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FC Viitorul (Rou) - Salzburg (Aut)    (won)

Viitorul is falling apart. Yesterday they sold captain Benzar and defender Nedelcu to FCSB.
Also, their decent striker Tucudean refuses to play anymore. 
Winning the title was a negative thing for Viitorul as they don't find their rhythm anymore and they play bad at this moment, the disappointment against APOEL was huge and Hagi has problems in getting things together at his club.

Also, game will be played on neutral venue, probably at Ploiesti.

Hosts  don't have any kind of European experience, Salzburg should take advantage of this.

Red Bull lost a couple of players this summer plus their coach : Laimer(31/m/3), Radosevic(20/m/3), Lazaro(29/m/3), Wisdom(16/d/0) and Wanderson(20/m/3) all left the club.

It's true that the company supports more the team from Leipzig as they built quite a strong team over there and are playing in the CL group stages, but still the Austrians have a good squad, powerful enough to beat Viitorul in both games. Squad is young, but they have European experience as in the last years they played in the EL group stages and  the CL qualifiers.

Odds probably will drop, anything over 1,70 is valuable.
Published: 10-08-2017, 10:49 CET Pick: Salzburg -0.5
Odds: 2.05 at Pinnacle

Category: European football
Date: 17-08-2017
Option: Asian Handicap
Stake: 10 (tipster's average: 10)

