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How to play Omaha Poker at W88 Gambling and its rules


Omaha Poker is not as popular as Texas Hold`em in casinos around the world; but recently, there is a phenomenon in the casino halls of W88 that the number of Omaha players is increasing. Therefore, this basic Omaha Poker tutorial from W88 gambling casino online is for those of you who want to play Omaha but are not familiar with the rules of the game.

Omaha Poker Rules – Basic Rules

Deck of cards
In the Omaha Poker game, we will use a 52-card deck from the standard deck. Includes 4 suits: heart, diamond, spade, club with 13 cards in each suit, starting from 2 to A.

Dealer`s Position
In each round, there will be one Dealer, denoted by a small circle button. But when playing online poker on W88 gambling from W88clubz.com, you don`t have to do that. The Dealer position is only to determine who sets blind money and who acts first in each betting round.

Two differences between Hold`em and Omaha
• Cards: At the first game, each player will have 4 separate cards (trumps), not just 2 as in Hold`em.
• Card combinations: the player must use 2 of his 4 cards to combine with 3 of the community cards on the table to form the strongest 5-card hand.

Community Cards
In each game, there are 5 community cards on the table and will be used in 4 betting rounds (3 cards on the Flop, 1 card on the Turn and 1 card on the River).

There are also 4 actions in the game including Check, Call, Bet, Raise or Fold.

How to win a game
As with other poker games, to win a hand of Omaha Poker on W88 you either have to have the strongest hand face up or you have to force all your opponents to fold first.

Card Ranking
Similar to card ranking in Hold`em. The order from strength to weakness is as follows: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a kind, Full house, Flush, Straight, Three of a kind, Two pair, Pair and final is High card.

The evolution of a game of Omaha Poker on W88

#1. Set blind money (blinds)
The two players on the left hand side of the Dealer position will bet small and big blind money according to the rules. The first person to the left of the Dealer places the small blind, the next person places the big blind.

#2. Distribute the cards
Each player will be dealt 4 cards, no one will see your cards and vice versa. Betting rounds begin.

#3. First betting round – Pre-Flop
The player next to the big blind left hand will act first by choosing fold, call or raise. Then the next player will continue with these actions.

#4. Second betting round – Flop
Dealer will reveal 3 community cards in the center of the table, they will be all faced up to everyone.

#5. Third betting round – Turn
The 4th community card will be revealed by the dealer on the table. The remaining players will continue with a new round of betting.

#6. Fourth betting round – River The 5th community card is revealed by the dealer on the center of the table. The remaining players will continue to play with the final betting round.

#7. Compare – Showdown
If after 4 betting rounds there are 2 or more players left, everyone will face up to determine who wins. The player who has the combination of 5 strongest cards wins. In case there is a tie, the pot will be divided equally among the winners.


Above is a tutorial on how to play and the rules of Omaha Poker game on W88 gambling casino online. Visually, it`s very similar to Texas Hold`em, with the only difference being the number of cards and hand combinations. However, it is these differences that make the game very different and interesting.

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