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Mc Gregor vs Khabib    (void)

The fight is finally here, McGregor make his return to the UFC and fight the lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, man I cant wait!

The first thing I have to say is Complete joke odds, not only this one but the winner odds are joke too. 1.60 for Khabib to win is just a joke.

Everybody get caught in the hype of McGregor, « oh he got a left hand, oh he got great timing » but what some of them dont understand is Khabib is a different fighter than what we’ve seen before, I followed mma since 10 years now very closely I never ever seen a fighter like him the way he take you to the ground the way he control you in the ground and the way he ground and pound you when you’re in the floor is something I never saw before.

Mc Gregor is making his return to the octogon after nearly two years off and a joke boxing fight against Mayweather. Now he will take on Khabib in a weight class higher than McGregor initial weight ( this fight will be at lightweight and Mcgregor is usually fighting at featherweight)

Complete nightmare match up for Mcgregor he just doesnt have the ground game to deal with Khabib and thats it end of the discution, I think when you understand that the winner is clearly seen in your eyes. Now McGregor is working with an olympic wrestler to train him for his fight against Khabib, now two things you need to understand, 1- Khabib is not a wrestler he is using mix of judo, wrestling he can take you down more by projection than a basic single leg or a double leg. 2- He can train for 8 weeks with the olympian wrestler the thing is McGregor will not succeed to not be taken down, you dont learn and evolve enough in 8 weeks to stop a takedown from a man who trained his whole life to take down people, it just dont work like that

And even if Mcgregor stop 1 takedown attempt, Khabib will try again and again until he got it and once he is on the floor he cant do much to be honest.

Now I understand some of you think Mcgregor has a chance because of his timing and stand up but what you cant understand is Khabib has one of the best chin of the division, if not the best, and his striking is not that bad so I truly believe Khabib will not be knocked out

Mcgregor had only one fight at lightweight and it was against Alvarez, no disrepec to Alvarez but I never understood how he became an UFC champion to be honest he may be one of the weakest UFC lightweight champion for the past 10 years. Khabib is different and McGregor for me is really not a welterweight (Diaz fight) and not a lightweight either, people are just bigger than him he should stick to his division in featherweight to be honest because lightweight is stacked and it’s a different world.

Now I dont think Khabib is going to win early because I believe that Khabib will make him gass out, by taking him down and McGregor defending those takedown and try to escape from khabib’s guard will cost him a lot of energy, I think Mcgregor will gass out most probably around end of the 2nd and the 3rd round, Khabib will have some chance to finish him in the second and the third round but he will not because this fight is personal for him and he wants to teach him respect.

McGregor can try to land his left hand early on the fight but once he will understand that it will not work, he will get taken down at one time or another of the first round, ground and pounded, same thing in the other rounds. 

For me it’s simply a mismatch and a complete nightmare match up for McGregor and I really cant understand why he took that fight against a bad match up, he will win peanuts compared to his last Mayweather fight and his reputation will be down after the beating he will take, it has to be something else because if he really plan to do this fight it’s just a wrong move in my opinion

Published: 23-08-2018, 02:35 CET Pick: Khabib wins in round 4-5 or decision
Odds: 3.18 at 1xbet

Category: MMA
Date: 06-10-2018
Option: 1X2 / Moneyline
Stake: 9 (tipster's average: 10)

Domac 23-08-2018, 07:13
Sorry, really it would be better not to give such early picks. I dream of the moment when I can finally set free the home page from KSI and Golovkin. Besides that odds for KSI now are much much higher...
? 24-08-2018, 10:13
Ok, If Khabib is excellend at takedowns (He definitely is), and Conor is fastest and most unpredictable guy in the division, why do you think that Khabib will easily get himself in position to take down Conor? In other words, why wouldn`t Conor be the one who will force his style of fighting and tempo of stand up fight and not allow Khabib to even get a chance to take him down? I don`t say that Conor is favourite, but would like to hear your opinion on question: Who will be the one who will dominate with his style in the octagon? I`m curious to hear that answer from You. Also, I am cheering for the spectacle that will justify the hype created around those 2.
Fightingbets 24-08-2018, 21:00
It’s ok @Domac I understand, I will repost it when fight is closer. @? Simply because Khabib will succeed to close the distance and get to a clinch or grab a single leg, with what he is doing best, 1-2 punch and imediately close the distance by shooting a takedown and pressure him against the fence. The chance for McGregor to win is only when Khabib will pressure him and try to get into a clinch this is where the slim door is for McGregor. But Khabib getting caught like that to be honest I just dont buy it, I know McGregor is a superstar but they will not suceed to make me buy the thing that McGregor will sleep Khabib I just dont buy it. The way McGregor got taken down by Chad Mendes and ground and pounded, this is really bad sign for him. And at that time Mcgregor was in his division + he was active wich is not the case anymore he doesnt fought in two years. I just feel like everybody think this will be competitive but I truly believe in a one-sided dominant victory by Khabib. For me I have absolutely no doubt Khabib will win but if you doubt then dont bet on Mcgregor because there is clearly no value in Mcgregor right now at odds 2.50

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