Remy 11-08-2017, 10:14
Honestly I hope for a 1.40 odd for Salzburg before game start so I can take an easy 1x. Viitorul is underdog for sure, but there must be some talent left in them not to lose at home such a game.
cristiandinu 12-08-2017, 00:17
Question is if Salsburg will lineup their best team for this.
Droc 12-08-2017, 12:30
Why not? They`ll play Polten after this game.
cristiandinu 13-08-2017, 10:33
Steaua rests players no matter the opponents, before or after the game. :)
cristiandinu 13-08-2017, 10:35
If Salzburg considers Viitorul crap, they may rest some key players.
Droc 13-08-2017, 13:34
Well Salzburg has some young talented players and the things are quite clear for me : Red Bull will be using Salzburg to raise young players to pass them over to Leipzig. It`s a good chance for them to get in the EL group stages and should get there in order for this young ones to gain some European games. Steaua is unique, it seems that they will rest players all the time.
dare2bet 13-08-2017, 14:36
Viitorul will struggle big time in the offence, now that Nedelcu and Benzar are gone. Nedelcu was winning a lot of balls and had great long passes. Benzar was allways dangerous when going up and his crossing skills produced a lot of goals for Viitorul
mkamenarski 14-08-2017, 17:46
What about Salzburg to qualify at 1.40 as a banker or?
dare2bet 14-08-2017, 20:16
@mkamenarski that is free 40% increase of your bankroll :). Viitorul cant finish this play-off without conceding and they cant outscore Salzburg
Remy 14-08-2017, 21:44
1.40 ?????? Wtf. 1.01 would be realistic odds. There are better chances for Hagi to be able to speak fluent romanian than Viitorul to qualify.
cristiandinu 15-08-2017, 00:41
LOL. El si cand juca, o facea in "detrimentul" echipei. :))))
sportxtipstr 15-08-2017, 08:30
One thing is to indicate a direction for a bet, another thing is to make laughs of Hagi and players. Some of those speaking about Hagi maybe never seen him playing live. Shame, really. Plus it was the first time after many years when in Liga I were made good transfers and a lot of investments. Steaua has very slim chances to get something in this double. Viitorul will score in my opinion, the black form ends.
cristiandinu 15-08-2017, 09:11
Hagi is not much older than me, I`ve seen him play since day one, at Farul. Hagi the player is one thing, Hagi the owner and coach are another thing. His problems with grammar and misuse of Romanian language are well known. But not only that, he is a devious man, making use of all sort of tricks to reach his goals. Look what he did with Viitorul. The true face of Viitorul is of this season and past seasons, but last one, when Hagi, with a lot of luck as well, pulled the strigs to win the title. Much like CFR is doing this season.
dare2bet 15-08-2017, 09:50
Hagi as a player deserved way more recognition then he had. If he would of played in this period he would be a world class player and he is probably in top 5 most underated players in history. People have short memory and forget the disgusting things that Viitorul did to promote in the 1st league and to stay there in the first years. Their best player in their history is DOru Bratu :)))))), a FCSB player that did all he could for Viitorul to win that disgusting fix back in 2013.. People blame Becali for going to TAS this summer, but the man was angry that Hagi did not paid his morale debt and "stabbed" him in the back by winning the league.
sportxtipstr 15-08-2017, 10:36
Our main problem as Romanians is that we crticize and look too much in the gardens of the others. Let s just be as good as Hagi and Halep in our activities. What Hagi did at Viitorul is beyond compare. It was a project from scratch, made investments, lead, gathered people, developed players, won championships at the all levels of juniors, was natural to win the title. He will develop players further more and he will help Romanian players for national team. He is the only great player that had such a project after retiring and managed local success. If Florinel Coman would have managed to score against APoel at 0-0 away from instead of hitting the post, Vittorul would have had more points in Liga I and would have been playing today against Slavia Prague. Bad luck is part of the game too, though.
dare2bet 15-08-2017, 10:53
We can`t be as good as Hagi or Halep and that is why we are posting tips here :))))). Hagi`s project is so impressive because there was no other in our country, but in most civilised countries this sort of projects are normal. As for developing players that is just some bullshit splashed by the romanian media. He has this team for over 9 years and his best products are Marin, who is reserve at a mediocre team like Standard Liege, and his son Ianis that plays in Fiorentina primavera. All other players transfered from his team failed miserably : Mitrita is back in Romania, Balasa was playing for obscure teams in SERIE B, Iancu is almost retired, Chitu was pathetic in France, Manea could not play for a pathetic team in Belgium and he is also back in Romania.
dare2bet 15-08-2017, 10:57
I forgot to mention that our young national teams are failling miserably in qualifiers and they have everytime 4-5 players from Hagi`s Academy
cristiandinu 15-08-2017, 10:59
sportxtipstr, If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we`d all have a merry Christmas. About Hagi today, I doubt that he would have been so good, it was a different kind of football back then, nowadays he wouldn`t have been allowed to cross from right to left and unleash his powerful left foot. Let`s not forget Hagi`s limitation as a player. With right foot and headers, Hagi was, in his own words "lemn". He also didn`t do well in defense.
cristiandinu 15-08-2017, 11:02
dare2bet, you forgot about the greatest Alibec from Hagi`s academy. :)
dare2bet 15-08-2017, 11:29
@ cristiandinu i did not forget about him :). He played for Farul Constanta as a junior and moved to Inter, so Hagi has no contribution :)
dare2bet 15-08-2017, 11:41
@ cristiandinu Hagi was a genius as a player, but he lacked that winning mentality when he moved to Real MAdrid. He learned there what it means to be a great champion and that experience helped him in becoming a legend for turkish football. Hagi was not limited, he was smart to exploit his best qualities. In curent football there are only 3 players with Hagi`s vision : Iniesta, Kroos and Isco
cristiandinu 15-08-2017, 12:27
No Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar ? :O
sportxtipstr 15-08-2017, 15:05
Romania cannot compete with big teams in terms of clubs. Traditional teams have been destroyed with various reasons Rapid, Steaua, Craiova, U Cluj, Timisoara, Arad, Brasov, etc. Chiajna, Navodari, Voluntari, Urziceni, small towns have come instead. Our symbols are not here anymore. Good or bad is our history. We still have symbols Hagi, Halep, etc. Some of us, without understanding, are blaiming these living symbols. What is a nation without symbols? A country without identity. We cannot be fans only for Bayern, Real, Barca, Manchester how is indicated to be ... We need our local heroes. I like Hagi and his project, is an example, hope fcsb will never win a title, hope Becali will fail again with all his foreigners brought here with huge salaries, playing for money only.
dare2bet 15-08-2017, 15:45
Romania has lost her identity long time ago. We are an economic colony of the USA and we export modern slaves in major EU countries. Idiots like me who still believe that we have a hope, end up being modern slaves for american corporation or even worse for isrealian ones. People who have build this country live in poverty after retirement with 300 euro per month. We do not need heroes, we need normal people with values and principals. Halep can`t be a symbol for Romania
cristiandinu 15-08-2017, 15:53
Halep plays for herself. Nothing wrong with that, but stop everyone saying she`s a symbol.
Remy 15-08-2017, 16:24
Stop making a positive thing about a football academy winning Liga 1. In reality that only proves how 2nd hand our football league is. I think only in romania and somalia you can win the title with a football academy.
dare2bet 15-08-2017, 16:37
@Remy also in Sinagopre where Albirex Niigata won the league last season :)))))
sportxtipstr 15-08-2017, 17:58
ok guys, good luck with bets, was nice to chat with you, different oppinions in some aspects, I guess we will all cheer for Viitorul if they will get a result. Personally I will not bet against or for them.
Remy 16-08-2017, 10:23
@dare2bet, that situation is somewhat special. But it does prove how shit that competition is. Just like Liga 1.
Droc 17-08-2017, 21:14
This is so fun to watch
cristiandinu 17-08-2017, 23:05
Very good pick. This was never in doubt.

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