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Astralis - SK Gaming    (won)

Unibet are obviously late and their odds are not updated yet. Other bookies dropped odds on Astralis to 1.30 like bet365 and pinnacle. If you follow CSGO scene this is a simple pick and Astralis are the better team. SK Gaming went from being the #1 ranked team in the world to not being even in top 5 best teams in just few months. This all happened when they dropped Felps and later on TACO, to bring in Boltz and most recently, Stewie from Cloud9.

Before this event SK Gaming bombed hard, their results were horrible and they were getting knocked out of tournaments quickly by low skilled teams, biggest let down was in China on WESG. After WESG they swapped TACO for Stewie and they had to start communicating on english language. Fallen, Coldzera, Fer and Boltz are all brazilians and this is the first time that they had to call and talk in english language. Their whole lives these guys were calling in brazilian portugese language so just because of Cloud9's Stewie they had to change everything.

Fallen also just dropped SK's IGL (in game leader) role and now Coldzera (what?) is IGL. So the best player in the world for 2 consecutive years in 2016 and 2017 is now in game leader? SK won their first game on this LAN but now they must face Astralis that are playing as good as they ever did. Astralis recently brought in Magisk that was flying around the globe after he was kicked (what were they thinking) from North, he played with Optic and tried other teams but it didn't work out. Now he's back at the top with Astralis and together with FaZe they are the two best teams on the planet.

Astralis to win this game 2-0 or 2-1. SK with Stewie, Coldzera as IGL and calling on english will never work
Published: 16-05-2018, 10:46 CET Pick: Astralis
Odds: 1.5 at Unibet

Category: eSports, Counter-Strike
Date: 16-05-2018
Option: 1X2 / Moneyline
Stake: 7 (tipster's average: 7)

FightingBets 16-05-2018, 18:47
I dont understand anything but nice to see tipsters on not popular sports. Good luck
FCpicks 16-05-2018, 18:55
I also have no clue but from what I`ve seen on other places esports betting is in fact quite popular, there are many sites specially about it
Remy 16-05-2018, 19:14
In 100 years time people will be like: "I don`t get it? In the past they actually played sports? What a waste of time. Now on to my DOTA 25 or Star Craft Broodwar 95 tournament".
FightingBets 16-05-2018, 19:17
Really? I didn’t know it was popular, I knew that you could bet on esport but I thought it was not many people betting on it
FCpicks 16-05-2018, 19:39
Yes, there are even bookies that accept bets only on esports and nothing else :D betspawn.com, esports.bet, unikrn.com, drakelounge.net, loot.bet etc just to name a few, can you imagine that? :D
Remy 16-05-2018, 19:51
Man, there are Esports games finals like Dota, LOL and Starcraft with 12.000 fans in the arena + 30 millions watching LIVE :)). There are plenty esports "athletes" who earn more than professional athletes (talking about millions of dollars), and in South Korea they are more famous than Cristiano Ronaldo for instance. This is the future.
FightingBets 16-05-2018, 20:07
Ow ok good I didn’t knew it was that big
Remy 16-05-2018, 20:12
It`s kinda unfair when you think of it, a fighter for example has to struggle all his life with training, diet etc and for what? When your average dork can do the same money in 1 day in front of a PC. :))
FightingBets 16-05-2018, 20:31
Yes for sur, athletes get paid in fonction of what they are generating of money. If you’re a boxer and you bring a lot of money with your fights then you’re going to be paid a lot (the elite make a few millions each fight). But most fighters know that in term of money it’s not worth it, they find their motivation somewhere else. But I guess esport is more of a business now and lf the players bring a lot of money then it’s good that they get paid big too
FCpicks 16-05-2018, 20:32
Well, I`m quite fine with it is entertainment business and it is a lot better and 10000% more fair than this sh*t Eurovision which is also popular at betting, the only thing may be is calling it sport while I`ve always linked sport with moving my butt a bit not getting hemorrhoids from sports, whatever... If some day there is a Wolfenstein 3D championship I will be in definitely but my sporting skills end up there...
FightingBets 16-05-2018, 20:36
Fc Picks, I guess we can call it a sport as I think they train a lot and have some stress before a competition etc. It’s just an other form of sport I think, but I am cool with it, everyone watch what he likes
FCpicks 16-05-2018, 20:53
May be it is so... Most important the pick looks very good as expertise and next picks I guess too although I don`t understand anything as well but as you said it is great to have such imports here. I`m sure there are many people reading that know what it is about.

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