way to beat bookmakers for over 30 consecutive years.

Although a betting success, Billy wagered the old fashioned way. He had to travel to Las Vegas or hire men to place bets for him each time he wanted to wager. It was a strenuous and a time-consuming process, one that many modern punters wouldn’t dare do. And why should they?

In this era of live sports betting, you can conveniently bet and watch your favourite football match at the same time. You can bet on Man United to beat Man City one minute after the game starts. But if you change your mind along the way, you could place another bet and still make a profit.

Live Betting Overview

Also known as in-play, live betting involves wagering on a sports outcome after a match begins. It mostly occurs online, meaning you can comfortably bet on any sport without leaving your house. The odds change fast depending on how each game is progressing. As such, you must be available to replace your wagers throughout the game.

Similar to conventional betting, bookies support in-play wagering on all major and minor sports. That means you bet on any of these sports and leagues: basketball, football, American football, baseball, cricket, athletics, tennis, rugby, eSports, MMA and boxing.

Why People Love it

In-play betting was an instant success right from its launch several years ago. All leading bookies embraced the innovation. Lots of new bookies providing live betting alone came up while many betting shops also opened their doors for the idea.

  • An Engaging Experience

Unlike traditional betting, live-betting challenges you make wagers and watch your favourite games at the same time. If you can`t watch the game, you must follow every update through match commentary and live score apps.

Seth Young of Points Bet believes in-play betting would never have succeeded were it not exciting and engaging. And sure enough, most people only risk their money on live games if they are watching and believe they can win.

  • Exclusive Bonuses

In addition to being exciting and engaging, in-play betting also attracts exclusive bonuses from bookmakers. Check these newbettingsites.com lists of the best new live betting sites to find gifts you would like. Some of the rewards are bigger than others, but you can be confident you`ll get a welcome free bet.

These bonuses serve a purpose. For starters, they allow you to try out in-play betting without using your bankroll. After you learn how it works, free bets can help you increase your profits or at least minimize your losses.

  • Odds Fluctuate Fast

Live betting provides excellent and horrible odds at the same time. It all depends on how a game is progressing and what outcome you want to bet on. To illustrate, think of the 2019 Champions League second leg semi-final between Ajax and Tottenham Hotspurs.

Before the match, both teams had competitive odds. Ajax had home advantage and already led on aggregates. When they hosted Spurs, it took them five minutes to take the lead. Bookies reacted immediately, increasing Tottenham`s odds to 5.0 from 3.0 at the start of the match.

Ajax extended their lead to 2-0 and diminished Spurs’ odds to 7.5 on some betting sites. Had you wagered at that moment, you’d have earned more profits than anyone who backed spurs to win before the game began. Similarly, betting on Ajax close to half time had so little odds that you would have earned less than 10% in profits. Spurs eventually won the game and proceeded to the finals on away goals.

  • Mobile-Friendly

Think about it. What would you prefer, watching a game on your TV while betting on your desktop or using your smartphone? Mobile devices provide better convenience. You can research and wager while lying on your sofa.

You could bet with your smartphone at the local pub or your friend`s place. In other words, smartphones play a part in popularizing live betting. In fact, experts are dubbing them the future of the gaming industry.

  • The Time Factor

When betting on a live game, it’s not just the goals you worry about. You also have to consider time and how it affects the profitability of your bets. A case in point is the same game between Ajax and Tottenham Hotspurs.

It only took five minutes for bookies to change odds entirely in Ajax`s favour. But by the 60th minute, the odds had changed and betting on the London-based team looked promising. However, the odds fluctuated each minute after that. Still, waiting until the 90th minute to bet on Hotspurs could have earned incredible profits.

  • Invaluable Match Data

In betting, having the right information makes the difference between winning and losing. Live gaming allows you to collect data first-hand by watching games. As a result, you can predict better how many corners, bookies or goals will be in a football game.

In basketball, you can predict how close the game will be or which player will record a triple-double. In tennis, you can estimate the number of forced errors or aces better. Essentially, live data gives you the most valuable data to bet.

  • It’s Risky

Although an exciting game, in-play betting is also risky, and this adds on to its excitement. The clock ticks fast. Events change every second and bookies adjust odds in real-time. You might have a wealth of crucial betting data. But a single misjudgment could cost you immensely.

Against that backdrop, it’s not surprising people take in-play betting as an exciting challenge. They know it provides a great way to magnify your profits. But it can also draw your adrenaline as you watch the game and wait tensely for things to work out.

In Conclusion

Live betting is arguably the most exciting form of betting. That’s because it involves betting on a game that interests you. And that means you must juggle between watching and predicting what will happen next. It’s also risky, which is why you need to be smart in how you do it.

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