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Minnesota Wild - Toronto Maple Leafs    (won)

The Wild has had a challenging season, currently holding a 2-8 record. Their recent match in Europe against the Red Wings wasn't impressive, revealing vulnerabilities, especially in mid-ice. The goaltending hasn't been strong enough to compensate for a weakened defense, and their offense is notably less potent than in the previous season. On the more expansive European ice, I find it challenging to give them a competitive edge.

The larger rink allows for more room in offensive plays and this should faver the Leafs. In contrast, the Leafs secured a 3-2 victory in their first match in Europe against the Red Wings, rallying from a 2-0 deficit. With an additional day of rest and another game on Swedish ice, I anticipate the top line of the Leafs proving to be more dominant. Once again, I'm looking at Nylander for potential player props.

Having faced each other in mid-October, where the Leafs dominated with a 7-4 win, I'm not expecting such a high-scoring affair this time. Nevertheless, I do anticipate the Canadian team emerging victorious.

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Published: 19-11-2023, 13:08 CET Pick: Toronto Maplea Leafs ML
Odds: 1.65 at Pinnacle

Category: NHL ice hockey
Date: 19-11-2023
Option: 1X2 / Moneyline
Stake: 10 (tipster's average: 10)

Writer 19-11-2023, 16:07
Hi mate, are you in Stockholm in Avicii Arena? If I remember you mentioned to me that you will be at a match in the European tour with Wild vs Leafs. Maybe I mixed something up, anyway, if you`re at the match, I have to admit that I envy you. Oh, how I would love to attend any of these NHL giants` games. I used to be able to, but now, not now, I`m not able to because of health problems.
FollowME 19-11-2023, 16:11
Hey my friend! Unfortunately, I didn`t manage to organize myself properly and had administration delays. I can only blame myself to be honest... It`s too bad as it`s not far and it would have been an amazing experience. I will go for sure next year and hopefully my Cats are part of the tour. I am really pissed off because the only reason why I didn`t manage to go is because I`ve procrastinated things for months. How is your health going on? I really hope you have a recovery (though I am not aware what was the issue when it came up in Betshoot)
Writer 19-11-2023, 16:39
Damn administration. But there will be time. Yes, I have Crohn`s disease and several surgeries. It is an autoimmune disease. Otherwise, incurable with 65% disability. As you can see, for me, despite all the difficulties, in the last few seasons the NHL is the most exciting. Sometimes the NBA, and football has become terribly boring to me. I can`t even watch Champions League matches. I don`t know what you meant about Betshoot, they helped me ie. people of good will, for treatment (surgery) otherwise, I am in the same situation again and I will try to ask for help. By the way, I don`t know why Damir stopped competing. Of course, it`s their business, but you and I have been very effective, especially with the NHL. It was great dancing.
FollowME 19-11-2023, 16:55
Oh Crohn disease... yeah I`ve hear that this is scary shit... I wish you all the best health man, really. I watch sometimes NBA but the sport has too many pauses and it gets on my nerves. Football, NHL and tennis are my sports. I mean about Betshoot because I remember the donations contribution but it was never really explained why, so now I see. As for the competition, I don`t know at all... they also removed most of the tipsters. It`s funny because I am their best tipster right now and only one that is not editor hahaha and yeah, I don`t know why they removed you as well... Anyway, I will soon remake my website to sell bankers of the day and still continue writing free stuff, but I might drop for here or there, I will see.
FollowME 19-11-2023, 16:56
GG NYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyylander! I had 750E on the ML and 175E on Nylander to take 2 points, so big piñata profit. GG Leafs!
Writer 19-11-2023, 16:56
Nylander, who else!? Well done.
FollowME 19-11-2023, 17:00
Nylander with this European rink was a brilliant choice for player props. ALL player props hit in their 2 matches, goals, points and assists. He has 5 points here.
Writer 19-11-2023, 17:14
Well, he`s a dangerous character. Simply, an intelligent guy. And now a digression: Ah yes, I don`t know if you remember some smart guy with the nickname King, yes, I told him to avoid me with his comments, and then I asked him if he was a member of the Betshoot team or who was he to maliciously judge tips . I don`t know, but I assume that Damir and the Greek owner recognized each other in all of this. Although Damir is really an okay person. But King is a mysterious disease. Yes, I have seen him on other sites, but he is a gambler and I am just an ordinary competitor, nothing more.
FollowME 19-11-2023, 17:17
Don’t recall this King, I have just David King that comment often but positively. I’ve had already some harsh exchanges with junky commentators but they easily shut up and never been removed either
Writer 19-11-2023, 17:32
Yeah, yeah, David King or something, but King, and he`s a good judge, but the problem is that he has some evil intentions. I didn`t like it at all. He is quite evil and as you say, he is by no means admonished or restrained. So, he has some kind of protection, from whom, I don`t know, but for me he is a very suspicious person. Never mind, let`s move on. GL!
FollowME 19-11-2023, 17:39
Hmmm I don`t know what were your talks with him the comments. I don`t think though that he is related by any means with the Betshoot team. With me, he has had good exchanges so I have no opinion on that.

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