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G2 - Vitality    (won)

BLAST Premier Spring Final (LAN) BO3 Semi Final
Thinking of this match, i decided to go with Vitality here because i honestly don't think Vitality should be such huge underdog in this matchup since both teams have not been in their best shape and obviously we can see either of these teams win but i am going with Vitality. G2 lacks a lot when it comes to teamplay and they depend a lot on their individual skills which of course they got strong individuals like niko and now monesy who have been decent awp-er, at least better than when they had amanek but on the other side is zywoo who is such an awp monster player and it will sure be difficult for monesy to face him. Another thing is that, there are such experienced players like dupreeh and magisk and along with zywoo, if they step up and show their real individual performance, i believe Vitality will take this, there's huge value. Good luck!
Published: 18-06-2022, 15:15 CET Pick: Vitality
Odds: 2.44 at 1xBet

Category: eSports, Counter-Strike
Date: 18-06-2022
Option: 1X2 / Moneyline
Stake: 10 (tipster's average: 10)

FollowME 18-06-2022, 19:17
Just took OG to win Mirage... the boys deserve it, I like the roster and energy.
FollowME 18-06-2022, 20:12
Yep yep yep yep, I guess that`s the definition of having a cunt mentality. They could have taken it.
tonac 18-06-2022, 20:15
yeah i had triple actually, EF, Outsiders and NAVI. i went with kinda smaller odds as well just to win something at least like seemed much safer..
FollowME 18-06-2022, 20:21
I hesitate to follow you on Vitality... I don`t know. I really don`t want to get more angry with CS than before.
tonac 18-06-2022, 20:23
btw, awesome performance by degster, hope he finds good EU team.
tonac 18-06-2022, 20:24
yeah, in my opinion this is 50 50 game, im hoping the individuals of Vitality will step up plus obviously there is value on Vitality.. maybe if you go, dont go with a lot since this is not the best match to bet a lot on.. :X
tonac 18-06-2022, 20:25
i went with illuminar to win 2nd map with Vitality +1.5
FollowME 18-06-2022, 20:35
I also see some value on Vitality because Zywoo is the X factor. But Apex is such a cunt ... yesterday he was PATHETIC on Nuke... I think I will take them with some 400 EUR and start analysing my NHL game.
tonac 18-06-2022, 20:45
yeah, GL! alright then, lets bet on some NHL as well
FollowME 18-06-2022, 20:46
Let`s get this Vitality win man... I am 2K down with this shit of a game. LET`S GO FRENMARK!
tonac 18-06-2022, 20:59
yeah! did you jump on Illuminar???
FollowME 18-06-2022, 21:14
Nah bro, just have 425 on Vitality and if it`s a win, all-in on the Bolts. BUT Tyloo should consider switching to Dota 2 or something else more suited for Chinese.
tonac 18-06-2022, 21:25
oh alright then so far so good, your boy apex great clutch, lets go!
FollowME 18-06-2022, 21:27
Yeah bro this peasant face of Apex had a great post plant game!!!!!
FollowME 18-06-2022, 21:42
hmmmmm they`ve started fading a bit
tonac 18-06-2022, 21:50
yeah... hope as ct they will recover
tonac 18-06-2022, 22:21
FollowME 18-06-2022, 22:24
Okay my piƱata, map pick secured, let`s see if Inferno (Astralis matha fucka map) + Vitality frenchies can take it 2:0
FollowME 18-06-2022, 22:55
awful Inferno
FollowME 18-06-2022, 23:11
hm not quite confident on Vitality anymore
tonac 19-06-2022, 01:03
lezgoooooooo :D
FollowME 19-06-2022, 01:06
Unbelievable T side on Nuke! Fuck! GG and credits ;)
tonac 19-06-2022, 01:07

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