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KSI vs Logan Paul

First of all, I want to apologize for betting on that fight ... KSI and Paul are two youtubers, with little to no experience in boxing, it’s not like a pro fight but more a show fight..

But they will fight for real though dont get confused it will not be scripted like WWE or anything. It will be live on youtube I think.

This fight is for the « youtube belt »... Lol i feel really ashamed to bet on that fight ... But anyway I saw good odds some I am taking it.

KSI won this belt last fight against Joe weller, it was first boxing fight for both, KSI won it by TKO but let’s be honest here, the level on that fight wasn’t even at a amateur regional level, I saw some boxers in the gym being refused to fight by their coach because they wasnt ready yet and they were better than these two youtubers.

To be honest, KSI should be allowed to step in to that ring because he has some basics, even though you can see that he is a beginner and started boxing less than one or two year in my eyes. But he still landed some clean shots and have some movement.

Logan Paul never fought so we dont know what he can do in the ring, but from what I saw in the padwork... It doesnt seems good for him.. Very beginner moves, we can see that he is in the boxing world from less than a few months I think and unfortunatelly the ring isnt a joke, you can play soccer or basketball but unfortunetally you cant play boxing.. you cant lie either, if you re not on the level you will be laying on the canvas.. Very hard sport but this is boxing, what can we do

To be honest I am not hating, I am even happy to see that they fight, it will be a good promotion for our sport and hopefully more people will look to boxing thanks to that fight, because I know they re will be a lot of guys seeing the fight but dont know much on boxing, and hopefully they will start watching boxing more after that.

So I see KSI here because even if he is a beginner with only one fight and basic skills, I do believe he is still better than Logan Paul who with what I saw is very very a beginner, he struggle to throw a basic 1-2 combination (jab- right hand). Plus KSI already took punches in a real boxing fight, so he knows how it feels. Logan Paul never had a boxing fight and even if he does sparring in training it’s not like a real boxing fight, at sparring you go hard to your opponent but you re not going 100%, and the first fight is always special, you take punch for the first time from a guy who wants actually to really take your head off your neck so it can surprise you at the beginning. But fair play to both of them to step into that ring, especially when they’re famous like that.

Published: 22-04-2018, 22:54 CET Pick: KSI
Odds: 1.5 at Skybet

Category: Boxing
Date: 25-08-2018
Option: 1X2 / Moneyline
Stake: 10 (tipster's average: 10)

FollowME 13-05-2018, 18:37
What is this joke... two youtubers fighting for the buzz
KL1NCUNT 14-05-2018, 22:44
LOL what is this comedy? I hate this modern timeline, I swear. What a joke for real fighters that these people are making money on "boxing". Also nice to see another MMA/fighting tipster on Betrush, take some credits for that fantastic April you had last month, cheers bro and keep up the good work!
FightingBets 16-05-2018, 17:57
Thanks man. I had a bad start this month but will come back.
1000000 25-05-2018, 23:42
yo guys, what streaming site do you use for watching fights?
KL1NCUNT 26-05-2018, 01:31
just google r/mmastreams on fight night, always HD and no lagging, it`s reddit mmastreams, there are always multiple streamers and links
FightingBets 26-05-2018, 03:29
Yes like said KL1 or sometimes I go to sportstream but not every fights are on it, usually the big one.
FightingBets 26-05-2018, 03:34
Or sometimes when it’s really a small fight (mostly small boxing fight but it happens to be a small MMA organisation too) I am following the fight on twitter live because you can find some guys tweeting on the fight round by round, but you dont have the image lol but it’s better than nothing
1000000 26-05-2018, 09:18
great! thank you!
1000000 26-05-2018, 11:19
what are your thoughts on till-wb? i personally took 2.00 at meridian (local) on wb, because of value, british hype is usually good thing to bet against,
1000000 26-05-2018, 11:22
i mean till is a beast no doubt about that, man that left hand is sooo sharp and technical, how he murked velickovic and cowboy, soo fast, you don`t see him, it going to be tough match up, but i have confidence in wb`s skills and movement. also tough weight cut for till, he looks like he is going to die
1000000 26-05-2018, 11:23
and also one parlay i`m confident in - knight+elias+magny
FightingBets 26-05-2018, 13:17
Till / Thompson is a 50-50 to be honest I thinked a lot about the fight but it’s very hard to me to pick a winner with confidence. Both are about even in odds, and it’s true that Till hasnt the experience yet to fight big fish like Thompson but does it mean he will lose? I dont know. He is fighting in front of his country, he is unbeaten, Thompson is already 35 and he already has his chance twice for the title and even if he wins I dont think we wants to see a Thompson vs Woodley 3, Woodley will most propably wins a decision again. But the style of Thompson with that karate guard can trouble Till at least in the beginning but in my opinion I think I will bet on an over here, as I think both will stand up and exchange and I dont expect neither of the two getting knocked out, they re both tough and Thompson with his guard and his experience should be able to avoid the straight punches of Till so I think the over is the best choice here
cristiandinu 30-05-2018, 09:08
The problem with this bet is not the fighters, youtube or anything, the problem is that is was published with 4 months in advance. Are the odds so tempting that need to be exploited and keep the money blocked for so long?
FightingBets 30-05-2018, 12:37
I made the bet that early because the limit odds in betrush is 1.50 you cant go below, and I was afraid that odds will go under 1.50 and I cant publish the bet here. But when I publish a bet it doesnt mean that I already put money on it, I put money on every bet I publish on betrush but sometimes I pit money before publishing or sometimes after. And I still didnt put money on this fight, I will wait a little more because i dont want to block money like you said and it doesnt matter to me if I take it at 1.50 or 1.40 or 1.35
FightingBets 30-05-2018, 12:44
And I dont win any money by sharing my bets, so I am just here to help a little other bettors and by publishing this one early before odds decrease under 1.50 I hope some will grab a few money from it

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