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Milano - Zalgiris    (won)


Okey guys, I Will go against the public here.. Just one name, Mike James. This guy should be nba all stars - level player. I mean I have betted so Many times this season this guy 20+ and cashed almost every time. Also today on the same with HIGH STAKES babyyyy! Too bad that its my main tip, but cannot make it here. I mean I have never seen such a good player In european basket. Maybe you could say Doncic was great Last year, but he is overrated for me like most of Balkan players Are In this sport. 

Anyways offense Will be key In this match up, as I think Milano Will (again) make 90+, and the lithuanians have really poor offense! 
Published: 24-01-2019, 13:37 CET Pick: Milano (-4,5)
Odds: 1.9 at bet365

* Odds are correct at the time of publishing and subject of change

Category: European basketball
Date: 24-01-2019
Option: Asian Handicap
Stake: 3 (tipster's average: 7)

Remy 24-01-2019, 16:21
Doncic is not overrated, at 18yrs or whats his age he made NBA his bitch. :) and by the way, milano are piece of shit team.
Finnishflash 24-01-2019, 16:37
Well I think that lithuanians Are not that good In basket.. I mean they Are a small country, so they cant be good In this kinda global and big sport just as they Arent In soccer :)) I think MJ will make them as his biatch tonight.
Finnishflash 24-01-2019, 16:45
By the way bro, I think your ska-barys O 6.5 has value. My bet is ska & over 4.5 with 1.80 odds cause Im a chicken :)
Remy 24-01-2019, 17:28
Lets see :)))
Remy 24-01-2019, 17:43
Seems that ska barys ends 1-0
uncle_bets 24-01-2019, 17:59
Your statement, that Lithuanians aren`t good in basketball as they are a small country and haven`t achieved anything in football is a disrespect. Do your research first. The thing you wrote is just a total nonsense.
Finnishflash 24-01-2019, 18:09
@Remy we need PP.. I mean no PP in 1st but lot of shots. SKA is like 40+ shots tonight if they keep going :)
drink 24-01-2019, 18:12
lol doncic overrated.. haha
Remy 24-01-2019, 18:38
I donno why I also put money on Riga. Just worthless
Remy 24-01-2019, 18:44
And I hate this Ska idiots. Always when teams score against them, the goals are not standing.
Finnishflash 24-01-2019, 18:47
Its because SKA`s owners "own" KHL :)) I mean you will see it in playoffs. They have the best roster, best quality + refs.
Boris 24-01-2019, 19:43
Man you put MJ like All-star in NBA like you put Tim Hardaway also two weeks ago -I rememmber you said - "Like he is in your 5best players in NBA or smth like that" - and you lost that pick.Keep your toughts on your sport Hockey,but that is for me funny statement,
Boris 24-01-2019, 19:44
Father of Timmy was great player,Mike James is shit player for Europe good for NBA mediocre.
Finnishflash 24-01-2019, 20:47
Thanks for the advice, Boris!
FCpicks 24-01-2019, 21:02
No clue about the game, just saying cheers!!! And please never neglect a small country that is actually 3rd in the world in our favorite sport drinks per capita
uncle_bets 24-01-2019, 21:34
Bare in mind that some Lithuanians (including me) can find your statements offensive, especially told this way. Be careful with your statements. Peace.
FCpicks 24-01-2019, 21:48
I didn`t meant to be offensive at all, it was right the opposite. May be things are seen and taken different in the different regions.... Sorry if you misunderstood me. Here on the Balkans we don`t like and don`t trust people who don`t drink. I`m serious about it, not joking. OK, we may be a bit retarded and unsophisticated but such people seem hypocritical and hiding something. Most of them are vegans too. Sorry again, my fault but I really didn`t meant anything bad.
FCpicks 24-01-2019, 22:03
For the record Bulgaria was put 27th on the table and people here were really offended by the low ranking... Then came studies and articles excusing the mistake because these were official stats and not counting the home-crafted rakia and wine which actually make 90% of the alcohol consumption.
bfischer 24-01-2019, 22:24
These are very important facts, you can use them next time for the next pick against anything Bulgarian... E.g. Grigor Dimitrov will lose his next game because his is drunk-dead since the embarassing exit of AO
Finnishflash 24-01-2019, 22:26
Its funny how these refs favour Zalgiris.. Giving technicals for Milan, and when Milan player has ball In hands and Zalgiris defends aggressive with Many guys should be clear foul, but no. Damn euro basket sucks. Never In nba like this.
Finnishflash 24-01-2019, 22:28
Zalgiris anyways seems very untalented team, only bunch of aggressive defenders.. No one from them can actually shoot the ball.
Finnishflash 24-01-2019, 22:44
Bet won :) Micov and James of course man of the matches..
Remy 24-01-2019, 22:45
Always regarded Zalgiris as some shit eurochallenge cup team like antwerp giants or somethiing, but somehow they had good results in euroleague this last years
FCpicks 24-01-2019, 22:57
Trollfest, a great Norwegian band issued this one and Russians are not offended at all - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kOyxD9h5kg
Finnishflash 24-01-2019, 23:04
Fc picks Im 6pack down, and half of bottle wine (other half still left).. How bout u cause I have feeling your drinking %)) its thursday, sorry already a friday In Finland after all.
FCpicks 24-01-2019, 23:20
My days are all the same because I have no regular job, freelance and betting it is all. Mondays are my favorite days off. Not Monday now but it was a very poor football list today nothing to deal with so I had few hard % drinks before dinner to make way for the fish slipping better down and now just wine it is
FCpicks 24-01-2019, 23:28
@ bfischer, sorry mate. I know I`m an asshole sometimes. I try to fight it over. I love Grigor a million times more than Stanka Zlateva and the Brodilovo dog`s trichening national team, I mean he really deserves it because he digs in a sport known in more than 1-2 countries.

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