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Gasanova vs Tsurenko    (won)

Don't know if I am classical idiot for playing this again, but bookies gave such good odds. I played same bet couple of weeks back when Gasanova was in self-destructing mode. That day she served 16 double faults and played without second serve throughout match. However, Tsurenko didn't show anything special, she got to the point where she realised all she has to do is toss the ball over the net, and Gasanova will do the rest. Prety awfull performance. 
I am hoping she will play better this time, and if she does, @3.60 is way touch. Tsurenko is still prone to drops, was close loosing a set in last match as big dog, but won on musscles as usuall.
Since this is WTA, nothing could suprise me, but I am aming for value and am willing to gamble.
Published: 23-11-2021, 18:51 CET Pick: Gasanova
Odds: 3.63 at Pinnacle

Category: WTA tennis
Date: 25-11-2021
Option: 1X2 / Moneyline
Stake: 10 (tipster's average: 9)

Darkness 23-11-2021, 21:15
What good memories of this matchup, as soon as I noticed it I immediately thought about you :)
TopTen 23-11-2021, 23:25
I will have another heart attack probably :) P.S. Gommora is coming soon brother :D
Darkness 23-11-2021, 23:53
First 4 episodes already available in Italy, but I`ll watch it when full released as I`m not satisfied with a couple of episodes a week. Gomorra needs to be binge-watched, even more the return of the Dark Passenger as you can imagine :)
TopTen 24-11-2021, 00:06
Lucky bastard, I must waith till January when I am back in Serbia, this shitty Germany has only netflix :D
TopTen 24-11-2021, 00:07
Same for dr. Morgan :D
Darkness 24-11-2021, 00:14
Why don`t you watch it in streaming?
TopTen 24-11-2021, 00:18
It is `kinda` illegal here :) You can imagine my initial shock as a film and series lover, when I heard you can be fined 1000-1500e if you watch on some stream. Sick times bro, very sick :)
Darkness 24-11-2021, 00:29
Well I think that`s illegal a bit everywhere, but people keep doing it without problems (at least in Italy). I don`t know about Germany, but I doubt they really fine for watching in streaming. You could use a VPN to be safer.
TopTen 24-11-2021, 00:42
I suppose Italy is like Serbia than, we don`t give a fuck :) Actually strict laws against piracy exist here, and I heard many cases by foregners who felt `lighter` after watching or downloading movie :) Yes VPN would be solution, I am just to stupid for IT section, always afraid I will mess something up. And truth ti be told, I am not huge fan of paying online with card infos, for anything :D Maybe I am just sceptical, but this fake ass pandemic is just another exuse to revoke cash in upcoming future in my opinion, and that my good sir, is not good at all.
Darkness 24-11-2021, 01:08
Enriching Big Pharma and reducing popolation through that toxic (also useless) vaccine, actually calling it a vaccine makes me laugh but still. The problem is that people have been reduced to slavery and after two years they still haven`t woken up to realize that we are witnessing the greatest farce in history. I`m worried as we can`t live like this anymore, however I don`t give in to blackmail as they`ll have to kill me to get vaccinated.
TopTen 24-11-2021, 01:25
Well I lost faith long time ago in this shitty humanity, and we can go only down from this point. Society is getting dumber by each second, with all idiotic social platforms which give space to milions of morons to spread their toxic shit every single day. You can`t count on a person who averages IQ as room temperature to wake up and realize how big of a scheme this is, even with spitting facts right before their noses. Brainwashing is long-terms process, but once it is done, there is no going back. Good thing tho is, that people like you still exist.
Darkness 24-11-2021, 01:36
The human being deserves extinction, now more than ever I`m sure of it. It`s all so frustrating, if there was only one country free from this shit I`d move in tomorrow.
TopTen 24-11-2021, 09:50
You should consieder Sweden, from what I see they are `the least crazy` place right now :)
cristiandinu 24-11-2021, 11:38
Darkness, i feel the same way. Why they are so keen to vaccinate people? I mean, it`s clear they don`t care about people living well, history demonstrated many times they don`t care about people, there are many people dying and they don`t care, they must have a hidden agenda. I would not be surprised in 2-3 years all the vaccinated people will develop some disease that cannot be treated but have to be kept under control by other vaccines.
cristiandinu 24-11-2021, 11:41
I hope Domac won`t delete those comments, but I`ll understand if he does, he may be under pressure from authorities as well.
TopTen 24-11-2021, 15:03
Yea, we took it a bit to far, I apologize.
Domac 24-11-2021, 15:57
No problem at all, everything is fine by me except bashing other people on the site and stuff like that. Good to know what people think not just about sports and picks here :)
TopTen 24-11-2021, 19:13
Good to know than :) @Cristiandinu people are simply to dumb to learn from the past. It takes really high level of stupidity for someone to be able to trust the government and the amount of bullshit they say through brainwashing media.
TopTen 24-11-2021, 19:22
BTW, Tsurenko retired lol :)
Darkness 24-11-2021, 19:43
You got lucky as I didn`t touch it, you know I`m more contagious than fake covid :)
TopTen 24-11-2021, 19:48
Hahaha third set and retirement in my players advantage? Must be judgement day tomorrow :)

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