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How to Choose a New Bookie for Online Greyhound Betting


Greyhound betting has been one of the most popular forms of betting around the world for decades. It’s not as popular as football, basketball or hockey, but it’s a must-have sport for every serious betting website.

That said, there are several factors you need to check out to ascertain a greyhound betting website is reliable. Below are some of them:

A Wide Variety of Racing Events

Greyhound races take less than 20 minutes on average. It’s so easy to miss out on a race. The best betting sites, however, provide access to a large range of greyhound racing events to ensure there’s a large supply of betting events at all times.

The world is full of greyhound racing events. So, unless you join bookmaker that specializes in a small market, it should give you access to greyhound events in the UK, the US, Australia and all other places where the sport is legal.

Along with access to betting markets is access to research resources. Sports betting is only fruitful when you bet using available resources. Choosing a hound based on its looks, name or number can’t guarantee a victory.

In case you’re wondering, you can bet on the following greyhound races in the UK:

  • English greyhound derby
  • Scottish greyhound derby
  • Irish greyhound derby
  • The British Isles
  • East Anglian Cup

What are the best websites to bet on greyhound races in the UK? Check out https://www.greyhoundbetting.co.uk/new/. Not only do the folks at this website show you a list of great new greyhound sportsbooks, but they also provide helpful tips to help you pick the right company for you.

Multiple Bet Types

Contrary to popular belief, there are numerous bet types for greyhounds. You’re not limited to race winners. You can bet on forecasts, reverse forecasts, tri-casts, trebles, accumulators and exacta bets.

Race winners are straightforward. You select one hound to finish first in a race. Each way bets let you select a dog to finish in the first three positions. On the other hand, forecasts involve all the other common bet types.

For example, a straight forecast is where you pick the first and second dog in a race in the correct order. In reverse forecast, the order doesn’t matter. With exacta bets, you wager on the first two hounds in the correct order. But there’s a minimum bet of £2 and profits are shared in a totalizer system.

Tricast bets involve picking the first three dogs in the correct order. It’s an extremely difficult bet type to get right. But if you’re correct, you can easily double or triple your stake. That said, Trifecta is to tricast what exacta is to straight forecast bets.

Consistently Quality Odds

Before you commit yourself to using one betting website, ensure it provide quality odds consistently. It should provide the best odds for your favorite bet types regularly. It doesn’t help if a bookie gives you great odds in one event and poor odds in a different event. Because no bookmaker provides the best odds on every wager type every time, many punters create accounts on a handful of websites. When there’s a betting event, they compare the odds on two or three sportsbooks and wager on the site with the best odds.

Sometimes the differences in odds at to bookie sites can look negligible. But over time, the small differences can make a difference between winning 10% more than your friends. With that in mind, there’s a difference between competitive and high value odds.

A bookie with competitive odds ensures you win slightly more than the average punter. By comparison, a high-value odd increases your profits significantly. For clarity, high-value odds involve hounds underestimated by bookmaker and therefore given smaller odds than they should.

Live Streaming Options

Unless you have access to a specialty TV channel that broadcasts greyhound races, your best option is to live stream races. The best betting websites in the UK broadcast major races in real time. But they have rules.

For starters, new customers must place at least one bet of £10 or £20. If you’re a long-term customer, you must have wagered at least once in the last one month. That’s alright, though. The small requirement is the price you have to pay to watch popular races.

And watching races is extremely important if you want to win in greyhound betting. It helps you know involved hounds better. It gives you a sense of the competitiveness of a race, the day’s weather, dogs’ weight and other factors that can influence races.

Additionally, it’s also entertaining. Watching hounds compete produces the same thrills as watching horses, football or hockey. The only difference is that you have to pay attention to make correct predictions.

Free Bets and Bonuses

When you place your first bet at certain greyhound betting websites, you get a free bet or a bonus. With free bets, most bookies let you keep profits but not the initial stake. Others offer to refund your money if your first bet is a loss.

Bonuses are great for boosting your profits. So, look for a bookie with lots of regular rewards. While at it, read the terms of free bets to ensure you can fulfill them. Usually, there are conditions like using specific odds, say 1.50 and above and using the bonus as quickly as possible.

Welcome bonuses aside, the best companies have lots of promotions for greyhound race bettors. Think of accumulator boosters—your winnings are multiplied 2x, 5x or 15x depending on the number of ACCA bets you place.

Other bookies give you cashback money on your losses and VIP rewards if you’re a high roller. These rewards, besides increasing your winning chances, also help you curb losses - you don’t use your cash balance to deposit every time.

Your Turn

Choosing the right greyhound race betting site takes time. Don’t rush the process. Think of payment methods, race events, odds, mobile betting and other factors. Then compare multiple sportsbooks until you find the best one among them.

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