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Dynamo Moscow - SKA    (won)


Well well, I rarely go this season with SKA on handicaps etc, cause the odds usually are not worth it. BUT this time I see value here even on road..

Dynamo of course has really quality team also this season. Their leading offensive duo Shipchayov- Kagarlitsky is one of the best duo's in this league, and everything to their team in offensive end. But they are still missing guys like Tarasov and Indrasis who are important offensive players to them, along side with the veteran Afinogenov who is out. I only see their 1st line with the two guys I mentioned to have some piece against SKA and creat something. Also lately (although results haven't been that bad) I see some troubles for Dynamo. I mean teams like Kunlun and Amur outshooted them, and played really close matches with scoring 5 goals total in two matches into their net, and I think Dynamo usually plays good D. Also last match they lost to Vitjaz, and that was a bad result for them. 

Well SKA is surely a top-2 team in hole league at the moment. I mean maybe AND maybe only CSKA is better, cause I rank CSKA clearly the best team this season now in 1st part of the season. Not much to say from SKA, best "powerhouse" in this league, team which is able to rest almost every game some of the regulars. BUT now in top game in KHL and kinda "derby" I expect best players to play, including Gusev, Karpov, Datsyuk, Prohorkin, Hersley, Yakupov etc..

Also I like SKA this season in these kinda games, cause we know that they will play with their best force and take it really seriously in one of the top games in hole league! SKA has won both meetings this season with results 3-2 and 4-0.
Published: 10-12-2018, 13:31 CET Pick: SKA (-1 AH)
Odds: 1.82 at Pinnacle

Category: Russian ice hockey
Date: 10-12-2018
Option: Asian Handicap
Stake: 8 (tipster's average: 7)

FollowME 10-12-2018, 17:22
How come your back mate? :)
Finnishflash 10-12-2018, 17:39
Cause Im the Best In the business babyy :))) whatsup bro? Ps. I hitted last night jets here from nhl, ended 7-1.. Too bad you were not around :O
FollowME 10-12-2018, 17:52
Welcome back my friend then :) yead I did miss it. But what I didn`t miss was this f*cked up game of Metallurg vs Omsk. I had it 1 OT.
Finnishflash 10-12-2018, 17:55
Today Im on overs, had also In that magni - Omsk match.. Ps. Gringo I cant comment your pick, but I have also O4,5 in that torpedo- loko.. Very juicy odds. Torpedo Best team this season with O4,5 cause line is that low usually in their games :)
El_Gringo 10-12-2018, 18:11
Welcome back friend I bet on them almost every game in last game against Minsk(poorest club in KHL in my opinion) catch some crazy odds on them to score over3,5 over4,5 to win and over everything I just lack of time to share bets here no time for previews like before still odds for over were also big but I was expecting Lokomotiv to score here at least 3-4 and Torpedo 1-2 goals so I just decide to post pick for Loko as I see them win even after 1st is 2-1 for Torpedo
FinnishFlash 10-12-2018, 18:27
Damn 2-0 for SKA, but kick goal and refs gonna ruled it off from the videos Im sure..
FinnishFlash 10-12-2018, 19:01
After two periods shots on goal 30-15 for SKA.. They are making a hero from Dynamo`s goalie, and not shoot enough on PP, just playing around.
FinnishFlash 10-12-2018, 19:36
Oh man, this is really ridicolous game.. Shots on goal 42-17 (last period 12-2) for SKA and they dont "want" to make that 2nd goal. Now PP for Dynamo and Shipa will score surely. FML
FinnishFlash 10-12-2018, 19:50
Thanks mr. Magician aka Datsyuk :) Have to say Dynamo was embarrasing poor at home-ice, and should have lost 4-0 this.. I mean they even had 5 vs 3 PP in the end when 1-0 down and could do nothing.
FollowMe 10-12-2018, 19:51
Honestly I am sick of this shit league. I estimate that the bet is won luckily. Hosts had two powerplays in the dying minutes and a 5vs3. Moreover up to the 30th second Dynami wasn’t on empty net... still SKA managed to make the goal just after the goalie went away. I am glad that my 250€ didn’t go in hell because SKA was playing like if they were playing against cats. Still congrats but damn... this league
FinnishFlash 10-12-2018, 19:52
I dont understand, what was your bet?
FinnishFlash 10-12-2018, 19:53
I mean SKA should have scored much much earlier, if you watched this game..
FollowMe 10-12-2018, 20:01
I took your bet but « should have scored », I don’t care, reality is that they didn’t score a second and then put at risk the whole Bet with the two powerplays at theend of the match. Gladly, SKA killed them perfectly. I watched first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes. Anyhow, cheers ;) but I am sick of this league. In NHL games are more interesting and results more logical.
FinnishFlash 10-12-2018, 20:08
K, I see almost "heart attack" :) I agree, NHL is more "entertaining" league, BUT this is the best hockey by miles what we can see and bet during European time, I mean not at night.
FollowME 10-12-2018, 20:22
Oh here that`s true... except KHL the other European leagues look like a bunch of retired farmers that want to skate on the ice. I do sometimes look at the German league because there are plenty of goals. However, NHL is another level and I`d rather bet only at night on hockey than to be every time close to break my laptop when I see game like that :D
FinnishFlash 10-12-2018, 20:34
Well if you watch German hockey and compare to NHL, its basically the same than watching Bulgarian footie and switch to English Premier league :)
FollowME 10-12-2018, 20:40
hahahaha sure... but we were talkinga about European hockey. In Germany, I do sometimes watch (because I have a bet on it) on Overs. I am not saying I am entertained... I am just checking whether I did spot the bet right. I believe that even if a German team would play with 7 players VS a NHL team, they would lose by 10-0.

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