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Biden vs Trump    (void)

Well, I had nowhere else to post this, and although it can be removed, I want to share that prediction.
If you have to tell in detail about the chances of both candidates, you will have to write a book, so I will mention the situation only in general. As you may already know, to have more voters at all don't mean that you'll be winner. That's why the odds for Biden to win the vote of the people are 1.16, but to be a president 1.60 (Bet365). Both parties have states where they are sure to win, so all the resources and the battle itself are transferred to the eight key states, called "battlefields": Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina and Wisconsin. But even there, it will take a very long time to analyze the situation on a state-by-state, so I will summarize it as one. 
The key is that Trump has lost his lead among older voters, and this group of people always was very important for the Republicans. One of the reasons for this is the president's controversial actions regarding the pandemic. On the other hand, this time the Democrats acted wisely and nominated a person who could be recognized by this group of voters, unlike four years ago, when this mostly conservative group didn't like two things — that it was a woman and the name was Clinton.
Another key element is that Trump lost support among the so-called "blue-collar worker", and just as a representative of this group, he became president. Insufficient measures to protect the workers jobs because of the crisis with Kovid, but also because of the economic "war" against China and also Trump stood behind corporations at the expense of workers. For example he let corporations prohibit workers from bringing class actions to sue their companies, for instance, for cheating workers on overtime or not paying government-required wages on construction projects. That ruling relegates aggrieved workers to individual, behind closed doors arbitrations, which greatly favor companies over workers. Trump has made it easier for Wall Street firms to take advantage of workers when handling the hard-earned money in their 401(k)'s by scrapping the "fiduciary rule" that required the firms to act in the best interest of workers, rather than in the firms' best interests. The administration has joined Senate Republicans in pushing to take away workers' right to sue an employer if they contract Covid-19 on the job. So if a meat-packing plant, auto plant, steel mill, coal mine, construction site, trucking depot or big box store fails to do enough to protect its employees from Covid-19-tough luck, under this proposal they would not be able to sue.
Finally, he lost the support of the hesitant, who also voted for him four years ago, because he was a non-systemic player. Now they are more likely to vote against him. 
Generally speaking, where Trump won before, now Biden is leading (true, with very little, often within the statistical error) or tied. And something symbolic-things always come down to Florida. A Republican has not won a presidential election without Florida since the time of Calvin Coolidge in the early 1920s, and only two Democrats have won without Florida - Clinton and Kennedy. Republicans usually have the upper hand in Florida's preliminary vote, but not and this year. For the first time in a presidential election, Democrats have the upper hand. 
If it was a football match, I would never recommend playing this bet, because the chances are much more even than the odds say. A dramatic battle awaits us, which may be resolved even in the Supreme Court. Biden is certainly not such a big favorite, because if the Democrats are very noisy now, the Republican wave of supporters will come on election day. However, this is not a sport and here the value means nothing.

Published: 20-10-2020, 12:35 CET Pick: Biden to be elected for president
Odds: 1.526 at Pinnacle

Category: MMA
Date: 03-11-2020
Option: 1X2 / Moneyline
Stake: 10 (tipster's average: 6)

thestarling 21-10-2020, 06:00
Are you American? I hate to break your heart but, voting is a front. These people are just actors. Our politics are just a TV show for our middle class. We`re the United States of Google, Apple, Walmart and Amazon. It`s an oligarch. Always has been, always will be. Smoke and mirrors bud. Smoke and mirrors... The American way ;)
Boris 21-10-2020, 10:35
Top preview :)))
FollowME 21-10-2020, 11:19
@TheStarling, like in pretty much every country`s politics... smoke and mirror everywhere. USA is only at a bigger stage :D
Wait,what? 26-10-2020, 17:57
I remember the odds from the last election. Hillary Clinton was about the same :)
FCpicks 26-10-2020, 18:40
Odds on Hillary were 1.10 on the election`s day. Paddypower settled bets on her in advance losing 4 millions.
gameiro 27-10-2020, 03:22
I think Bill Gates will win
kwbf 27-10-2020, 10:14
https://twitter.com/Tipster2267/status/1321016708539256832/photo/1 Trump must win the brown and some of the light blues, perhaps those to the north.
kwbf 03-11-2020, 01:27

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