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What To Look For In Your Next Poker Chips Set


Playing poker with chips is far better than playing with cash. They feel great in your hand and there’s nothing prettier than the sight of all your chips stacked up in front you on the table.

There are all sorts of tricks you can do with chips too, so the next time you host a poker game with your friends, you can show off and act like a professional with your new skills.

But like with the game itself, not every poker chips set is the same. In fact, there are four things you must be aware of to make your next home a success.

So, before you go and buy one for yourself, here is what to look for in your next poker chips set.

Number Of Poker Chips

Firstly, you need to look at how many chips are included in the poker set. This will depend on how many players are going to be in the game. This becomes even more important if you and your friends bust and wish to rebuy.

Here’s a rough guide:

  • If your game has between 2-4 players, look for a 200 poker chips set
  • If your game has between 5-6 players, look for a 400 poker chips set
  • If your game has between 7-8 players, look for a 600 poker chips set
  • If your game has between 8-10 players, look for an 800+ poker chips set

  • There’s always a chance that you end up with more chips than you need. However, the more the better. The last thing you need is to be forced to stop playing because there aren’t enough chips to let you buy back in.

    Poker Chip Colors

    The general consensus is that the cheaper poker chips set have far too many colors. If you are a regular player, this makes it too easy to forget what game you’re playing and bet either too much or too little.

    If you’re used to playing in casinos, they will have their own color scheme so it’s important to establish the value of your chips before play starts.

    This is why you should go for a more standard approach for your next poker chips set. Use the casino as inspiration and only use a maximum of four colors in your game. To make it even simpler, here’s the color scheme used by casinos so look for a poker chips set that follow suit:

  • White chips - these are worth 1 unit
  • Red chips - these are worth 5 units
  • Green chips - these are worth 25 units
  • Black chips - these are worth 100 chips

  • Stick to these valuations. They are easy to remember and make it easy to transition from the casino to your home game.

    Poker Chips Materials

    The next thing you need to know about your next poker chips set is what the chips are made from. In general, there are three common materials used for poker chips and they are as follows:

    Clay Chips

    Clay poker chips are a high-end variant. They are used by major casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City so you can be sure you’re getting high-quality chips.

    Clay poker chips measure 39mm in diameter - the same as casino poker chips - and they weigh between 8 to 11.5 grams each.

    If you are looking to host an event that feels special, you must go out and purchase clay poker chips. The slight drawback is that they are going to cost you a bit more compared to the other sets, but if you’re looking to create the premium experience, they are certainly worth the investment.

    You can also be sure that they will last for a long time too. If you plan on hosting more poker games in the future, you don’t want a product that feels used and needs replacing after a few hours of play.

    Another advantage of clay chips is that they prevent people from bringing their own counterfeit chips into the game. This is a big problem faced by home games, so having measures like this is important to protect the integrity of your game.

    Metal Chips

    Metal is another material used for creating poker chips. The chips aren’t entirely metallic though; instead, they have a metal core and the rest of the chip is made from plastic. As a result, these chips weigh 8 or 11.5 grams each.

    The majority of local casinos use metal chips so they will feel familiar in your hands. Metal chips are durable too so they can resist suffering damage from throwing into the pot or if they fall off your table. And, of course, they come in the standard colors set by casinos so everyone will be on the same page.

    They are also cheaper compared to clay chips. For those of you looking to create a professional setting without breaking the bank, metal poker chips are the perfect choice.

    Plastic Chips

    The third material used to create poker chips is plastic. They are far cheaper than the other two types of chips so they are more readily available in retailers. However, while they are not as expensive, they sacrifice on quality. You’ll find that they will not resist damage as easily. Plus, plastic chips aren’t used by casinos so you’ll probably find a lot more colors to represent different chip values.

    If you have never played poker before or you are hosting your first home game, plastic is the best place to start though. You can familiarize yourself with the rules of the game and learn without having to push the boat out.

    Then, once you’re happy and want to pursue this more often, you can go ahead and upgrade to metal or clay chips.

    Poker Cards

    Finally, most poker chips set come with a pack of cards. The quality of the cards usually matches that of your poker chips. For example, clay poker chips will have better quality of cards than plastic cards.

    You only need one deck to play poker so if your set comes with more than that, it’s a bonus. Beginners should learn the difference between the strongest poker hands and the weaker ones so you’re fully prepared for the game.

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