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Finland - Russia    (void)

Russia is kind of scrappy team nowadays. For what I saw against Belgium after 60 minutes they were content on the 0-2 scoreline and Belgium seemed content to it too so both teams were just passing time, yet Belgium still scored 0-3 in the end. During this match odds were dropping for them for this next match against Finland so apparently someone saw some positive in Russia's performance?
With Finland being one of the "away teams" in this group having to travel from Denmark to Russia (meanwhile Russia rest in Russia) I think Russia could pull a 1 goal win but it is really hard to compare them to even Greece at the moment so they would be holding to that 1 goal lead for their dear 3rd place finish. It is possible Russia have the possession in neutral result 0-0 but judging from their performances earlier this year against similar Slovenia and Slovakia I am convinced if Russia managed to score the first goal then the game would shift so that Russia are too far from Finnish goal. After Arshavin Russia have been one of the shittier counter teams in Europe.

Kjär managed to keep Pukki in his pocket today but it is kind of intriguing to think Pukki vs Russian centerbacks.
Published: 12-06-2021, 23:19 CET Pick: Finland +1
Odds: 1.675 at Pinnacle

Category: European football
Date: 16-06-2021
Option: Asian Handicap
Stake: 10 (tipster's average: 10)

TheWooooo 12-06-2021, 23:29
100% agree, under is looking great as well or finlans ml
Dsobol 13-06-2021, 00:35
Russia is utter garbage
Romaniac 15-06-2021, 13:39
Russia are crap and with no future considering the Russian Superleague and this huge country, but Finland are a poor side, nothing like Iceland before. What will they do again, RUNNING? This time Russia don`t play Belgium. Watching Belgium, I see them as one of the contenders. It`s the same Russian coach since 2016. So Dzyuba might be wasting technically against the Belgians, but here Finland will face him. And Golovin, Miranchuk and Sobolev are also there. Russia has had crappy results lately, and no surprise considering the poor squad (I really wonder how is not Romania or Serbia but is Russia). But I do see him having the edge, they will control this game and at least they will do the same as the Finns, they can run without problems like that. The Russians should be too tough for the opponents. Don`t forget the Russians are also home, so I am totally predicting a Russian win...
Romaniac 15-06-2021, 13:56
So basically it is an invitation to bet on Minions at Russian soil. Finland had 0 or 1 shots on goal against Denmark, what will they do if they conceed 2-3 goals? I see Pukki and Pohjanpalo being very isolated. Now they will cope with the power of the Russian defensive midfielders and in defence the Russians have some experience. I really don`t think it`s a good bet and I will not be surprised seeing a 3-0 outcome. When Finland met some good teams like Sweden or with experience and good on home soil like Poland, failed. What will they do with this approach, score 2 like in Switzerland? And that was a friendly.
gameiro 15-06-2021, 15:15
Belgium was lucky to get a clear win against Russia, Russia deserved better result there, Finland will lose, Denmark failed because they were not focus on the game anymore after what happened with Ericksen, no matter how crappy is Russia they are better side
abdulalhazred 15-06-2021, 16:30
Romaniac: you practically are stating this line for Finland wouldn`t be value against Romania and that is simply an untrue sentence. Finland fielded their B-team against France in Paris (Finland won 0-2) and Switzerland (Finland lost 3-2 by a late Switzerland goal). This is also true for the Poland match you were referring to so you are very picky to pick the one failure of all those Finland B-team examinations.
abdulalhazred 15-06-2021, 16:31
Will Pukki and Pohjanpalo be isolated like Michael Mifsud was against Russia for Malta? https://imgur.com/8ONGwDd
abdulalhazred 15-06-2021, 16:32
abdulalhazred 15-06-2021, 16:35
Russia = nowhere the team they were 3 years ago even if Xerxesov is still their coach
abdulalhazred 15-06-2021, 16:55
also Gameiro: you think very lowly of Finnish people if you think Finland focus wasn`t equally disturbed. It is true though that Eriksen`s injury made this result worthless. Nobody wanted the result to come that way and it ruined Finland`s first ever match for EURO. Hopefully Finns can still prove during this tournament it wasn`t a "flute result".
abdulalhazred 15-06-2021, 17:01
And by the way I agree Finland performance against Denmark was a disappointment and by no means I was basing this tip on that match (actually Denmark-Finland match discouraged me to tip Finland +0.5)
Dsobol 15-06-2021, 19:06
I see no reason to argue with THE GOAT, ie Abdul, just say thank you, send the credits and enjoy!!!
TheWooooo 16-06-2021, 00:10
its so ridiculous that people who dont even understand the basic principle of odds tell one of the best on this site how this game will unfold, nobody says finland is the better team, but russia being a 0.75 is just a joke
papyo 16-06-2021, 01:04
eriksen`s unfortunate problem hit each team differently - denmark`s legs got heavy while finland`s concentration went up. even then denmark could`ve and should`ve scored but russia at the moment a class below denmark so there is that. russia`s whole gameplan is scoring off set pieces and golovin has been fairly good at that for monaco. i have no idea about how finland approach games in general but cant deny they`ve been getting good results so they must be doing something right. i`m with you on this one and dont think russia can score 2 unanswered goals as finland have scored against better teams
Dsobol 16-06-2021, 01:52
If anybody bets on any russian team, u should stop gambling
Dsobol 16-06-2021, 15:46
that referee is on a take... It was CLEARLY NO offside, how can u make that call AFTER you watch the review? Shouldve been fired on the spot.
gameiro 16-06-2021, 18:21
Finland-Russia 0-1 I was thinking lowly bla bla bla

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